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    Making the best gear choices as enhancement - read before asking gear questions

    Enhancement Shamans are a rather complicated class when it comes down to gemming. Where specs like Retribution Paladins often have 1 stat that trumps all others, Enhancement has 2 stats that, depending on gear and talents, are in a neck-to-neck race for best DPS. Knowing when to gem attack power and when to gem haste is key to maximizing your Shaman’s DPS. However, this knowledge can rather easily be gathered by the use of external programs.

    This guide aims at explaining the 2 most commonly used tools for determining gemming practices for Enhancement shamans: Rawr. Enhance and EnhSim. Both programs have their advantages and disadvantages. The goal of this guide is to provide the reader with the knowledge and know-how to operate both programs and know when to use one and when the other, but also how to interpret the results.

    Before you start reading this guide, make sure you have read and understand the following F.A.Q:*/

    This guide explains the basics of enhancement PvE and is a very well written guide. If you have any questions after reading this (and have a free afternoon), there is a VERY detailed guide on enhancement that can be found at the following website:

    Please note this guide is advanced reading and of an entirely different difficulty than the mmo-
    champion guide. However, it should answer nearly all questions.


    AP versus haste
    using Rawr
    using EnhSim
    simming your character

    Aside from these guides, one question still remains. What gems should I use? This guide is meant to fill that gap. Before I start discussing the 2 programs we are going to use, I would like to give some general information about the 2 stats most commonly used: AP and haste.
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    Re: [HOWTO] enhancement shaman – determining best gemming using Rawr and EnhSim

    AP vs. Haste: harder vs. faster

    The title really explains it really well. AP makes you hit harder, haste makes you hit faster. The reason why these 2 are so close in DPS is because enhancement is reliant on procs that happen on melee attacks, some of which that are no direct damage, but instead increase the damage your other attacks deal. Maelstrom Weapon, Windfury Weapon, Unleashed Rage, Flurry, Static Shock and the mana regen from Shamanistic Rage all proc more when attacking faster therefore increasing the damage you deal without actually influencing the damage per hit.

    Whether it is better to hit harder or to hit faster depends on the fight and (to a lesser extend) your gear. In general, single target fights that involve frequent target switches and a lot of movement tend to promote AP as the superior stat. examples are Professor Putricide, Blood Prince Council and the lich king. Multi target fights that involve AOE’ing additional targets down and low movement tend to favor gemming for haste. Fights like this are Blood Queen Lana’thel, Sindragosa and lady deathwhisper.

    Because the fights in ICC are so diverse (and often combine both types of fights) the general agreement is to gem for what gives the highest single target DPS on a stationary fight (like Patchwerk or Northrend Beasts).

    Now, you could say: wait, AP is a red gem and haste is a yellow gem? Then I’ll just gem both and own every fight! The problem with that is you actually gimp both stats with that, and end up with lower DPS on both fights.

    Now I will discuss both programs we will use for this. I’ll start with Rawr.

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    Re: [HOWTO] enhancement shaman – determining best gemming using Rawr and EnhSim

    Rawr. Enhance: easy and simple.

    Rawr is a program that is usable for almost any class and spec to determine what upgrades you should go for (and in some cases what DPS you should do). It can be found here:

    Update 7/5/2010: recently, Rawr 3 has gone beta. this is a web-based Rawr interface that can be found at:

    remember, this is still a beta. things can and will be broken. i suggest that unless you use a Mac, don't trust codeplex, or want to join in the betatesting, you are best of using the offline version.

    The author of Rawr has a very clear and detailed video tutorial on how to load your character, change gear and enchants and select your buffs and options. This guide assumes you have watched that tutorial and understand the basics.

    Throughout this topic, I will be using the armory of Narisha on moonglade EU, a volunteer who has agreed for me to use her armory, because my own shaman does not yet meet the requirements for decent simming. Because the armory is not always in the right spec, I have uploaded the XML file to rapidshare, combined with other XML-files that are used in this guide. You can find the file here: . Save it to any location, unzip the files in a folder and open it using “File” => “Open” in Rawr.

    Rawr has several advantages.

    + Easy and simple interface. With the dropdown menus for items and enchants, this program is great for starting out.

    + Fast calculations. You can simply select an item and it will recalculate your DPS.

    + Excellent for comparing stats on gear. You can see what items are general upgrades and it does so rather reliably.

    Now, start up Rawr and load the armory of your enhancement shaman. After a few seconds, the character is loaded and ready for calculations. It default loads with a full 25 man raidbuff scenario. If you run with other buffs, you first need to select those in the buffs tab.

    If you are a jewelcrafter, you most likely need to activate the jewelcrafting gemming templates via Tools > edit gemming templates.

    On the options pane, under Graph, you can click the graph button to see a rough graph on the relative DPS increases a certain stat gives. Note, however, that this graph is often unreliable due to things like ArP scaling better as you get more, haste suddenly dropping in value between 1.51 and 1.41 weapon speed (has to do with Windfury cooldown) and other similar stat-specific peculiarities. this should no longer be the case. Rawr should always graph all stats correctly.

    When you get back to the main screen, you can see several purple/green bars with a number in them. These bars are intended to measure the DPS gain a certain item has over an empty slot. These gains are often reliant on items from other slots.

    These items are for a single slot. To switch to another slot and see the DPS gains there, you select the slot from the second drop-down menu above the list of items.

    Changing gems, enchants and items is easy and user-friendly. For items, you just click on the item you wish to replace and select the replacement item from the list. For enchants, you click on the small tab below the item and select the enchantment you want. Gems are doable in 2 ways. If the gemming is one of the top 3 gemming recommendations Rawr gives, you can just select it from the item menu. If not, then you need to right click the item and select “equip custom gemming” from the drop-down list. You get a screen where you can add new gems, sorted according to what Rawr thinks to be the best.

    As said in the enhancement FAQ on these forums, you should first gem for the hit cap and expertise cap. After those caps are reached, you can either gem full AP or full haste.

    Rawr is a decent tool for determining upgrades, but it has several flaws:

    - Priorities selected have minimal impact on the actual DPS. This is because the functions used to calculate DPS don’t actually use that system, but convert those in spell cooldowns and/or procs per minute (PPM), which sometimes is inaccurate.

    - Certain Rawr-specific issues make for sometimes unreliable DPS measurements. Rawr often thinks related percentages (like the combat table) add up to 100%. This is not always the case (sometimes, the combat table adds up to more), and sometimes this gives weird results. this is also a common misconception. in fact, Rawr can and will be reliable 99.9% of the times (with some weird setups as exceptions).

    - Because it uses the .NET Microsoft framework, it is unavailable for Macintosh users. As such, Mac users will need to resort to other programs.

    All of these flaws are solved by using EnhSim.

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    Re: [HOWTO] enhancement shaman – determining best gemming using Rawr and EnhSim

    EnhSim: thorough and reliable.

    EnhSim is (as the name implies) a simulator for enhancement shamans. The main difference between Rawr and EnhSim is how they calculate your DPS. Rawr tries to link everything to a cooldown, average uptime or casting speed/frequency and then uses that to calculate the DPS value for each spell. EnhSim actually simulates a boss fight, complete with combat log. In essence, it reenacts the game.

    You can find EnhSim at This program is available for Macintosh users, be it a few versions late. Because it does not utilize PPM and complete percentages, but an actual simulation, it is often much more accurate.

    Before you open EnhSim, you will want to get your character into Rawr first. Rawr has an option to export your character to EnhSim that can be found under the option tab, on the EnhSim pane.

    Now, when you open EnhSimGUI.exe, you will see a 3 part screen. On the left part, you can find a button “copy from clipboard”. When you have a character copied like the paragraph above, you can import the stats into EnhSim. All stats and other supported selections are imported from there. Before you load your character, the best thing to do is to load config.txt using “File” => “Open”. This loads some basic options into the sim, which should solve some error issues.

    In the middle, you have 7 panes: Boss, Gear details, talents, priority queue, combat parameters, consumable and buffs, and EP.

    On the boss pane, you can set the stats the boss has. The default values are normally correct.

    The gear details pane explains some finer details about your gear, those that are harder to express into stats, like weapon enchants, imbues, trinkets and so on.

    The talent pane displays the talents your character has as explained in Rawr.

    Priority queue is most likely the first thing you need to change things. You should manually set the priority system here, since this is not imported from Rawr. If you need an example of a queue, you should visit the FAQ on these forums.

    On the combat parameter pane, you can find options involving auto attack, when EnhSim should refresh dots, totems and shields, if you sync bloodlust and personal cooldowns, when to use your mana regen tools, and some miscellaneous options.

    The next tab, consumables and buffs, normally is fine with default settings, since those are also from Rawr.

    Finally, a word on EP. Enhancement Points are values that EnhSim tries to put on stats. It calculates your DPS, and then tries to determine how much DPS a certain amount of a certain stat gives. E.g. if you do 300 DPS extra with 200 AP extra, the EP of AP is 1.5. EP values are heavily dependent on your current gear.

    A common misconception is that if the EP of a stat reaches a certain point, that stat is the best to gem for. This is a misunderstanding of EP. EP should be calculated using no items in the item slot for which you want to calculate EP (say, you have 2 chests you want to compare, then you need to make the EP calculations without any chestpiece equipped). this is because EP is very reliant on your current stats, which means you need to eliminate the stats where they differ, so you can get EP values that should be fairly accurate. you can then use these values to calculate how much DPS you would get from a certain item OVER AN EMPTY SLOT. so you need to calculate those EP values without the gear, and then check the worth of all the stats on a certain item.
    i'm going to quote levva here, in a comment he made a bit further, because i can't say it better myself:

    Quote Originally Posted by Levva
    EP values are typically misused and fail because they are done with ALL gear currently equipped instead of looking at EP values of all gear with the slot you are trying to compare empty. This is also why looking at the highest EP number and thinking that's how to gem fails as it completely misses the point that you have to remove gems to add new ones and the very act of removing a gem will change your EP values.
    EP values are calculated for a certain amount of a stat given certain base stats. as such, if you absolutely need to calculate EP values for 2 items, you need to check the stats of each item separately and make 2 calculations: one with the stats of item A filled into the EP pane, another one with the stats of item B filled in the EP pane. this is mainly because you can't say that 120 crit rating is the same as 3X40 crit rating if you would only need 100 crit rating to be crit capped, so you need to fill in the stats themselves. however, because EP calculation is basically calculating base DPS and then calculating new DPS for each stat (each taking the time of a full sim), it is generally much faster and more reliable to just do 2 sims, once with item A equipped and once with item B filled in.

    Finally, on the right you can set the simulation settings. Simulation length is the combat time it simulates. This is closely related to combat length and combat variation. Combat length is the length of each individual bossfight. Combat variation is a percentage that determines how much the combat length varies between fights. Say you set the simulation length on 10,000 (hours), the combat length on 10(minutes) and the variation on 20 (%), the sim will keep running simulations of 8-12 minute fights until the total length of all the fights equals 10,000 hours (600,000 minutes).

    Beneath that, you find the miscellaneous options. Report count is basically how long your progress bar needs to be. Reaction time is your lag and how fast you react to events. Simulate mana is best put on. If you turn it off, you tell the sim you have endless mana, which is never true. Finally, you can tell EnhSim to post the results of the sim in an output file.

    Now, the next 2 buttons speak for themselves. Apart from that, if (for any reason) your EnhSim.exe file is in a different location than the EnhSimGUI, you can set it beneath that.

    On to simming!

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    Re: [HOWTO] enhancement shaman – determining best gemming using Rawr and EnhSim

    Step-by-step guide to simming

    This is the most important part of the guide. I will try to explain as clearly as possible how you can sim the effect of gemming on your simulated DPS.

    1) Open Rawr.

    2) Select “Load from the Armory” on the start page you get.

    3) Enter your character name and armory, as well as the realm zone (EU/US)

    4) After a few moments, your character should be loaded from the armory.

    5) You may want to save what you have now, so you don’t need to reload from the armory (which expends bandwidth) in event of a crash. Do so by “File” -> “Save”. Another reason to save is so you always have access to your character. If you want to open your character, select “File”-> “Open”

    6) Now, you will want to use hit and expertise gems until you have reached the spell hit cap and the soft expertise cap (368 Horde (342 Draenei) and 26 respectively). Do so by right-clicking the item you want to place those gems in (usually ones with yellow sockets for hit and red sockets for expertise) and select “Equip Custom Gemming”. (Alternatively, you could just left click the item and select the gemming you want from the list that appears, but depending on gear setup, those might appear rather deep in the list. Also, those only suggest the top 3 gemming, which could differ from other gemmings which could be better) Select the gem you want by left-clicking the slot and left-clicking again on the gem you would like to be in that slot.

    7) Once you have selected the desired gems for your caps, you can start to gem for either haste or AP. There is no hard-or-fast rule on what to gem, so the only real solution is to sim both full AP and full haste. It is easiest to create 2 new XML files, one with full haste gems and one with full AP gems. Do so by first using the method described in 6 to gem for all AP gems, and after that use the method in 5) to save that setup. Also make a setup with the recommended gemming of Rawr for each slot.

    7a) (optional, but recommended) On the right side of the screen, select the available items, enchants and gems for each slot as explained in the Rawr tutorial video. Then go to “Tools” -> “Optimize”. You can optimize for a number of factors. The optimized file in the zip-file is optimized using the “DPS-rating” method, meaning it forgoes any survival stats like stamina.

    8 ) Once you have made those 3 (or 4) setups, you need to load the XML file with the starting setup, and then go to the options pane, then the EnhSim pane. Select that one, then click the button that says “Export Stats to EnhSim config file”.

    9) Then open EnhSim. First, select “File”-> “Open” and select “config.txt”. This ensures most simulation-independent variables are set correctly. After that, click the large “Copy from Clipboard” button.

    10) Now to set some options! One of the options most likely to change is the priority queue. For ease of calculation, use the one from the Elitist Jerks Shaman BiS thread found here: . Also, if any other settings are unclear, it is best to first search that thread. If they are good enough for calculating BiS DPS, they should be good enough for you.

    11) Now, press the button “simulate”, wait for the sim to complete (should take about a minute) and search the output in the command box for a line starting with “DPS”. That should be your DPS for that calculation. Write down that number (you’ll need it later).

    12) (Optional, if you want greater accuracy. Normally 1 simulation should be enough to get a good idea of the DPS potential of a set) Repeat step 11) until you have 5 different DPS calculations. this should give a fairly large sample size (about 25,000 hours, or about 1,500,000 minutes, which is about 214,285 7 minute fights).

    For instance, these are my numbers for the base “narizha.enh.xml” file:

    First run: 10095.72
    Second run: 10096.73
    Third run: 10093.69
    Fourth run: 10095.86
    Fifth run: 10094.45
    You see here that these numbers are within 3 DPS of each other. Now, we calculate the average of this. We get 10095.29. this is your maximum DPS you should get with that gear setup. This might seem like a lot of work, but do keep in mind that with the exact same gear setup in Rawr 2.3.11, I only got 9309 DPS. A DPS difference of almost 800 DPS! That’s why you should simulate, because it can be such a big difference. In reality, the true value will often lie between the two values, due to human errors and fluctuations in reaction time and lag.

    13) Repeat step 8 ) through 11) (or 12) with every other set you saved (you did save the sets, didn’t you?).

    These are the results I got (remember, they need to be more than 10095.29 to be an upgrade).

    Narizha.enh.haste.xml: 10,144.39 DPS
    Narizha.enh.attackpower.xml: 10,004.10 DPS.
    Narizha.enh.recommended.xml: 10,153.24 DPS
    Narizha.enh.optimized.xml: 10,193.57 DPS.
    So if we would rank these from highest to lowest DPS:

    Optimized -> recommended -> haste -> start -> attack power.

    IMPORTANT!! These numbers are for this character with this gear setup only. You might get completely different results with your character.

    What I want to add here is that the optimized setup will 99/100 times get the highest result, because you calculate every outcome for every possible combination. However, I still only got 9,337 DPS with the optimized setup versus Rawr. Also, both full haste and attack power showed up as lower DPS versus the original setup. Haste did sim higher in the end.

    Also, don’t enchant your gloves or bracers with expertise. You are giving up 44-50 AP (more than a gem’s worth) for 15-20 expertise (less than a gem’s worth). As you can see, just by switching some gems and enchants around, we got 100 DPS more. That is more than RNG can account for. Generally, if a sim is only 5-10 DPS difference, you can assume it to be due to RNG.

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    Re: [HOWTO] enhancement shaman – determining best gemming using Rawr and EnhSim


    Q) Does Rawr run on a Mac?
    A) No, it does not. Rawr uses the Microsoft .NET framework, which is not supported by any Apple product.

    recently, Rawr 3 has gone beta, which, among other features, uses a web-based interface, allowing Apple users to enjoy the program as well.

    Q) Does EnhSim run on a Mac?
    A) If you don’t mind running a few versions late, then yes it does. You can find a Mac version of EnhSim where you can find the normal Windows version.

    in both above cases, you can use a virtual machine to run the windows version.

    Q) My Armory won’t load!
    A) first, check if the Armory is not offline. Then check if you did not make any spelling errors in your name and the realm name. lastly, Rawr may fizzle if your firewall is not setup correctly. This is often the case with school and work networks. Try again from a home network.

    Q) my EP value for stat X is 2.X. this means this stat is the one to gem for.
    A) well, no. the EP values that Enhsim generate are a snapshot that is dependant on your current gear. even 1 gem affects those EP values in such a way that they completely become worthless for the next gem. if you were to use EP values, you would have to check each slot a number of times, each time with a different gem setup. it is faster to just sim complete gem sets.
    again quoting Levva's comment a bit further in this thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by Levva
    Using EP values is like taking the graph and blocking out 99.5% of it and drawing conclusions from that 0.5% of the graph that remains visible. You completely miss what happens if you were to add a bit more of stat X does it level off does it rise sharper, who knows with EP values you are seeing less than 1% of the true picture.
    Q) I have copied my data to the clipboard, but when I press “copy from clipboard” on EnhSim, it does nothing.
    A) You need to export the data in a certain way, explained 2 times in the guide. In Rawr, select the options pane. Then select the EnhSim subpane. Then click the button “Export stats to EnhSim config file”. Alternatively, you can also click the export dropdown to the above right of the item listings, then select copy enhsim export to clipboard.. Then you have 2 choices:
    Either open a new text file and paste the content, then save the file under your name of choice. Then select “File” -> “Open” in EnhSim;
    Simply press the “copy from clipboard” option in the top left of the main EnhSimGUI screen.

    Q) EnhSim/Rawr suck, they don’t do X / don’t account for Y / interpret Z wrong!
    A) World of Warcraft is an ever evolving game. The same is true for EnhSim and Rawr. Every time a new version is released, their accuracy improves. At this point, Rawr is at version 2.3.11 and EnhSim is at These versions are (at least for enhancement shamans) up to date as of the latest patch. If any option is not in these version, it is either A) not relevant or B) not in high demand. If you really need a specific option, then by all means, write your own simulation. Just don’t complain that the programs suck because they don’t reach your high standards.

    Q) I can't make sense of EP values. What do they mean?
    A) EP values are somewhat antiquated.

    Say you have a piece of gear with 100 AP, 50 crit and 50 ArP, and you want to see if that item is better than one with 75 haste, 30 crit and 44 ArP. To know this, the easiest way is to simply sim your current gear set with each item equipped in turn.

    however, another way is to leave that slot empty in the sim, then calculate the EP values for 100 AP, 50 crit and 50 ArP/75 haste,30 crit and 44 ArP. what it then does, is take your gearset, calculate the DPS you do with it, add 100 AP, simulate again, remove those 100 AP again and resim for 50 crit, remove those 50 crit again and sim again for 50 ArP,... then it would determine the DPS difference between those stats, divide that by the amount of the stat and show that as your EP value for that stat.

    the main issues with that technique are:
    • EP value calculations took a long time, since it needs to do n+1 sims for n stats: 1 to calculate the base DPS, and once more for each stat to calculate how much it would add. For instance, on my laptop (2 year old, 2.2 Ghz Core 2 Duo), an EP sim easily takes 15 minutes, depending on sim settings. For comparison, doing 2 complete sims to calculate the best item to wear takes 1 minute per item. Remember that you need to do one calculation per item.
    • In addition, since EP calculations are heavily dependant on the values you entered, they were very specialized and could not be extended to other items.
    • because of the nature of the EP calculation, EP values are not reliable. the method described above takes a stat per stat approach, calculating the new DPS for each stat independantly from the other stats. This gives a list with base DPS and DPS when you add a certain amount of each stat. But because stats very rarely appear alone on gear, but instead appear in groups, this method inherently is flawed, because it views the stats in a vacuum while calculationg EP values. stats that might look bad when simply adding X of them, might become better when you also add Y of another stat. this is the case with hit above the spell cap, until you have enough crit to make the crit cap. the reverse situation is also possible: a good stat on an independant scale might become a bad stat when you factor in the other items. an example of this would be crit, which is often a stat you don't reject, but which could become a bit worse when it turns out you end up above the crit cap with the extra agility on the item.

    at any rate, EP values should be taken with a large grain of salt. they are seldomly useful for calculating gear comparisons and never reliable for things like gemming or enchanting (because the very nature of gemming and enchanting means you need to remove a gem/enchant, or replace other gems/enchants to maintain rating caps, meaning your EP values are changed).

    Q) i want to determine what item is best for me, how should i go about that?
    A) the best way to do this would be to load your armory page into Rawr. then you repeat the following steps for each item:
    1) equip the item you want to compare.
    2) (optional) rearrange gems and enchants to make up for caps and such.
    3) export this data to enhsim, as explained above.
    4) run the sim a couple of times to see the average DPS from that item.
    5) return to step 1).
    if you got a number of items in different slots, you can also make use of the "Tools - Optimise" route. for this, you mark the items you have available (like in your bank, or on vendors) by marking them with a diamond in the item list in Rawr, then click "Tools" in the top menu, then in the drop down, select "Optimize". you can (optionally) give some requirements, like change to be dodged =0 to make sure you remain expertise capped. then, depending on how thoroughly you want to check your gear, you can change the "thoroughness" slider on the right to make the optimization last longer, but be more accurate.
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    Re: [HOWTO] enhancement shaman – determining best gemming using Rawr and EnhSim

    Reserved for future questions and version updates.

    update 9 march 2010 18:09: added a rudimentary index to the guide.
    Update 10 march 2010 00:08: made some changes to the guide concerning the FAQ, rawr weak points and EP.
    Update 10 march 2010 16:43: clarified EP section a bit more.
    Update 19 march 2010 16:15: added a question on EP values to the FAW.

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    Re: [HOWTO] enhancement shaman – determining best gemming using Rawr and EnhSim

    If anyone has some comments or questions, feel free to ask. I won't shy away from editing my guide or providing useful background information/explanations (Just don't ask me how to get enhsim or Rawr working on a Mac, I don't have any experience with that. Yet).

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    Re: [HOWTO] enhancement shaman – determining best gemming using Rawr and EnhSim

    You might want to also add some details of how you reached the "optimized" and "recommended" versions and how those are verified.

    Also why "recommended" version sims lower than "optimized" but is still named recommended?

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    Re: [HOWTO] enhancement shaman – determining best gemming using Rawr and EnhSim

    Quote Originally Posted by nar
    You might want to also add some details of how you reached the "optimized" and "recommended" versions and how those are verified.

    Also why "recommended" version sims lower than "optimized" but is still named recommended?
    recommended is basically just changed gemming. i did not switch around enchants.all i did was select the top rated gemming for a certain item.
    optimized is via "Tools" -> "Optimize". this is with changed enchants, but requires a bit more work in selecting available gems, enchants and items.

    normally, you won't use manual "Recommended" settings.

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    Re: [HOWTO] enhancement shaman – determining best gemming using Rawr and EnhSim

    It's worth noting that two items that an enhancement shaman will probably use at some point, and are actually rather good are mishandled by Rawr, which rather messes up its overall usefulness at a certain point. Albeit a point at which one should be fully capable of using enhsim if they are capable of obtaining these items.

    Both the Black Bruise and Tiny Abomination in a Jar are not properly handled by Rawr at this time, as far as I am able to tell.

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    Re: [HOWTO] enhancement shaman – determining best gemming using Rawr and EnhSim

    Yes, Tylla, that is indeed the case. there is not much we can do about those 2, and since they are already included in EnhSim, if you follow this guide they should be valued correctly.

    I would also like to say that if you don't understand something or have a question about EP values or something similar, don't hesitate to ask it here. Even if I don't know the answer to the question, someone else might. please, don't bother to PM me with these, because these can be helpful for others as well.

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    Re: [HOWTO] enhancement shaman – determining best gemming using Rawr and EnhSim

    Hi can u help me please i'm having a problem with RAWR 2.3.13 i can't load my character when i load from armory it says:

    Step Name: Get Character
    Description: No character returned from the Armory. The Armory may be down.

    and the armory is not down hope u can halp ty

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    Re: [HOWTO] enhancement shaman – determining best gemming using Rawr and EnhSim

    as Levva said in the locked topic:

    go to, create a codeplex account and ask your question there.

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    Re: [HOWTO] enhancement shaman – determining best gemming using Rawr and EnhSim

    I was curious how to set a weapon as "unique so it doesnt double up on rawr. couldnt see it. maybe im dumb tho

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    Re: [HOWTO] enhancement shaman – determining best gemming using Rawr and EnhSim

    Quote Originally Posted by theCROM777
    I was curious how to set a weapon as "unique so it doesnt double up on rawr. couldnt see it. maybe im dumb tho
    Tools | Edit Item | then select item from list or right click on item and select edit. Then just tick the unique box.
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    Re: [HOWTO] enhancement shaman – determining best gemming using Rawr and EnhSim

    When I put my SP into Enhsim, am I supposed to use my SP with or without FT weapon on?

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    Re: [HOWTO] enhancement shaman – determining best gemming using Rawr and EnhSim

    you should do it without, like: completely unbuffed.

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    Re: [HOWTO] enhancement shaman – determining best gemming using Rawr and EnhSim

    Q) Does Rawr run on a Mac?
    A) No, it does not. Rawr uses the Microsoft .NET framework, which is not supported by any Apple product
    you can now use Rawr on mac using the rawr 3 beta version from elitistjerks.

    you need Silverlight tho, but you can easy download that (there is link on the page). its also possible to run it offline, aka download the program. just click on the "install offline" button.

    remember, its still in beta so there is bugs and errors. but its better than nothing
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    Re: [HOWTO] enhancement shaman – determining best gemming using Rawr and EnhSim

    Quote Originally Posted by Robinhoodexe
    remember, its still in beta so there isare bugs and errors. but its better than nothing
    Apart from the grammatical fix in your quote , please note that Rawr 3 which is at the Elitist Jerks hosted link you mentioned, uses EXACTLY the same calculation code as Rawr2. The ONLY things that are different is the user interface components ie: the look and feel and the fact it runs in a browser.
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