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    Music: 8 Bit (or other arcade-like) favourites

    Hi, really sorry if my cursory glance at the subforum was lazy and missed a similar topic, but wanted to make one for anyone who loves the music from their oldest video games. I'm not entirely sure if describing it as 8 bit is entirely accurate because I'm a philistine; I just mean the old school sounds - all I know is I like what I hear, and very often the music has stayed with me throughout my life.

    The main inspiration for the thread came from me rediscovering the music to an old Acorn Archimedes game, Asylum. We had a demo (as it was on the front of Acorn magazine back in '95) and I played it to death (being about 11 years old at the time) and despite not having listened to it since, I've had the "main riff" in my memory all through this time, something I'd hum to myself at times; but yeah the other night I was finally inspired to go look it up and I found it:


    Other real favourites of mine are from the BBC Master system,

    Crazee Rider

    Strykers Run (although this was Rydeen by Yellow Magic Orchestra)



    amongs others that I'll link if I find out there are any other nerdy "old computer game music" fans.

    Anyone care to share?
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    Not sure if this counts but it is old game music.

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