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    Mage Names

    I'm curious on what other people have named their Mages. I'm looking for some clever and unique names. 2 of my favorite are Casturbation and Frostitute.

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    Re: Mage Names

    Congratulations, you're the millionth mage that decided to use one of those names.

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    Re: Mage Names

    I'm not using those names. My mages name is Bawlls, which is why my name on here is...Bawlls. I'm looking for a name for a friend who is starting to play. No need to be a jackass for no reason.

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    Re: Mage Names

    Let's keep it civil, guys.

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    Re: Mage Names

    I don't really find them comical in any way. If he's starting a Mage, give him a few facts about his class, and he can possibly think of a name from that. Maybe that, or just use your imagination, and go for some sort of RP naming thing.

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    Re: Mage Names

    role gnome


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    Re: Mage Names

    I have a level 80 Gnome Mage named Hodgewyn and atm I'm leveling a mage thats 70 called Sinnestro.

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    Re: Mage Names

    My Mage's name is Soleron.

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    Re: Mage Names

    I use Lydian, Pamposh and Lorthos.

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    Re: Mage Names


    As i am quiet a wizard:P

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    Re: Mage Names

    My mage's name is Sheeped.

    Someone once whispered me and said, "Oh, steeped, like tea. That's cool" then I corrected them, and then they started calling me gay. I just don't get people sometimes.
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    Re: Mage Names

    I named mine Xifer. That's what you get when you create a new character drunk.

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    Re: Mage Names

    Suppose it could be a 'lock name, but I love Donnamatrix. It just sounds dirty

    Bonus points if you know where the name came from, without Google or Wikipedia....

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    Re: Mage Names

    Quote Originally Posted by Bawlls
    I'm curious on what other people have named their Mages. I'm looking for some clever and unique names. 2 of my favorite are Casturbation and Frostitute.
    Both of those names have none of the attributes you wanted to see in them.

    If your friend wants to play a mage, he should be able to name it himself. In my experience, naming a character is not a very complicated task. You should, however, always think about playing him for a long time. If it is just some lame joke that might be funny if you see it for the first time, that is probably not a good name you want to run with, because those jokes get old very fast. And if you take an old joke off a forum for your "friend", the first thought of most people you meet will be "what a retard" or something similar. Even a totally nondesript random name which noone will ever remember is way better than that.

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    Re: Mage Names

    I named my gnome mage Squishy.

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    Re: Mage Names

    I met a mage named Guidette once. My level 10 mage is named Làdygàgà and the higher level, slightly more serious (in terms of levelling) one is named Jainazorz.

    I'm both original and creative.

    Anyhow, it really should be something that he decides on his own. Give him info about his race/class background, maybe even show him what some of the spells look like.

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    Re: Mage Names

    My frost mages name is koume. My friend made her fire mage kotake. If you knwo what there from u can have cookies i guess.

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    Re: Mage Names


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    Re: Mage Names

    my mages name is defrosted ;D
    i thought it was pretty neat

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