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    Had another ***** LFD 10 mins ago. Ele shammy stole tanking shield "coz I need if for transmog". Same guy was bragging about the agi gear he stole from "poor rogues/kitties" earlier on LFR.


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    Just ran into a hilariously e-peen-stroking mage on my rogue.

    Normal Tol'Vir, this mage is in full 391/397 gear though. No clue why he's running normal tol'vir, but eh, whatever. Through the whole run he's bitching at the tank to pull faster, linking his normal mode DW achievement, linking meters and taunting me and the hunter, and pulling things over and over again without the tank (even bosses). Basically, being a massive e-peen flailer. Really hilarious, I must say.

    After killing the final boss he linked meters again and started going off with "get carried, fucking bad dps", "uninstall wow baddies", etc. Oh yeah, because level 84 toons in quest greens can totally do DPS on par with a mage in full DS gear. Makes sense.

    I mean, sure it's fun to join a T11 heroic or some other low dungeon and roflstomp with high DPS, but do these people really take pleasure in jerking their e-peens over people who don't stand a chance? Probably the same people who trash low level cities.
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    Words that lots of people don't seem to know the definition of:
    "Troll", "Rehash", "Casual", "Dead", "Dying", "Exploit".

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    When is there not a bad experience sadly? My worst experience involves those who play, and think it is okay for them to use PVP gear to cheat the LFD requirements (ilvl). The worst thus far was a feral druid who wanted to tank in all pvp gear, it was terrible.

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    Had to register just to tell this amazing story of me and my mage in troll HCs couple months ago.

    I got pretty bad gear, blues and 2-3 zanda epics. Got ZG first with cocky DK tank, braindead ret, silent but good dps DK and pri healer. Before first boss ret died 3 times on trash, I don't know how but he managed to do it. Tank started bashing him and healer and healer retaliated, and then they just raged at eachother for some time before killing boss, with ret dying again. Tank continued bashing ret, and now he went afk and healer said he is going to stop healing, we did trash up to mandokir just fine and healer said 5mins later he is going to heal. But Mandokir didn't go without problems, someone pulled trash pack 20 seconds into the fight and it prolonged it alot, but we managed to somehow kill it too without any wipes. Tank bashed people again for pulling the pack and priest said he is going afk. Shortly after mandokir ret came back but took the wrong route, ran into trash pack with us on the other side of map, died and left. At this time our DK dps also DCs so its just me and tank. We clear trash to panther fine and then DK wants to solo it so I stay out and go grab a drink. I came back to see boss is dead, healer nowhere to see and DK dps back. And since priest was leader we could requeue for last dps now too. Rest of the instance went fine and I'm still amazed we didn't wipe once that run.

    In ZA only things that made me cry were hunter not using pet and DK who couldn't find his way to Daakara from entrance so only minor things.

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    I was running End Time on my resto shaman a while ago trying to get geared up. I got grouped with 3 people from the same guild and one other person. For a tank, we had a prot paladin from the guild that LFD grouped me with. I've had a lot of trouble gearing up my shaman as opposed to my other characters because of RNG I suppose. So, the stage is set... a mostly guild group (potential disaster as many of you know), and I'm desparately hoping a piece of usable gear will drop. We get Echo of Tyrande as our first boss. Everyone does ok for the most part, a lot of interrupts are missed and people take unnecessary damage. Not a huge deal. After we kill her, Crescent Moon drops, which is a huge upgrade for me and I'm stoked because I'm the only one that needs it for main spec. So, the paladin tank, saying nothing, decides to roll need on it and wins the roll. At this point, I was a little frustrated but thought that he would be reasonable and give it to me if I asked nicely. I explained that I needed it for my main spec, and since he was tanking, it wouldn't be nearly as useful as other weapons for him. He then said, "So, don't I need it too?" I then inspected his gear to see if he was seriously thinking that, but no, his gear was stat-appropriate. He also already had a nice 378 tanking mace. I told him no, it's not something you need for tanking, and asked nicely if I could have it. He didn't answer and ported to the next area, where he started chain-pulling mobs. I continued to ask him if I could please have it, and eventually he stopped pulling. I went over to him and opened trade. He put the weapon in the box for trading and a split-second later, I was greeted by the message "you have been removed from the group". No weapon, no valor points. I was a sad, sad panda that day.

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    I've been leveling in LFD in the last month. My druid is 73, started LFD spamming at 31. Tried all 4 specs, I settled with resto/cat in the end.
    Boy, lowbies are horrible nowadays. Here are the shiniest gems I found:

    * Hunter calls me an idiot for needing on dodge leather glove for my offspec. I check his gloves: he would get +1 agi and -7 crit rating + useless stats if he would equip that glove. I'm sure that's a SPLENDID upgrade, isn't it? I point it out but I'm still an idiot

    * we enter BRD. Tank tells the group to use the mole machine to past Grim Guzzler. One of the players dies THREE times until he manages perform this very complex and demanding task. Bonus info: turns out he DOES speak english.

    * group spreading out in 2 or 3 directions because "QUEEEEST!"...

    * tank refuses to tank a summoned extra boss, which even he has a kill quest for. He stands there on the bridge and watches as I heal the mage tanking it.

    * lvl 45 disc priest who thinks he's a brilliant healer because he can save tanks at sub 5% hp (and sometimes wipe the group when he can't) instead of keeping the tank topped. He's afk and out of range after every second pull, not healing nontanks. He wastes our time constantly, making us wait until he comes into range. When questioned why he does this, he says that he's NOT AFK, when he's not healing then it's on purpose because that healing is not needed and anyway, would I be so kind to STFU?

    * I'm an idiot because I can't heal the group when they are 300 yards away (being placed at the entrance when the group is midway - I wonder why this happens by the way).

    * Tank pulls all the caster packs in the square in Strat Living - you know, the frostbolt and knockback spamming mobs. It's sooooo fun and easy to heal when you get knocked down every 3rd second.

    * Tank skips a boss to shave off 1 min, then the whole group takes a 5 minutes break to debate it. Tank wipes the group on purpose and leaves.

    * Tank wipes group because a retarded dps killed the King's add (Cho'rush) and he wanted a tribute run for loot. Seriously, who gives a fuck about loot when you are lvl 45??? And why the fuck you kill the add when the tank asks you not to?

    * fresh DKs who think that dpsing in blood presence is a good idea. And some of them REFUSES to change presence after being asked 5+ times by 3 people.

    * guy who macroed /train on some of his abilities. I had to put him on ignore after the third pack.

    * lvl 72 mage constantly oom, producing 100 (ONE HUNDRED) dps on each pack. He answers "NOTHING" to the question "What the fuck is wrong with your dps?"... Thank god for votekick. Guys like these are all over the LFD, I won't even mention more... I can't even begin to imagine how the hell can someone do 5-20% of the average DPS output.

    * tank who doesn't tank more than 1 mob, refuses to taunt, paired with his friend who is not healing anyone but him. After managing to kill all 3 dps, they laugh and leave group. It's fair to let retards die to teach them a lesson. But to break a well working group just for fun? Fuck off, really.
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    Tank who refused to pick up adds on last boss in h-stonecore, told me to instead move so they went through the circles(nobody is interrupting force grip so I am spamming GH just to keep him alive) then intentionally stood in a rock to die, refused to accept brez from feral druid, druid ended up going bear and started tanking while I tried to explain to the person who queued as tank that I can't tank, heal and kite as a priest. People refuse to see their ignorance drive me crazy with frustration, those people are what I refer to as idiots.
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    Intelligence is like four wheel drive, it's not going to make you unstoppable, it just sort of tends to get you stuck in more remote places.
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    If you want to be disgusted, next time you kiss someone remember you've got your mouth on the end of a tube which has shit at the other end, held back by a couple of valves.

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    Being stuck on the gauntlet boss in Utgarde Pinnacle for 30 mins because people in my group were so bad

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    Just got out of the HoT dungeon with Arch Bishop. Got grouped with 2 Turkish Hunters, who kept talking Turkish and insulting the rest of us. Using MD on me (healer) and refusing to dps. I told them to stop with the MD crap or I wouldn't heal them, to which they said "Np FD". Well this went on for the whole run and I just remained quiet until last boss. I let them both die, then asked why they didn't just use their FD. Then the remaining dps, the tank and me downed the boss lol.

    What bothers me a lot about the cross realm grouping, is the fact that you get paired with people who either can't or won't speak English and insist on talking their own language in party chat, rather than taking it to whispers. So much grief comes out of it tbh. Would rather wait longer in queue than have to run with Turkish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Greek or w/e people. Why do I point out these people? Well cause in my experience, they are the ones who most often can't or won't speak English in a group. No idea why tbh.

    Edit: This is not about racism on my part. How I feel about people from specific countries hasn't got anything to do about how many of them act. They actually tried pulling the racial card on me, cause I didn't want to heal them lol. After calling me shitnoob, bad healer, retard and many other things<3
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    Yesterday queued up on my druid for ZA as healer, hoping to get people capable of doing timed run. Got 4 well geared players, 3 of them from same realm.

    4th player, warlock, went afk in middle of gauntlet before first boss without saying anything, came back few minutes later. I was "tanking" mobs few times because tank couldn't be bothered to pick up anything, even when I ran directly to him with those mobs on me. On first boss only 1 dps bothered to casually shoot at birds that carried people, resulting in me being carried by bird during storm, but we survived.

    After boss died, warlock went afk again. I tried to votekick him, but couldn't kick for another 3 minutes. I said that in party chat, warlock immediately came back saying that he went to the toilet (yeah... right. I would have believed if he did it once, but he went afk twice so far), did some dps on next pack, summoned felguard, then went semi-afk, casting 1 spell every 10 seconds to make it look like he's playing and sending his pet to attack stuff.

    Before second boss, tank didn't pick up one of bears, I couldn't tank it for more than 5-6 seconds, so it ate me. DK combat ressed me, we survived that pack. I had 0 mana... and guess what happens next. Yep, they pull the boss with me at 0 mana and warlock afk. I immediately left.

    I don't know how people could be so incompetent. I don't understand how people can join instances and then go afk. What's the point in playing the game if he doesn't want to participate in it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zka View Post
    * Tank skips a boss to shave off 1 min, then the whole group takes a 5 minutes break to debate it. Tank wipes the group on purpose and leaves.
    holy shit, this happened to me last week too ^^

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    Just did a HoT dungeon - did 42k overall. Rest of the dps was below 7k dos. including the tank.. not going back there

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    My worst experience is every time I get grouped with someone from a non-English language server. In my case these are usually Brazilian servers. The only English they know is curse words (which I don't mind, unless that's the only thing someone is spouting), and they usually suck at the game itself. I signed up for a US realm server because I speak English. One would think that I would get grouped with others who speak the same f-ing language.

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    I'm LFD-leveling a resto-shammy atm and I've hit the dreaded 58-60's where every run you have a brand new DK that has never tanked before. I've had unholy tanks that won't switch to blood, lvl 60 tanks that "just haven't trained blood presence yet lol", DKs that refuse to use D&D, death-grip happy blood presence DPS, etc., etc.

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    This story is 100% true

    > Be 1 hour ago
    > Need to cap valor on my main (just 1 hc to go)
    > Enter End Time
    > ohgodwhy.jpg
    > see vicious pvp geared arms warr with 40 crit gems only and 41 points in arms
    > see blue/green geared balance druid in half feral half balance gear, fucked up spec
    > first boss: me 54k, 395 ish geared blood dk 21k, warrior 4k, druid 2k (he spammed wrath only)
    > at the end the druid asked if I was a GM, I got no idea where he got this idea from
    > Leave grp after muruzond dead (i didnt speak the entire instance, but was laughing inside how fucking retarded some people are)
    > 5 min after I zone in stormwind I get whisper from lvl 1 who appeared to be this druid, and he wanted my real ID. He would pester me all until I logged off. And I'm afraid hes now stalking me.

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    Worst for me was about 2 days ago on my warrior. I signed up to be both tank and dos and of course got chosen to tank. I accepted but was still in my dps gear and spec simply because I didn't have time to change spec and gear. Got End Time(aka bane of my existence) things went good for first boss. Second boss where you have to LoS behind tank to avoid getting interrupted the healer never moved and was interrupted most of the fight. After we downed it he started absolutely going mental, cussing me out saying I need to L2P and that I should go kill myself. I didn't say anything cause im a calm guy and didnt want to cause any drama. We get to the last boss and he refuses to heal me cause, "You are the worst player ever! Go kill yourself" so the shaman dps with me in group, who I didn't know devised a plan. I apologized and we tried again. I charged in but did no aggro moves. Two heals and the healer had aggro and died. The shaman proceeded to heal me and we win. The pally healer then made a lvl 1 toon on my server and proceeded to blow up trade about what a baddie I am. I ignored him but he kept making lvl 1 characters until I just finally logged onto another toon.

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    Last night... queued to heal on my level 72 shaman. Zone into Azjol'Nerub. Paladin tank takes off, pulling everything in the hallway into Krik’thir's room. I get hit with the web, wait for a DPS to break me out, which doesn't happen, we wipe. After rez, tank repeats his behavior. I say in chat, "the definition of insanity..." and try to keep up with him until we reach the first room again. "New strategy, break me out when I get webbed," I write in chat. I get webbed, they don't break me out, we wipe. After rez, tank leaves the group without saying a word, and hunter DPS says (his caps), "LEARN TO PLAY YOUR F%#*ING SPEC HEALS, YOU WIPED US TWICE."

    Nice. Real nice. I dropped group and logged off.

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    I don't know about worst, but I was leveling my bear tank near the beginning of MoP in Cata instances and I realized that every mob was getting one-shot. I looked at the meters and they were completely crazy - this Moonkin was doing 100k plus. I think OK, how did a 90 get in here? Then I inspect and see it's a level 80 with basically every 409 twink piece money can buy - weapon, trinket, and some armor (some of it cloth). At the end of the run, I just said "craziest twink I've ever seen" and requeued us. Wound up running with him for half the night just giggling madly at this Boomkin completely destroying everything. Turns out he had XP turned off and was just farming JP for more twink gear.

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    at lvl 80 when my mage was just dinged i signed for a random hc and got nexus here a hunter kept miss directing me as he felt my dps was bad right before end boss he even got me vote kicked as he was signed with some of his guild mates - that was the worst i have ever encounterd in a dungen finder.

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    Didn't think this would get revived. I don't remember which dungeon/raid finder experience was the worst, but one I remember actually happened not too long ago.

    I queued for Pinnacle of Storm on my main and got in as a tank. The group was still missing the other tank. We cleared up to the trash groups before Iron Qon. I wanted to wait for the raid finder to get us a 2nd tank, so guess what happens... A hunter pulled BOTH groups. Thankfully, we manage to survive it. Afterwards, that hunter and a holy pally from the same server (im guessing they're just friends sense they're not from the same guild), be-ing pretty impatient, decides we should do the boss with just me tanking. Wanting to have a good chance of clearing the boss with 2 tanks rather then the 1 tank strat the hunter was using, I say we should wait for a 2nd tank to arrive. Instead, that hunter pulled Iron Qon. Shaking my head, I just dropped group and decided to do some stuff on an alt.

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