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    Red face Challenge modes as Resto druid


    Me and some friends will be trying out Challenge modes in the next few weeks and im currently gearing for them, im farming heroics to get haste/multistrike as thats what i believe we benefit most from. can anyone please clarify this? as currently i keep getting versatility drops and mastery.

    also im unsure on the talent choice between Treants or Big tree, ive been running Treants in heroics as i think there very good.

    P.s is there any way of finding my BIS for challenge modes? ive never used things like mr robot or any add-ons for this type of question.

    I have also completed gold on all MoP challenge modes so there not completely new to me


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    Quote Originally Posted by azza125 View Post

    Me and some friends will be trying out Challenge modes in the next few weeks and im currently gearing for them, im farming heroics to get haste/multistrike as thats what i believe we benefit most from. can anyone please clarify this? as currently i keep getting versatility drops and mastery.

    also im unsure on the talent choice between Treants or Big tree, ive been running Treants in heroics as i think there very good.

    P.s is there any way of finding my BIS for challenge modes? ive never used things like mr robot or any add-ons for this type of question.

    I have also completed gold on all MoP challenge modes so there not completely new to me

    It sounds like you haven’t really tried looking for any guides. I would suggest trying Hamlet’s WoD guide (all hail lord Hamlet) that is probably somewhere on wowhead or elitistjerks, or even a sticky on this forum.

    Resto druids in cmodes are incredibly strong, and that is largely down to one talent. Soul of the Forest (SotF) allows druids to adapt from being an incredible single target healer to an incredible group healer. When you use swiftmend, you can decide to dramatically buff your rejuv, your regrowth, or your wild growth. Is your tank taking massive damage and might die? Swiftmend regrowth. Is your tank about to take heavy constant damage? Swiftmend rejuv. Is your group taking really heavy aoe damage? Swiftmend wildgrowth. If you use this playstyle, you might go oom pretty quickly, but you can drink between pulls so it isn’t even a consideration.

    Don’t worry too much about gearing; it doesn’t make that much of a difference due to scaling. That said, you really want pieces that have haste and mastery as they are by far your strongest stats.

    Ps. Tranquility is nowhere near as strong as you think it will be in cmodes!

    Good luck, hope that helped.

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    Not sure about the other stuff so I'll let others handle those, but isn't Incarnation (big tree) better than Treants by a huge margin? Only use that I've found for Treants over ToL was in the Proving Grounds - in everything else, I find that ToL is a hugely powerful CD to have for both the general buff to healing and the mana-saving capabilities with Rejuvenation. But I haven't done CMs so I'm not sure if Treants does have some sort of upper hand with those - as far as I'm aware, though, ToL completely outperforms Treants and I'd recommend you take that instead.

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    Hello !
    Couple tips, I've mostly done Silver (2 missing, will do them tonight)

    - I completly skip Mastery. Why ? Because if gives you 0 DPS bonus. It may seem strange, but when you will be used to CM, you will find some time to DPS. Actually, you will HAVE to, if you want some golds. Mastery doesnt help your DPS at all. So for me, it's Haste >>>> Crit > Multistrike > Versatily > Mastery. Specifically for CM.

    - Treant is the worst of all 3 choices. ToL is really good, cant go wrong with it : mana saver, instant regrowth, rejuv spam. But Soul of the Forrest is actually GREAT for CM. With it, you can pump out big Regrowth, and big Wild Growth, depending on what you need (tank healing/group healing). Dont pick treants.

    - Other talent choices : I like Cenarion Ward, super strong for tank healing. Typhoon is good, you may be using the other choices. Mighty bash is really good for trashes. Germination is almost a no brainer, although Rampant Growth + Soulf of the Forest has its merits. I REALLY like Heart of the Wild. You can use it on easy boss to DPS (super good DPS actually), and it's also an excellent healing CD. NV is obviously very good as well.

    - Glyphs : REGROWTH, almost mandatory. You NEED the crits, because without it you will no be able to heal the tank very well. My other choices and Stampeding Roar and Battle Rez.

    - DONT USE TOO MUCH SPIRIT. This is important. You dont need it, for real. Use mark of shadowmoon on your weapon if you can (you will benefit from the full 500 spirit pric) maybe 1 trinket/ring, but that's it. Boss fights should be short enough, you have mana pots, and drink between every pull. gotta go fast !

    - General tips : the tank will take TONS of damage. This is normal. Full HOT, spam Flash heal, and tell your DPS to dodge shit because you will not be able to cover their mistakes and heal the tank at the same time. Use Ironbark/Nature Swiftness all the time. Pop Tree of Life during trashes. They will be harder than bosses sometimes. Dont save your cooldowns, use EVERYTHING to keep people up. USE CC on big trash packs. Tell your DPS to interrupt everything they can.

    - Practice, practice, practice. Get bronze, then get silver. Restart the challenge if you fail (party leader, right-click on portrait, restart challenge). Use invis pots !! Some instances you will have to skip some trashes. Count the exact amount you need, and you will figure which one to skip. For instance, in Auchindoun you dont skip any trash (almost), but in Skyreach you have to skip 1/3d of trashes.. Rogue is best with mass invis ! Try to get as many buffs as you can. If you dont have Bloodlust, craft some Drums.

    Best of luck ! Will answer questions if you have.
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    Thank you for the responses!

    I had tried looking for guides like "druid challenge mode guide Wod" in google and not many came up, if any it was still Mop. I will look at the guide and play around with Soul of the forest as i had used it before and it seemed good.

    Thank you Alianthos for the input ill be sure to take some of these tips in and see how well i get on! thank you to all responses! really appreciate it.


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    Just use SotF, aim for haste gear and bobs your uncle.

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    I did 8/8 gold several times, gonna give you few tips:
    1) Haste on ALL gear. Next mastery/multistrike or at least versability, avoid crit as much as u can
    2) Talents:
    tier 1 - Displacer Beast
    tier 2 - Cenarion Ward
    tier 3 - Typhoon
    tier 4 - Soul of the Forest
    tier 5 - Incapacitating Roar or Ursol's Vortex in sky reach I prefer for birds
    tier 6 - Heart of the Wild
    tier 7 - Germination

    Now about enchants, put haste on all gear and get haste proc weapon enchant, forget about spirit, U don't need it AT ALL.

    For dungeons, you need
    1) invis potion, mana potion, channeling mana potion, int potion, flask and food.
    Basically before pull on boss which won't do massive damage, you need to prehot tanks, prepot(int pot), use racial, use HOTW, trinket if u have and moonfire-> wrath both until someone takes too much damage etc ofc don't let pll die. During usual packs, try to dot everything with moonfire and wrath. Remember your performance really depends on dps, how they deal with trash etc, in many cases if someone dies, it can be not your fault. But still, if you know that huge aoe coming, best thing is to swiftmend+wild growth and hot all. Also, don't forget that after ~6 ticks when you renew your reju it goes for full duration. Also, regrowth is your best friend, don't be scared to spam it, you are supposed to drink every time between pulls anyway. If I remember smething else, I'll post, cheers .

    About BIS I can't tell you much, but trinket from Iron docks is very good, from Imperator nm/hc/mythic also, LFR Butcher has nice trinket too.

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    Item Slot Item Name
    Head Alloy-Inlaid Cap
    Neck Primal Gladiator's Pendant of Prowess
    Shoulders Primal Gladiator's Dragonhide Spaulders
    Cloak Brilliant Hexweave Cloak of the Deft
    Chest Blackwater Wrap
    Wrist Supple Bracers of the Deft
    Gloves Crystalhide Grips
    Belt Belt of Burning Focus
    Legs Supple Leggings of the Deft
    Boots Primal Gladiator's Boots of Prowess
    Ring 1 Primal Gladiator's Band of Prowess
    Ring 2 Signet of Crystalline Barrage
    Trinket 1 Draenic Philosopher's Stone
    Trinket 2 Shards of Nothing
    Trinket 3 option Quiescent Runestone
    Weapon Spire of Tectus

    is BiS list from Shivendu also suggested by Xáriah who runs cmodes with Methods team

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    Thank you everyone for all your help! absolutely perfect!

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    Here is my tips from a 8/8 WoD CM Golds (done all of them almost a month ago), I also ranked in the top 15 world proving ground at the begining with wave 46, now im pretty high on ranks, I know.
    I will include stats, talents & Glyphs plus I will link you how I did them with my youtube page.

    My wowprogress page for reference : http://www.wowprogress.com/character...thas/Skhealful

    Things that will affect your succes:
    Stats: Go for haste/mastery all the way each pieces if you can. Some crit / versality or multistrike won't kill you.

    Consumables: Buy 250 intellect flasks with 100 food buffs buffets. Get alot of invisibility potion. I had like 100 of them. Get some intellect potion's (maybe arround 50) to stack with your HotW when you will be using it. You can also use runes from LFR for a small gain.

    - Tier1: Feral Swiftness or Displacer beast, Honestly if you plan you being always at the good spot you don't need displacer beast and actualy feral swiftness become pretty good since its a speed run.
    - Tier 2: I didn't use Ysera gift as much as I wanted since its the damage taken in the group can be avoided if your members know what to do. I used Cenarion Ward in most scenario since I knew who would take mostly the second highest damage. Pref a melee.
    - Tier 3: Typhoon, this is a very good talent for interupt one to multiples adds at the same times. You can also use it, you will , for stacking adds sometimes it is required to maximise the AoE.
    - Tier 4: Tree of Life, I used it over the two other over all my cm's, simply because I was using Omen of Clarity which made ToL a big mana saver for all the dungeons. I did everbloom without drinking once. Using this both talent will save you just a ton of mana and when using ToL you will be able to spam heal the tank during very intensive AoE fight. If you need better throughput, like on UBRS if you're using the strat that you pull all rooms into one, you go get HotW talent to maximise your HPS.
    - Tier 5: Ursolf's Vortex, simply to regroup adds and slow them make it alot more easier for your group, its pretty situationnal but in the overall will give you huge benefits in term of time to get gold. If you don't need to use Ursolf's Vortex go with Mighty Bash for stunning powerful adds.
    - Tier 6: Bounce between HotW or Nature Vigil, it will differ on what dungeon your doing first. On Everbloom, I've used HotW since we needed extra's dps. I used it on First boss when he goes phase 2 with a intellect potions and I pulled as much dps as my team did. (Stack it with berserker if ur a troll) and I re-used it on the third boss to burn down the boss while CC'ing the adds. If you need better HPS on static moment in the dungeons or maybe extras dps if it allow you too HotW become better. Go for nature vigil on a general rule if there is no down time between pull/boss. It will bring the damage over the run pretty equal to HotW might be a bit lower too.
    - Tier 7: Omen of Clarity all the way no reason to go for something else, you won't burn your mana and you may not have to drink most of the time. If your tank is pull non-stop you may have to spam him with regrowth and there is why OoC will shine most of the time.

    Glyphs I used for all WoD CM's:
    - Rebirth - BR will do now 100% HP
    - Regrowth - Better throughput and spamming scenario's
    - Stampeding Roar - Try to use it on CD, sometimes there is large Hall you have to go through or before using a invisibility potion.

    Spell's usages:

    Big AoE Pulls » Talents : OoC, HotW, ToL and Ysera Gift

    Keep Lifebloom with a rejuv on the tank no matter what you will want proc from OoC. If the tank plan to take alot of damage give him first scenario ward on him and Iron Bark 2-3 secs after the pull. This will give you time to place some rejuv on party members on risk to take potential damage.

    If it's a very dangerous pulls, you will want to use HotW with a Intellect Potion, Rejuvs most members at risk, keep Lifebloom and rejuv on tanks, Iron Bark him again 2-3 secs after pull and go ToL pop berserker if you're a troll and then spam Regrowth until most of the npc's dies then it will be alot smoother. Renew when everyone is full rejuv on other target in case and if you eat damage use barskin and use healthstone instead of healing urself.

    If the AoE pull is on a static position make sure efflorescence is on the ground before everything above and do not use wild growth unless you have a very high amount of haste to go with or you will probably not make it.

    For instense non-stop pulling trash » Talents: Nature Vigils, OoC, ToL and Cenarion Ward.

    If you plan drinking alot between pulls make sure to use Roar to let your group benifit it, then drink and at the end use ur bash speed in cat to catch up. Try to always move with cat form in most scenario. Never drink too much, go soft make sure your always close to your group and with Hots rolling or you will fall behind.

    Keep some rejuv on members not all but atleast 2 with lifebloom rejuv on tank on every pull that way you will never fall behind and will have some prep, use cenarion ward before pulls on your melee member he will greatly benifit it while you are busy healing your tank.

    If you have time to pop cooldowns on trash use them, make sure they are up whenever you will need them later on the run. It's all about timings. If you can use it 3 times you will gain good benefits at the end.

    Iron bark and Barskin should be used most of the time to lower the damage so you can save some mana, they have very low cooldown timer.

    Generals tips »

    When you plan to drink, make sure your members drink too, sometimes you don't have the time to heal them and then drink. You will save some seconds overall here.

    Don't overthink too much with decisions.

    The damage will be high on your tank but member can mostly avoid all damage, make sure they use defensive personals and healthstone, Tonic is better anyway.

    Don't drink too much, make sure your always on range and most of the time Omen of Clarity will save your ass when you can't really drink.

    Moonfire, wrath whenever you have a chance to do it. All the dps count for gold and good timers.

    Good usage of Typhoon and Ursol's Vortex even if you have a DK, by example on auchindoun I used it on big imp's trash pack to interupt and pull them together. So my group saved theirs for the next pull before third boss.

    Every attempt you do for gold should be the same strategy as before so plan your cooldown and use them as you plan too. Don't change strategy too often and try to maximise what you already know. Sometimes you will overheal too much on a boss when you can actually put some dps or even use HotW. Just go with what you feel comfortable with.

    Here is a link to all the WoD CM's with my PoV
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