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    a few things i would like to see in cata

    When I see the priest I have always thought a master of mind magic (mind flay, mind blast, psy horror, psy scream, etc) and and one who wields the power of the light a few things I would like to see in cata would enhance those things and I feel the priest needs and is lacking.

    First I would like for all priests a psy push either the enemy u are targeting gets knocked back 15 yards or in a cone in front of the priest that knocks them back maybe like 8 yards this would be for the first one a reverse blink really same cd and all that give it a 5 yard range and 15 sec cd I have found priests don’t have a get away from me spell besides psy scream the second is just an alternative to the first for grps. Or perhaps one that causes an enemy to be suspended 10 yards in the air for 10 secs then smashed into the ground dealing a small bit of dmg

    Also I would like to see holy magic doing a lot more dmg to undead things. Not a copy of pally exercise but holy fire and smite dealing substantial more dmg to undead would seem to fit as the light would be much more painful to them. It still wouldn’t be a raid worthy dmg bc we would have a hit cap of 17% to worry about and would only be undead that really hurt from it.

    I would like to see holy fire dot extended to 10 seconds I would like to have it apply a 50% movement speed snare. This would give us a snare that we really need and as shadow a way to escape better. Using holy magic as shadow clearly defines us as taking a defensive stand and needing to retreat holy fire disperse and run away.
    Lastly I would like to see a flight ability for all priests allowing them to fly used out of combat that would give us wings like the val’kir ladies (white, unless in shadowform then the black ones) and they could have a long quest where you would have to kill one in the end and release their soul and in turn they grant you the gift of flight (the ability to ascend towards heaven) unlike the druid I would have a cast time of 2 secs or instant cast would be fine to I guess.
    Granted I have always been a fan of holy dps and will not ask for it here as bliz doesn’t want it, I have to add in an uber bs attack as I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t an apocalypse named spell that’s aoe. And channeled. Doing exponential dmg the longer it’s channeled. For like 15secs. I would give this as an ability to not all priests but to the holy priest ONLY in spirit of redemption form giving you the option to try and finish the job or heal using it would put all heal spells on a 15sec cd it would be guaranteed to hit and would never be used on bosses really bc you are healing then but like trash you could give them a boost but have that on a 8 min cd to prevent die apocalypse ss die apocalypse die brez carry on die apocalypse.

    I would like to know what you all thing any comments are helpful plz no flaming but constructive criticism is welcome. Thanks

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    Re: a few things i would like to see in cata

    I like the val'kyr idea but I don't want to fly around like something from aion or whatever.

    About a month ago my priest picked up the nibelung staff and I kept thinking it would be cool to have some kind of talent/spell that would pop out either dark or light val'kyr wings that flap around while we have a cooldown active, maybe a 20-30 second cooldown. There could be a holy/disc version that gives light wings and a shadow ability that gives dark wings (think about the different wings that the twin val'kyr have). Of course, I don't want to copy a pally's wings with a different graphic so I'd need to think more about what these abilities would do.

    I'd like to see some aspect of a val'kyr worked into some priests spells.

    I'm not much into pvp so I could care less about these abilities, but I'm sure there are some things that could be done.

    Also, if holy dps was ever any bit competitive, I would be disappointed. I see that kinda going the way of the "shockadin." Holy damage spells are useful for healers who would like to contribute some dps and need a way to quest/level.

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    Re: a few things i would like to see in cata

    It sounds like you'd really enjoy playing a druid class..

    You mentioned frontal cone/ability that pushes target back... typhoon.
    You mentioned an ability that puts stuns the target in the air for a duration... cyclone.
    Adding general snare-ing abilities... entangling roots.
    Adding a "flight form" that is an ability, rather than purchasing a mount... raven flight form.

    Maybe you should re-roll druid?

    I think adding any more modifiers to holy damage would make us a bit unbalanced as well, so I understand why blizzard isn't rushing to buff the tree damage wise.

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    Re: a few things i would like to see in cata

    The only thing I really wish for (besides more viability in pvp as a shadowpriest) is this:

    Make our casts flashier!

    In a raid all I see are my casting animations and sometimes inbetween an ugly lightning-ish stream (the old MF animation was better IMHO) coming from my hand.

    Mindblast has no real animation, our dots don't have one, SWD doesn't have one, only Mindflay is a visual indicator of what I am hitting, and an ugly one at that.

    I'd love for some flashy flight animation for Mindblast at least, and the effects on the targets of our dots could use a little spice too.

    On top of that, our healing spells. Paladins have a flash of light all over their target, druids funky green auras, shamans have chainheal and riptide with cool animations.

    All we have when healing are little circles under the feet of our targets (GH), or extremly small flashes (CoH) and the likes. Also our shield - which is pretty much the our defining trait when compared to other healers - looks like a cheap proc from the tank trinket from Hadronox. :/

    The Guardian Spirit and Penance animations are what I would measure all other animations we will hopefully get against.

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    Re: a few things i would like to see in cata

    I agree on making the animations better. As shadow..well only mind sear and mind flay got animations and they are both..weird.

    When healing as Disc, besides from penance, we got no real quick animation.

    Although seeing PoM flying around like crazy is cool, especially when it proccs DA all around ^^.

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    Re: a few things i would like to see in cata

    An expansion intro movie where the priest survives and the paladin bites the dust

    Stacking ProM from multiple priests.

    Redesigned or Removed Lightwell. Either one is fine by me.

    New manaregen model where spirit is good.

    Redesigned top-half of the holy tree.

    Greater heal useful for something, less horribly expensive

    A new Hymn, because hymns are cool and priests make awesome spoony bards.

    Vampire Bat Swarm Form Ability for shadow.

    Ghostcrawler saying that priests can have good things after all :P

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    Re: a few things i would like to see in cata

    Quote Originally Posted by Danner
    A new Hymn, because hymns are cool and priests make awesome spoony bards.

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    Re: a few things i would like to see in cata

    It would be cool to see a holy dps spec .

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