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    The Heaven
    But the path of the righteous is as
    the shining light, that shineth
    more and more unto the perfect day.

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    This on loop, I'm a huge Metallica fan and delighted to have discovered a band that sounds alot like them <3

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    Eximinds - Autumn Rain (Original Mix)

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    Armin van Buuren..


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    Addicted to this. It's not an amazing song in itself, but damn, I cannot stop listening to it.

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    Inspired by Michael Palin's encounter with the Russian Pacific Navy in his travel series, I'm currently listening to Polyushko Polye:

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    Grendel's latest album is amazing, eargasm all the way <3

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    Best thing to come out of Seattle:

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    listening or watching dat video clip

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    Le sigh...marry me, Mika.

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    I don't hate you. I'm just not necessarily excited about your existence.

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    “A fool is not a person who does not know something. Rather, a fool is a person who is given information but who chooses to ignore what he is given based on how he wants things to be, rather than how things are."

    General Off-Topic Forum Moderator

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    I want to be different, like everybody else I want to be like
    I want to be just like all the different people
    I have no further interest in being the same,
    because I have seen difference all around,
    and now I know that that's what I want
    I don't want to blend in and be indistinguishable,
    I want to be a part of the different crowd,
    and assert my individuality along with the others
    who are different like me
    I don't want to be identical to anyone or anything
    I don't even want to be identical to myself
    I want to look in the mirror and wonder,
    "who is that person? I've never seen that person before;
    I've never seen anyone like that before."
    I want to call into question the very idea that
    identity can be attached
    I want a floating, shifting, ever changing persona:
    Invisibility and obscurity,
    detachment from the ego and all of it's pursuits.
    Unity is useless
    Conformity is competitive and divisive and leads only to
    stagnation and death.
    If what I'm saying doesn't make any sense,
    that's because sense cannot be made
    It's something that must be sensed
    And I, for one, am incensed by all this complacency
    Why oppose war only when there's a war?
    Why defend the clinics only when they're attacked?
    Why are we always reactive?
    Let's activate something
    Let's fuck shit up
    Whatever happened to revolution for the hell of it?
    Whatever happened to protesting nothing in particular, just
    protesting cause it's Caturday and there's nothing else to do?
    -King Missile

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