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Thread: Sound spells

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    Sound spells

    Hello! i'd like to know if it's posible to add a sound from my computer (ex: a sound i found in a game and recorded into an mp3 or something) into a spell in wow.Like a macro with script:To play the sound i chose when i cast the spell.Thank you!
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    Re: Sound spells

    There are addons which run scripts or play audio when certain events (Procs, spell casts, whatever) happen - I can't recall their names or how they work, but in short; Yes it's possible.

    I suggest you visit www.curse.com and look for addons there.
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    Re: Sound spells

    i don't realy want scripts from wow like algalon sound or something..i want to add a sound or song or what u want to call it from computer to wow..i've heared of wow mp3 player..but i don't think will help me..i'll search anyway ty

    EDIT: found something! ty for help
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    Re: Sound spells

    I think they can play basically any sound effect as long as you store it in the Interface folder (WoW can't access files outside of it's own folders), as long as it's the right format (I think WoW can play only .wav files, not sure about mp3).

    Anyway, g'luck
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    Re: Sound spells

    WoW has built-in support for mp3 files. In fact, most of the music files used in WoW are mp3s.

    Easy method - copy the sound files you wanna use into a subfolder of WoW - I suggest something like Interface\MyMusic.

    Say your file is named "BadassSound.mp3".

    that's the path to the file.

    Make a macro for the spell that you wanna play the sound - I'm going to use Chain Heal for my example.
    /cast Chain Heal
    /script PlaySoundFile("Interface\\MyMusic\\BadassSound.mp3")
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    Re: Sound spells

    wow ty
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