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    n00b disc gear question


    Ok, theres my toon...My n00b question is as follows. Is it worth sinking triumph badges I just have sitting in my bag into the regular T9 healing gear? I mean I don't heal very much at all, just a bit on ICC 10's or if we're short a healer one night. Is the 2/4 piece bonus worth picking up and enchanting and gemming? I mean I can heal decent in this gear, its just my mana regen sucks and I'm always running out during boss fights. Just wondering if anyone thinks it would be worth picking up a real set of healing gear and using that instead of my DPS gear? I'm almost to 200 triumphs just wondering if I could put them to good use that way.

    Thanks for any help

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    Re: n00b disc gear question

    I'd get epic gems to be honest. Pick up off-set healing gear in ICC/ToC. If you can get some trophy's cheap replace the 232 pieces for 245 for your Shadow gear.

    If you really want to then get the healing Gloves and Legs, then the 245 off-set Helm/Shoulders. That's right around 200 badges.

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    Re: n00b disc gear question

    If you'll be spending any serious amount of time healing, the 2pc T9 bonus is very, very good. 4pc isn't that big a deal. Getting a dedicated healing helm would be worthwhile as it enables you to socket a 'healing' oriented meta, either IED or ESD,

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    Re: n00b disc gear question

    I'd agree that a hat is a good investment, socket an IED and a lot of your mana issues disappear. Even just picking up a random SP hat in a raid or ICC-5 and socketing it will go a long way, doesn't have to be the badge hat. You could also buy the triumph badge healer trinket, it's a bit nasty but easy to get, or the better but more annoying to get you could farm for the ToC-5 normal trinket.

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    Re: n00b disc gear question

    When I heal in raids up to and including ICC 10 I do it in my Shadow gear with a healing trinket and IED in the meta socket. Mana shouldn't be an issue.

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    Re: n00b disc gear question

    Not that you asked, but would this be a WoW forum if someone didnt criticize/critique/comment on off topic aspects of your toon? Couple of points on the points that you ended up spending in the holy part of your disc build are a bit wasted. Specifically those that you placed in Divine Fury in that you should never be using any of the heals that it reduces the cast time of in a raiding context. Consequently I would take all 5 of those points and put them in Healing Focus, Improved Renew and the last in Desperate Prayer which can heal like a freakin' truck. I personally don't use renew a ton in my disc build so the 3 talent points for Improved Renew I actually put in spell warding but that is personal preference.

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    Re: n00b disc gear question

    As others have said, the T9 2-piece bonus is very sweet, and if you have the badges lying around, it's worth picking up. The 4-piece, not so much. Otherwise, besides the meta, most Shadow gear will work fine for healing since Shadow and Disc will even gem similarly once Mana isn't an issue, which it generally shouldn't be just from the Intellect on your gear. Obviously, if you can replace Hit pieces with Haste/Crit, otherwise, just pick up some random gear through ICC.

    @ Pitpat

    You're right, it wouldn't... because the Divine Fury discussion hasn't been done to death in other threads and it needs to be brought into gear discussions too, right? Saying that one should never cast Greater Heal in a raid is just wrong. You may or may not agree that it's enough with whether or not that justifies spending those points there, but at least if you're going to criticize someone's build, at least don't present your opinion as fact.

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    Re: n00b disc gear question

    Wow glad to help you remove whatever crawled up your butt this morning. Anything posted in an MMO-Champ forum is up for debate, I am pretty sure though that I am on the winning side of this one though. Figured a little advice couldn't hurt and that simplifying things for the OP aka consolidating information could be a good thing. Now if you are suggesting that Divine Fury is worth 5 talent points I am curious why. I would suggest that less pushback and more powerful ticks on renew is more important than having a .5 seconds shorter GH. I believe that near any disc priest would say they use renew more than GH especially with a trend towards more movement in fights. I would appreciate your counterarguement though.

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    Re: n00b disc gear question

    At current gear levels available Divine Fury is a required talent if you're tank healing. Haste is now unavoidable and Greater Heal becomes your new primary heal, replacing Flash Heal. As you pass 5-600 haste Divine Fury should be picked up. Otherwise you're just hurting yourself, or artificially deflating your stats by taking weaker stats than Haste. A large part of the problem is caused by the popularized 'haste cap' for Disc at 11%. That was only the cap when you could not reach a haste level that made Greater Heal a plausible alternative.

    Once you can fit 3 Greater Heals + 1 GCD into each Penance CD Divine Fury takes over. That's 37.5% haste total. That's right around 20% base haste on your gear, or 655 haste. Divine Fury is viable before this though and becomes so as soon as you're GCD capped on Flash Heal with BT. That occurs, raid buffed, at around 164 haste. That's the break-even point, PW:S->Penance->FH isn't wasting haste. For each point of haste beyond that GH gains in power with BT, while FH does not. The more instant casts and flash heals you need to cast the less worth haste is and at this gear level you're better off not tank healing anything serious. When you hit later T9, or entry T10 content when your gear is averaging 240+ ilevel the haste is hard to avoid. So you get closer and closer to that 655 number where Divine Fury takes over and FH is second-fiddle. As you pass 500 GH with BT will be so much better than FH that Divine Fury is starting to be very good and hard to pass up.

    Now, keep in mind that 655 Haste is actually low for what's attainable now. You can actually hit 800+ in T9 content. 800 is a 1.75s cast GH without BT. That's 1.4 seconds with BT. In tier 10 it's actually possible to become GCD capped on haste without BT. That's ~1,012 haste.

    TL;DR: Divine Fury with low haste is pointless. Divine Fury with high haste is virtually required.

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    Re: n00b disc gear question

    Quote Originally Posted by harky
    TL;DR: Divine Fury with low haste is pointless. Divine Fury with high haste is virtually required.
    Have you (or anyone else) done the math against the T10 2pc bonus w/ the HoT it stacks? I have my 2pc, though generally am not primarily focused on the tank... Focused a tank on 25-beasts and checked the recount afterwards, and the stacked hot from the 2pc had effective ticks as high as 5k, and I wasn't focused on him terribly long.

    Just wondering how valuable that 2pc might be for tank healing...

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    Re: n00b disc gear question

    2p T10 is just under an 11% increase to Flash Heal. Greater Heal with even the 655 haste figure is 20%+ ahead of Flash Heal and the gap increases as you gain more haste.

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    Re: n00b disc gear question

    Thanks for the help guys. I'll go pick up that trinket and grab that triumph helm. Should be set for the times I'm stuck healing. Thanks again ;D

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