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    LFM Wailing Caverns

    Whisper achievement, gearscore, class, specc, race, gender, [Epic], IQ, favorite movie, age, gearscore again, rotation, shoesize, professions, sexual orientation, height, keybindings, resolution, average fps in dalaran, achievement again, favorite ninja turtle, [A Tribute to Insanity], social-security number, total deaths from Hogger and favorite color. no scrubs.


    A game without obstacles or challenges is not a game, it's a sandbox.

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    Re: LFM Wailing Caverns

    Having a hard time realizing if this is a joke or a troll...

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    Re: LFM Wailing Caverns

    you got me at shoesize
    Ex-Ensidia & Clarity-Twisting Nether member.

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    Re: LFM Wailing Caverns

    I cracked up at "Gearscore again".

    Well played, sir.
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    "We actually contracted out the creation of the equally-epic-yet-non-loot-dropping-non-boss mobs in Throne of Thunder to a giant snail. I think he did a pretty good job."
    - Blue Q&A

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    Re: LFM Wailing Caverns

    its more like this:

    LFM WC, link He Feeds On Your Tears (25 player), Alone in the Darkness (25 player), gearscore of over nine thousand OR NO INV!!!
    At the end of the raid, we're all happy. Only a month of trys, and soon Magmaw will be down.

    You're Pro or You're a Noob. That's Life.

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    Re: LFM Wailing Caverns

    I have heirlooms!
    Pondering returning.
    Nikoll - Retribution Paladin

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    Re: LFM Wailing Caverns

    Obvious troll is obvious.
    Pre-nerf Battlemaster

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    Re: LFM Wailing Caverns

    Quote Originally Posted by Aciaedius
    I cracked up at "Gearscore again".

    Well played, sir.
    haha same.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kantoro View Post

    Tbh, 99% of people who play this game do not know what they want, but they want it now.

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    Re: LFM Wailing Caverns

    But... butt... My resto Shammy doesn't have a rotation?
    No WC for me? :'(
    Quote Originally Posted by Urti
    No, they (new-gen gamers) are happy. Never happier than when they are crying loudly about the injustices of voluntary forms of entertainment.

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