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    Most of the songs here gave me cancer
    Maybe you should post a link of what you would be/are listening to then?

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    What I can see on playlist atm: Asriel - Xanadu, Aural Vampire - SOLOWEEN and some new music by Mosaic.wav.

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    Bruno Mars' album came out today and Yahoo has a live release concert going right now. Not my usual genre of music, but I greatly enjoy some Bruno Mars.

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    On a dubstep binge atm.
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    Not even a little bit French and I don't think Napoleon was a particularly admirable guy, but the anthem of his 'Republic' was awesome. Especially this rendition:

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    I am listening to a lot of monstercatmedia, celldweller, killswitch engage just basically alot of rock, dubstep, and techno.

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    My absolute favorite track at the moment. Friggin' goosebumps!

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    I think I love this woman

    ne porvivajo nur mortigi tempo

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