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    Listened to the first disc a couple of hours ago and almost finishing this. Haven't listened to them for a while.

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    ^ Those guys sound like Tool.

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    Oh Manakin, have I told you lately that I love you.
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    The British did not play a major role in WW2

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    Listen to the whole playlist. TEN OUTTA TEN! Sick album
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    Knowing Celestalon, he both A) doesn't know and B) will nerf the spec until he figures it out while denying it ever happened.
    "Mastery Haste will fix it."

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    Was looking up new Linking Park music, but gut.....................How the fuck can they make such crap music. Its so generic, over-done and about the worst shit I've listened to willingly, inn hope off hearing something good, cause atleast I can stear away from bad music generally.

    Not even gonna link it. Old LP is the best, simple.
    One reason for WoW decline I often hear is that its an old game and naturally people get bored with it. But TV is much older and people still watch that. Surely if a thing you once enjoyed keept staying fun, you would still use it?

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