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    priest leveling, tips?

    Hey guys, I'm leveling a priest at the moment, any tips ?

    just some info:
    Its level 13 atm, undead.
    I have 2x heirloom, cloth shoulders and chest.
    Planned to go shadow spec, atm i have 3/3 spirit tap and 1/2 imp spirit tap talents

    I am mainly wondering what stats are more important (int or spirit?), what spec to use and what rotation to use (when I get the spells that is).

    thanks and sorry for my bad english.

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    Re: priest leveling, tips?

    Read the sticky on this please, it should help you a ton. Also, the higher your level gets, the easier it gets. Don't give up!
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    Re: priest leveling, tips?

    I still find it ammusing we need a sticky and guide on how to level... wear items with superior stats, don't bother dotting anything if it's only going to last a few seconds and make sure you have some water in your bags.

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    Re: priest leveling, tips?

    sorry, hadn't seen the sticky because i didn't expect there to be one, then again for priests i guess there is :P

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    Re: priest leveling, tips?

    Yes, priests are known to be a little... Slow.

    My tip is (at your level) make damn sure you have a good wand. The Greater Magic one will last you for a while, then a suitable replacement is the one from BFD quest.
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    Re: priest leveling, tips?

    don't take improved spirit tap, put point in darkness until 2nd tier talents open up. grab glyph of shadow word pain.

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    Re: priest leveling, tips?

    Actually, get a glyph of power word: shield. Make sure you have it on 100% of time.

    At lower levels, your rotation is: mind blast as opener -> devouring plague or SW:P -> PW:S -> mind flay/MB/wand. Make sure to give stamina, spirit buffs all the time + inner fire.

    At level 20, you will get Holy Fire - amazingly good and cheap spell. Stop using at level 40 with shadowform.

    At later levels your opener will be vampiric touch -> SW:P -> mind flay -> PW:S -> MB.

    And prepare to drink a lot though it gets so much better from level 40 and especially 60.

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    Re: priest leveling, tips?

    If you have an 80, 3 pieces of leveling gear, the staff shoulders and chest, enchant the staff with +30 spell power, get a good wand and shadow word pain/wand stuff till you get mind flay. once you can get a glyph get the SW:P glyph for mana regen. This should be enough to get you leveling fast.
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    Re: priest leveling, tips?

    Lvl as Disc....Fastest way to lvl.
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    Re: priest leveling, tips?

    Shadow priest is on the slow side until you get shadowform.

    For leveling... I mainly looked for gear with the most spirit on it. It seems kind of silly, but with spirit tap I literally never drank. With the changes to vampiric embrace, it's going to make leveling even faster.
    I haven't been low level like you are right now in a while though.

    at levels 60+, spriest is probably one of the easier classes to level. Very little downtime.

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    Re: priest leveling, tips?

    Quote Originally Posted by Worshaka
    I still find it ammusing we need a sticky and guide on how to level... wear items with superior stats, don't bother dotting anything if it's only going to last a few seconds and make sure you have some water in your bags.
    why not? because we are all experience players and know how to level a priest right.

    Why should there a guide/sticky on dps/heal, you can probably figured out the best way after some tries like a new priest trying to figured out how to level.

    This contradicting position you have is mind boggling.

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