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Thread: Trinket Choices

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    Trinket Choices

    I'm curious when it comes to a few trinket choices which I should go for. I'm affliction and have the Nevermelting Ice Crystal and Muradin's Spyglass. If I happened to get a Dislodged Foreign Object, which trinket setup should I be running? This is assuming a fight where I can keep my corruption up on the target to keep the Nevermelting Ice Crystal extra crit active on the corruption the entire fight.


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    Re: Trinket Choices

    DFO + MS Heroic > DFO + NMIC > DFO + MS Normal.

    At least that's how I'd roll.

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    Re: Trinket Choices

    The 920 crit on just corruption is better than having 69 extra spell power and 131 crit on your corruption, unstable afflic and shadow bolt?

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    Re: Trinket Choices

    If you can't roll corruption on the fight, NMIC is a pretty poor choice; after that gherkin's priority order is likely far more credible than anything I could come up with because I was just speaking on behalf of logic. If you want to mindlessly smash buttons like it is so popular to do these days, I would say DFO + MS would be a valid setup.

    Edit: I am gewd at reading entire posts >.>, my second point still applies though, but if you want to maximize listen to someone who knows more than I do.

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    Re: Trinket Choices

    DFO and NiC are always BiS assuming you can roll your corruption.

    So you should aim for both the NiC as the hc spyglass/phyl. Swap them out according to the fight.

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    Re: Trinket Choices

    Alright then...another question would be about my 4p t10. I am pre potting Wild Magic and using NiC right before corruption. Should I recast corruption when I get the 4p proc or should I only worry about keeping the crit buff from Wild Magic+NiC and not worry about the 10% from 4p

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    Re: Trinket Choices

    Normal Phyl kinda blow, at least untill it get its underbudget buff. Anyone who wont get their hands on hcDFO or hcPhyl should build their trinektchoise around the 251Spyglass & NMIC and then build onto 264DFO, 264Spyglass as soon as they get a shot.
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    Re: Trinket Choices

    Quote Originally Posted by nocturnus
    DFO and NiC are always BiS assuming you can roll your corruption.

    So you should aim for both the NiC as the hc spyglass/phyl. Swap them out according to the fight.
    this is correct, and the Phyl is kinda meh

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    Re: Trinket Choices

    I haven't yet managed to get my hands on the spyglass on my Warlock. (Thing ALWAYS drops when I am on an Alt and the only time it dropped on my Warlock it went to a Shadow Priest). So I run NiC and DFO on most fights only swapping my NiC out on fights where I know Corruption rolling to either be very insanly hard or near on impossible.

    (If a Warlock is Crit Rolling it on Sindra please let me know!)

    I plan on adding the Spyglass as soon as I can to replace Abyss Rune so I would personally find a dead-base of what Bosses you can't personally Crit Roll Corruption and use the Spyglass for those alongside the DFO if you get it and NiC on the rest.

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