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    Re: My idea to replace Lightwell

    There are a lot of ways to make the spell more intresting, but it really depends on what they want to do with the different healers. IE, what does Holy lack, and what does it need?

    They've said they want less fire-and-forget healing, so... Who knows.

    What I think might be kind of interesting would be to have the lightwell function as a sort of toggled "turret"/pet. So, suppose they decide they want to make holy closer to holypal in tank healing. Let's imagine a fight like Vezax, so that there's "modes" of the boss. Lots of fights do this same thing, but that's a really straightforward one. Ignore the mana side.

    Now, you could toggle the lightwell into "fill" mode while the boss is in its easy state. While in this mode, suppose all overheal is stored in the well, and all heal crits provide some stored amount whether or not they overheal.

    Then, when the boss surges, the priest toggles the lightwell into "drain" mode, and then it does something to the priest's heals until it runs out. Perhaps the each heal you cast while in lightwell "drain" mode places a stacking hot on the tank for up to 10% of the heal value, and reduces the stored heals in the lightwell by the amount spent.

    Then it becomes an intelligent ability, and you could use it in various ways (IE, pop well before the surge, to stack the hot sufficiently, or pop it during, if the surge is something that stacks a dot, like Toravon). Seems interesting to me.

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    Re: My idea to replace Lightwell

    Quote Originally Posted by Minia
    Now maybe since blizzard seems to want to retard proof well.. Everything - Maybe they should just make it autoheal somebody under a certain %. A sorta smart heal?
    I don't think it's really so much about "retard proof" as it is that you don't want to put in abilities that demand dramatically more out of groupmates.

    Nobody has infinite mental capacity, so anything you have to do extra will diminish your performance at your primary task. Thus, if the holy priest is balanced around usage of lightwell, and no other healer is, the priest is going to be raid-wise inferior.

    It's a valid complaint.

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    Re: My idea to replace Lightwell

    Imo, an aura that allows those affected by it to be healed by X amount during the duration of it would be MUCH better...
    Deathknight's do it using disease, blood and the power of the unholy. Warlocks do it with dark demons by their side. Mages do it with summoned arcane powers. Druids do it using the forces of nature. Rogues do it through stealth, poison's, shadows and....from behind. Paladins do it by calling to the light for aid. Shamans do it with the help of the elements. Priests do it through the holy light.
    But warriors....
    Warriors just fucking do it.

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    Re: My idea to replace Lightwell

    It may work better if, instead of the dps having to destroy it, it worked like this:

    Lightwell is summoned on a location.
    You heal the lightwell to "full power".
    All heals done to the lightwell heal all party/raid members within X yards for 50% of the amount the lightwell is healed.
    X amount of heals are retained within the lightwell.
    The priest can activate the well, causing it to pulse and heal all party members within the above stated amount of yards for X% of the total heals done every second for 30 seconds.

    This offers a sort of backup to the priest on fights with heavy aoe damage, effectively adding an aoe hot to his arsenal as well as another way to group heal.

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    Re: My idea to replace Lightwell

    Expanding on what a few other people have suggested, i think a good way to go about making this an interesting talent is to make it a charging spell. So say the priest casts light well placing it at a fixed point on the ground somewhere. Then:

    -8 - 10 sec charging period, possibly through overheals? or a set ammount.
    -After the charge period light well is now ready to be used, but as a catch once charged it only lasts for 10 seconds before dissipating again. The priest can activate it, potentially on a nogcd recast of the spell, or by clicking the well itself.
    -Upon activation the well releases into a say 20ish yard radius aoe heal, with around a 10 player maximum.
    -Light well is now on cool down for 10 - 20 seconds?

    I think with these conditions it fits the requirements of an interesting spell you have to think about when using. Its not fire and forget (needs to be manually activated and timed correctly), requires encounter knowledge (timing and placement) and is not too OP for a 31pt talent. What do you guys think? to lenient conditions or are they too strict to give effective usage of the spell? Feel free to build on it.

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