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    Little-Known Mod: Reflux

    Here's a mod that I discovered as part of a UI compilation I've been building off of (LUI). It's called Reflux and it's a lightweight but ingenious tool for synchronizing your UI settings across characters. Once you have it set up on one character just the way you like it, save it as a Reflux profile and it'll deal with your addons the best way it can; if they support profiles using the Ace2/3DB framework, it'll make one and reference it, or if they don't it'll just create it's own little pseudo-profile for the addon and package it all up in one Reflux profile.

    So basically once you save your UI under one character, you can log over to another and type

    /reflux switch myUI
    where "myUI" is the name of your particular profile. It's the kind of thing I wish would be included by default.

    You can also get creative with it and have one UI for soloing, one for raiding, etc. and load them all as the situation warrants. Food for thought

    Disclaimer: I didn't make this mod or LUI, just thought I'd pass along the suggestion to you guys.

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    Re: Little-Known Mod: Reflux

    I don't think I'd call it little-known, it came with abuout half the UI packs I tried before I found the one I liked the most. Which was... a lot of UI packs :P

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    Re: Little-Known Mod: Reflux

    Well little known to those who do not produce UI compilations maybe, but it is a useful tool and one that was long overdue imo.
    Certainly something I would be tempted to use if I could ever produce something that im ever happy with and is not a complete mess.
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    Re: Little-Known Mod: Reflux

    Awesome. Never heard of this as I never liked UI compilations and always made my own ui, but I could use this to switch between my shadow and healing ui (different grid settings, different hot/dottimer settings). Nice find
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