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    Re: Cataclysm Class Information Coming!

    I pray to the undead gods DK's future is not bleak..
    Quote Originally Posted by Mortis Darkskull View Post
    1st south park garots... now happy garots... next one must be overdramatic seinen manga garots...
    Best of 5 years!

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    Re: Cataclysm Class Information Coming!

    It's now april 8th and no priest update. WTFM8!?

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    Re: Cataclysm Class Information Coming!

    I like how Priest didn't come out today as scheduled.

    Let down again.

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    Re: Cataclysm Class Information Coming!

    Looks like a bit outdated I think. This might be previous schedule but now we have a new one. Small changes but still a changes

    Shaman - April 7 http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread....Id=12947352584
    Warlock - April 7 http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread....Id=12947352666

    Priest - April 8 http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread....Id=12947282379
    Warrior - April 8

    Death Knight - April 9
    Rogue - April 9
    Hunter - April 9

    Druid - April 10
    Mage - April 10

    Paladin - April 16*
    Source: http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread....47281618&sid=1
    Now here we stand with their blood on our hands
    We fought so hard now can we understand

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    Re: Cataclysm Class Information Coming!

    Quote Originally Posted by Serryn

    and remind me when paladins were hard? They were never extrordinarily difficult... in tbc they required more thought than they do now, but they still werent hard.
    Making it harder but making minimal gains does not a buff make. If it does get more challenging AND it results in great dps that's very competitive then we're good.

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    Re: Cataclysm Class Information Coming!

    I hope paladins are extra spicy then.

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    Re: Cataclysm Class Information Coming!

    Like they say they save the best part as last. :P :P

    Just hope it will be that also gief moar love for palas. ! :-*

    Come over to the Dark side, We got cookies (:

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