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    It's funny everyone is posting Archive. But I really liked Bullets. I was watching the official video and then some comment said it was in a game trailer, so I watched that. The song is better than the game trailer it was used in. Anyway, I loved the melancholy tone and chords. The harmony at 0:50 is what really made me tingle. The official video was interesting as well. It was very well conceived and executed.
    I'm posting a lot of them. Already heard five albums out of nine. The trailer was nice but I agree that the song is a lot better lol.

    You should give the albums a try, so far, everything good and I loved it so much.

    Archive is all I have been hearing since about yesterday, and tomorrow I'll probably finish the other albums.

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    Can't stop listening to this. ._.

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    If ever there was a silver lining to a "meh" movie:

    Still haven't overcome my laziness to listen to more of her music, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beardedcandy View Post
    all laptops are stolen to a certain degree

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    Been digging Hotline Miami's soundtrack.

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    guilty pleasure..sue me ;P

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