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    Keybinding in arena

    Hi guys I'm dusting the cobwebs from my disco priest as I'm wanting to play him in arena. This char is back from the vanilla days when i used to be a clicker but Ive since then adapted to binds on my Paladin and Warrior which are melee. Now the problem that i have is Ive always used healbot for instances, raids and BG's and when i stepped into WSG last night i tried my best to key bind but found it an absolute nightmare. I found myself trying to put a shield on the enemy and trying to dispell things from them by mistake, and basically just frantically running about like a headless chicken trying to heal people by using F keys (which i really really find hard to do) or clicking on them.

    Does anyone have a basic plan/setup of what they have binded as the closest keys and is it necessary to have to use the F keys? Can healbot be used in arena as it is technically still key binds, and if so would it not give me mobility problems. I think 2v2 i wouldn't be so bad as i can easily target my partner, but any higher i think it will be pandemonium.

    100% arena noob here so any tips on addons etc would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Keybinding in arena

    Salutations, here is a list of keybinds I use which are all pretty easy and very hand-comfort friendly. Q E R T F Z X C V ~ 1 2 3 4 5. Should these not be enough for what I'm doing, then add a shift to all of these. Still not enough? Use some mouse buttons. For Q & E I rebound strafe left and right to A & D since keyboard turning is pretty silly. I never use function keys, they're too far away for me to like. But that is personal preference.

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    Re: Keybinding in arena

    Thanks but thats not what i meant. What do you have PoM, PWS,Pain Supression binded to etc. How do you target your party members?

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    Re: Keybinding in arena

    Personally I bind mouseover macros to most of my spells, i.e.
    #showtooltip Power Word: Shield
    /cast [target=mouseover,exists][] Power Word: Shield

    and just replace the spell with the main spells you use like Flash Heal, Renew, PoM etc.
    This is nice for when the target is in LoS and you can just mouseover them and click the macro.
    I combine this with xperl unitframes so I can also mouseover party members unitframes to heal/buff/dispell them.
    Make sure you enable range check on the unitframes so it fades out if they aren't in range.


    Lots of nice macros here to save space or for ease of use.

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    Re: Keybinding in arena

    Nice tips thanks

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