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    Been listening to it like 15 times today <3 House music kicks ass!

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    Don McLean - American Pie

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    Just found out about this band and they instantly became on of my top 3 faves.

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    Many hugs for Shyama for awesome sig!

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    Some nice trance, in preparation for Defqon.1 tomorrow
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    Kaskade - Steppin' Out (Chill Out Mix)

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    Morning here,so radio,coffe,third cigarette,the song right now is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkzwE6ufhDY )
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    Quote Originally Posted by klorx View Post


    loved this song since i was a child lol
    But... that song just came out no more than 3 or so years ago???

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    Art, yes thank you.

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    What its a good song >.>

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    Kind of awesome hardstyle. LOVE IT <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by klorx View Post
    Kind of awesome hardstyle. LOVE IT <3
    I hope you didn't refer to your song :P

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