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    So..i got kicked from a group because i aparently ninjaed soulshards :| ...happened to u before..i mean WTF?
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    Re: right...soulshards

    lol'd. I once DID got kicked for NOT having them, however that was when i just logged in, and asked for inv for some random raid.

    Long time ago ;p

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    Re: right...soulshards

    Well, I once had to summon a bunch of people (pre-portal) and got kicked afterwards for being a slacker and not having enough Soulshards on me for the raid fights -.-

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    Re: right...soulshards

    understand not having soulshards..but for ninjaing em?! i mean..c'mon ..how stupid can u be? ..eventualy the group failed i think )...
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    Re: right...soulshards

    Idiots who do not understand a fundamental mechanic of the warlock class.
    Tell them to go read up on it, and maybe then they will get some appreciation of it.
    I know I have an appreciation of summons certainly from having played back in tbc and the mechanism to summon people then.
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    Your forgot to include the part where we blame casuals for everything because blizzard is catering to casuals when casuals got jack squat for new content the entire expansion, like new dungeons and scenarios.
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    T'is good to see there are still people valiantly putting the "Ass" in assumption.

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    Re: right...soulshards

    i have been kicked for "ninjaed" eternals (this was before the random pug finder) i won the roll to mine the node in HoS and when i turned the 10 crystallized earth i got kicked i wispered the leader asking WTF and he told me he didnt want to group with ninja arse holes when i asked him what i ninjad he linked me the eternal earth and then put me on ignore

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    Re: right...soulshards

    man i have to agree there are idiots out there who just dont understand the game. i just recently started playing a warlock and i am in love with it, but the soul shards is where you got ta watch urself....but getting kicked for "ninja'ing" soul shards thats just absurd....the biggest ninja/noob i have seen recently was in a stocks run through the dungeon finder...a pally need rolled on a dagger...and then we let him die because he kept pulling..and while he was dead he asked how to get back and one of our guys said alt+f4 and he believed it...but back on subject. Moral of the Story for you "Always have Soul Shards."

    Thank you for listening to my rant,

    The newer lock, Rennastus, Eredar-US

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    Re: right...soulshards

    Quote Originally Posted by Shonubi
    So..i got kicked from a group because i aparently ninjaed soulshards :| ...happened to u before..i mean WTF?

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    Re: right...soulshards

    Maby he didnt know we create soul shards and thought you bug stole them :P

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    Re: right...soulshards

    Sounds like you got trolled for being bad, or you're trying to troll. If it's the first then lulz. If it's the second then 3/10.

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    Re: right...soulshards

    That's pretty horrible for someone to be so ignorant of a class and it's mechanics. Alas, never had this happen. Hell, people have joked that I ninja shards like, "WTF - the 'lock is taking all the shards"...but we all know it's a joke and get our lawls in. I've also been in situations where I don't have or run out of shards at a particular time but, the RL (usually guild runs anyways) just grabs a trash pack somewhere and I can get 3-4.

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