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    I call with:


    Goddamn I like the vocals (and everything else) on this album:

    Too bad the band is nothing like that today.
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    BLACK METAL: Debuting at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and available only on YouTube.

    Have to say, it was pretty good

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    200 albums listened this year.

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    I'm so sad right now. I just heard The Devil's Blood called it quits. D:

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    New Voivod. Dat album cover art..

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    Finsterforst - Verlorene Seelen (trying to get these guys more recognized)

    TrollfesT - Gjetord
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    Please check out all of these awesome bands!

    - The Black Dahlia Murder

    - Woe of Tyrants

    - Son of Aurelius

    - Conducting from the Grave
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    Symphonic Black Metal

    An A Cappella Power Metal

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    Metallica and Iron Maiden are the two metals bands I normally would listen to. Feel like other metal bands singers just scream into the mic, just making noise, which annoys the crap out of me.

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    Thanks a lot for posting Ahab, reminded me of listening to Call of the Wretched Sea again, had almost forgotten how good that album is.

    Here's some more 2013 stuff!:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duilliath View Post
    Such a great band, they've got two esoteric-que music genres fit so perfectly. I can't wait when they start touring again.

    A new song from upcoming Horna album @ soundcloud.
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    Also, Gorguts announced that the new album will be out this year!

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