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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    I would have to say i'm number 4 except i'm not poor :

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    I like the Rock one, in all the guilds i have been 1 or 2 tanks are exactly like that, great players but rarely type GC or speak on vent
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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    One of our tanks is exactly like "The Rock". He rarely speaks and when he does, everyone makes a comment about him speaking.

    I would put myself as "The Entertainer".

    Good post, would read again. ;D

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    Great read, such posts as these never make me go tl;dr!

    I think I'm a combination of Ego and The one that gets late.. although when i still raided, my presence was appreciated.
    You're missing one btw! the guy with al his strategies for his class (and other classes) but still doesn't seem to make it to top dps or to be classleader. Call him the nitwit
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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:


    #26 The Heart-less DPS

    This guy knows every single tacts, class, spec and gear. If you fail, he will let you know and swear you down the drain. Cursing his way through a raid he never makes a single mistake, even as he hasen't been there ever before. People respect him, but also fear him and love him for knowing everything. Usually quite the loner.
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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    I seriously LOL'd so hard at McTalksALot and TeeHee. Unfortunately they are both males in my guild's case and it gets embarassing to listen to McTalksALot and even more embarassing to listen to TeeHee reply.

    Healing Queen made me laugh IRL, our RL fits the description so well.

    I'm probably Hybrid, I play a paladin and am asked to switch specs so often that I find myself accidentally putting on righteous fury in ret gear and standing in things I can usually withstand for a second in tank. I switch to DPS on Saurfang after tanking the lower spire and get so confused I could die. When I get on my shaman I try to beacon the tank.

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    There is alot of truth in your post.

    I would call myself some sort of hybrid between 8: Corpse and 20: Laaaaaaag.
    I play a fairly old pc, that can only just manage in 25 mans on low settings. I do get ALOT of dps and pull aggro alot on fights with dps buffs. (Stopped playing a while tho, but always had insane aggro on Malygos without even trying).
    Although I almost never die on trash, since I'm always taking it easy on trash. And I don't stand in fires etc cause my pc may be bad, but I don't zoom all the way in and have some spell details on to see ground effects.

    If I can say so myself: I am a good player who knows his game, although my computer might take my performance down a little (although i usually still manage even with extremely low fps). And yes, I play a warlock.

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    Nice thread =)
    Except for that I ain't tank I bet I'd be The Rock... I never talk in raids, neither raid chat or vent, but do good dps, swap to the right targets, Death Grips the right mobs, and know what to do on fights.
    Didn't see myself on that list =)

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    I talk a lot, but I also fill the hybrid spot.

    Actually got into a big fight about dkp, because people keep main spec bidding on items just to put them in bank or something when raid offspecs desperately need gear.

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    Good read

    I'm 7 when on my tank (first time I spoke on vent, half the raid went "who the hell was that")

    8 on my mage, I was doing TOC25 a few weeks ago in a pug, had some guildies with me, we were on jaraxxus, and i got 8 stacks of the buff, hit combustion and watched the big crits pop up, jaraxxus didn't even move tword me, he just turned and blasted me with a fel fireball. ;D Also had some good nights on Vezax.
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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    I'm absolutely number 2... well mostly. I tend to do half of my RL's callouts while he does the other half. We don't even organize it that way, it just happens.

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    Nice read, I'm a cropse for sure XD I die allmost 100% on trash, and I hate Hodir and Vezax.
    Forget everything you know about everything.

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    I think I'm pretty much the helper and the entertainer haha .. great read!

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    This wasa good laugh. Thank you.

    I have been the "New Guy" and I used to be the "Ego." Not sure what I would call myself now.

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    Teehee is dead on. Every girl I know in the game hates the voice of every other girl I know in the game.

    Jealousy, much?

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    I'm a mix of 2 and 3.

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    23/25 were true for me in all my raid guilds.

    Good show all sport.

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    <-- Stratmonger #11

    it's like a mini RTS =D

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    Wow that was very well written. I enjoyed reading it

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    Re: The 25 people in YOUR Raid Group:

    <--- Was a #1 in TBC..

    <--- Tibet is nice this time of year thanks to #11..

    God I hate that guy!

    Great write up, its alarming how I instantly know who each of those people are in my raids lol.

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