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    Would like to get a few suggestions/pointers on why i suck ass.
    We killed heroic garrosh tonight, and that has been a complete fail on my part. I was below everyone. Not sure if its movement/switching but logs from that fight are not available. Alo heroic norushen log is not available as well. For some reason only normals saved today. Maybe you will see something i can improve on, as i feel i should be doing better. A LOT better.
    Any feedback is appriciated.
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    @volkvin - your static seems super-mega-casual, thus you should not give a f about dps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmokri View Post
    @volkvin - your static seems super-mega-casual, thus you should not give a f about dps.
    Its not hardcore, yet its not casual. The biggest issue is we only raid 1 day a week with that group. Nevertheless, i would not mind growing as a dps, so any feedback would be very welcome.

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    Hi guys,

    We have a feral druid in our raids and hes just obtained RoRo heroic but hes saying he does 50k+ more damage with his SoO trinkets as he does with RoRo now I can only imagine he isn't snap shotting his bleeds correctly and isnt tracking his trinket procs. He says he tracks his bleeds but that's it. Should he be using Ovale or does his rotation look ok?

    Here are some logs:


    Cheers Guys and Girls.

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    His current reforges has Crit as his highest secondary stat. That's one reason why he's doing less with his current setup. He's gotta make sure he checks his gear after upgrading them additional times.

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    To add to what Kronic1 said, which is correct, he needs to download a program called Catus and use that to do his reforges if he has RoR.

    Ontop of that, his uptimes on bleeds are extremely low. I was looking at the iron jug killed and he is only just over 50% uptime on rip, which is extreeeemly low, even if you use that tact where you outrange bombardment.

    Just fixing those 2 things alone will up his DPS so much.
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    Oky thanks guys will pass on this information.

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    began to play my feral few weeks ago and went with my mainraid now. Maybe someone can take a fast look at my logs and tell me if there are any really bad mistakes.. I was dead on some fights, but most of them should count (jugga/malko should be ok)

    some items are still very bad (trinkets for example) but the rune didn't drop the last 3 weeks since i'm trying to get it

    Hope someone could give me some good advices

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    Malkorok uptimes could be a bit higher, theres no reason to not have them both at 95%+ try to get an lfr rune, i know u here its not good and stuff, but i compared a lot of logs with my feral and the feral from moonzlinge and we sometimes have the same amout of procs, its after all still rppm and its a lot better then sigil of rampage or aoc even heroic.otherwise theres not much to see, just try to get better trinkets and work on ur uptimes and u should be fine for now.

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