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    Re: [Priest / Holy] The value of Intellect

    yes, int is great for mana regen
    its quite simple: most regen is mana pool depends. many wipes were due to oom?

    if the wipe is healers' fault, i think most of them are switch target too slow/oor/not be top offed... but not oom

    so imo, only go int if your gears are two generation before the instance. eg run icc with ulduar.
    otherwise, reckless and are the only gems we need

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    Re: [priest, holy] The value of intellect

    Quote Originally Posted by malkara
    Okay, I'm still having a problem though, considering intellect is yellow.

    For me, I currently use:
    blue = spi + sp
    red = sp
    yellow = crit + sp

    What would you use then?
    This thread is about regen. It's really not about INT VS Haste or SPR VS Crit. You should really think about those separately.

    Do you need regen? Do you have mana problems on some fights? Then you want INT.
    Do you never run OOM on fights? Then you want Haste and Crit.

    I'm going to guess that you're Holy spec. If you need mana, gem SP+INT in yellow. If you don't then gem SP+Haste for throughput. You really don't need to gem Crit for Holy. We use lots of instant casts and low GCD = much more healing than Crit. You'll be able to throw out more Renews in between CoH's and PoM's (or whatever your play style is). Keep doing what you're doing with blue and red gems.

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    Re: [Priest / Holy] The value of Intellect

    just putting it out there i think its important to include the regen from crit that you get through intellect also. more crit means more surge of light procs which saves you 500-600 mana per proc aswell = )

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    Re: [Priest / Holy] The value of Intellect

    It is unfortunately very hard to model the gains from holy concentration. From my experience, Holyconc is usually up 20-40% of the time, but this is largely depending on spell usage and cast frequency. I have heard reports of 80% uptime, but I have a bit hard believing that. 1/166th of a % to crit will add up given large amounts of crit, but there is some drastic diminishing returns on critbased regen after ~30% crit.
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    Re: [Priest / Holy] The value of Intellect

    Dropping the Sticky tag, but adding a permanent link in the reference post on the front page.
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    Re: [Priest / Holy] The value of Intellect

    Wow. There is some great reading on this thread.

    Well i just found this site and im so happy i did. I belive i have learned alot. will just have to see if what i learned fallows me IG.

    Just wanna thank agAIN for superb thread.

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    Re: [Priest / Holy] The value of Intellect

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    Re: [Priest / Holy] The value of Intellect

    hey Danner. I will post my base stats could u tell me if the int/spirit ratio is ok from what ive read i think it should be.
    Base Stats

    * Intellect: 1158
    * Spirit: 880

    If its a relative question also depending on gear and haste and so than understand its a bit hard to answer but in general, what do you think. Im kinda new to lvl 80 =)

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    Re: [Priest / Holy] The value of Intellect

    To be honest, I wouldn't worry too much about it anymore. At ICC gear levels, mana isn't going to be a pressing matter as long as you get a good trinket for regen. If you don't have ICC gear (and judging by your stats, I suspect you do not), then it's probably better to just work towards getting some badge loot. I personally aim for spirit/haste gear. I think most holypriests do.

    And as long as you do, the main conclusion of this thread is that it's basically pointless to gem for spirit. Gemming for int is simply superior in almost all usecases unless you are very undergeared. If you need manaregen, gem for int. If not, gem for throughput (haste and spellpower).

    But since you ask: I'm at 1480/1330. It's a lot more than most people have, but I just never had enough luck to get a good regen trinket. So I'm compensating in other ways
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    Re: [Priest / Holy] The value of Intellect

    Danner said pretty much what I would have said. I think Spirit eventually becomes more efficient, but if you're having mana problems at that point, you're doing something wrong. Trying to figure out an appropriate amount of Intellect and Spirit is very difficult to do because it depends on too many other factors. In the end, the only real purpose for using Spirit on gems is as part of a hybrid gem to match a Blue Socket, otherwise, some other stat is generally going to be superior for your goals.

    So, really the best approach is to just test drive your gear, and see where you stand. If you're running OOM, gem for more Intellect; if you're ending fights with plenty of mana (particularly if you're not using cooldowns), gem for more SP or Haste. This is just a rough estimate, but assuming those are your unbuffed stats, you're probably right around the point where you should stop gemming for regen and start gemming for more throughput.

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    Re: [Priest / Holy] The value of Intellect

    well i am so thankfull for the answers ive gotten from you, this will broaden the perspective i have on the game (gear management) TY alot


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