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    priest tier 7.5 2piece set bonus, when to break?

    I'm wondering when it's worth it to break the two piece t7.5 bonus for holy priest. The extra jump on PoM seems invaluable for holy, but whats it real worth in terms of healing output? I got the gloves that drop off 2nd boss in heroic HoR, and debating replacing my old t7.5 gloves and breaking the 2pc set bonus.

    I would gain roughly 18 SP, 30 crit, 16 spirit and 5 int , from the new gloves.

    any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Re: priest tier 7.5 2piece set bonus, when to break?

    should have dumped that when t9 came out ....

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    Re: priest tier 7.5 2piece set bonus, when to break?

    reasons to break: T8...T9...T10....Flash Heal HoT....T7.9 being ugly

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    Re: priest tier 7.5 2piece set bonus, when to break?

    Having 6 jumps with Prayer of Mending is actually not that great. The spell is frankly very unlikely not to jump even 3 times before jumping out into obscurity onto some warlock's pet. Unless you are in a fight with a damage blanket (like the valkyr twins), it will fall short way before 6 jumps.

    Even on twins, it's not useful. The blanket don't tick more than every 2 seconds, meaning you get 5 jumps off in a 10 second period. At which point you simply recast it, as the cooldown is up.

    So yes, replace it already. The stat gains you get by upgrading to ilvl 245 or better is more than worth it, alone. The only setbonus really worth saving for a priest is the T9-2set bonus. That one is brilliant.
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