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    Balance casual pvp?

    How is balance for casual pvp? Thinking wpvp, duels and random bgs, nothing high rated.

    1. Is it good or is it another punching sack for melee like all ranged except hunter?
    2. What's hard to beat as boomkin?

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    Yes, a very difficult question. I wonder if Humanity will ever learn the answer.

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    Balance is super fun in pvp right now. With the right spec, you can easily kite melees. I haven't found a class that is harder to beat than others. Give it a try you will love it (especially with all the instant casts vs melees !).

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    Get a Brewmaster Monk friend and go get 1800 in 2s without even trying. It's super fun.

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    I see. Ok, cool.

    I was playing a hunter but since Blizzard is pidgeonholing hunters into playing BM, a spec that I LOATH in pvp due to how stupid and unreliable the pet is, I'm thinking of rerolling to something else that does as great at casual pvp as hunter does. First choice was shadow priest but I learned they suck balls at pvp outside arenas and you can't even cap in 2s because of how much shadow priest sucks against melee. I don't like mage at all, warlock is melee fodder and shaman is not even viable for pvp.

    Guess I'll be going with balance druid then. Thanks for input.

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