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    CoD: MW2, Name with Color?

    How do i add Colors to my name in Call of duty Modern warfare 2? I see players with different colors in their names when waiting for the battle to start. Any1 who can tell me how i add these and what the commands are for these different colors?

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    Re: CoD: MW2, Name with Color?

    Sorry, but colored names are lame!

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    Re: CoD: MW2, Name with Color?

    By writing....

    ^1TheBestComeBackEver (RED)
    ^2TheBestComeBackEver (GREEN)
    ^3TheBestComeBackEver (YELLOW)
    ^4TheBestComeBackEver (BLUE)
    ^5TheBestComeBackEver (CYAN)
    ^6TheBestComeBackEver (PURPLE)
    ^7TheBestComeBackEver (WHITEY/PINKY)
    ^8TheBestComeBackEver (GREY)
    ^9TheBestComeBackEver (RANDOM)

    And ofcourse you can put the ^1/2/3... Wherever you want in your name.

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: CoD: MW2, Name with Color?

    Dedicated servers :-[

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    Re: CoD: MW2, Name with Color?

    Quote Originally Posted by Amstel
    Dedicated servers :-[

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    Re: CoD: MW2, Name with Color?

    please back on topic, interested in this!

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    Re: CoD: MW2, Name with Color?

    On steam, you have to change your steam name (In the settings menu) to ^1 (or any number up to 0) followed by the words you want.

    My name, for example is:

    Which looks like this in game:
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