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    Need some help with shadow pvp

    So me and some friends are going to start to play casual pvp (3vs3 arena) and we are going to be one MS warrior, one Resto druid and me as a shadow priest. Now I haven't touched my priest since 3.1 something and really need some help with specc + stats + glyphs.

    So what specc should I use along with what glyphs? And what should I gem/enchant for?

    And I would also like to know a little about the general tactics SPs' use currently.

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    Re: Need some help with shadow pvp

    Here is a great go to guy for you.


    Hope that helps for speccing and glyphs.

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    Re: Need some help with shadow pvp

    +1 to the post above me

    Arena Junkies is a great resource for learning.

    Watch Spriest videos at Warcraftmovies.com

    Overall though, I hope you have a lot of patience. Shadow priests are very hard to play in PvP.

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