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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    About damn time.

    The sad part of this is loosing the blood tree as dps, but honestly getting a clear view of the what the trees are about is WAY more important.

    Love ya Blizz!

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    TERRIBLE choice

    This SUCKS. I love blood dps and the general playstyle. Especially the dual death rune rotation it has versus the crappy blood strike single cycle frost/unholy have. Playing frost especially as dps is like sucking on broken glass.

    Why not stick with frost for tanking and make it not suck in terms of always waiting for any damn runes with no RP or being RP capped with all runes available because the rotation is spiky and way too random and terrible?

    BTW, SCREW dual weilding, why did that ever get shoved into any tree? DKs are big old sword/whatever swingers the end. The DW/hit gearing mechanics in this game suck in general.

    Its so obvious that blood should have remained the physical oriented tree, unholy stays the magic damage focus tree and frost gets a giant overhaul to make it actually fun to tank in. What a cluster**** this will be.

    PS, the on-hit removal changes will suck for war/druid and take a year to patch, thats a promise.
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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    Why not stick with frost for tanking and make it not suck in terms of always waiting for any damn runes with no RP or being RP capped with all runes available because the rotation is spiky and way too random and terrible?
    Spec right and/or have awesome trees and there is no waiting around as frost

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    That's cool i guess..
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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    At first i was concerned about what this would do to my tanking build for heroics, but then i looked at the tree and the only tanking talent that is really mandatory for Frost DK in deep tree is frigid deathplate, so if that's high up in blood i won't particularly be concerned.

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    Hooray, finally Blizzard does what I've been quietly complaining to myself and my friends about for months.

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    Well i think its pointless to say that DK is if you all remember a first Hero class, but blizz down ranks him to ground. It was then you have a chance of choice wich tank tree you would or could be, but this change making us to be only 1 build for tanking its nosense. I think blizz just cant stand and see that DK still are unique in something and in further future they will give us shields and 1H weapons

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    Looks like we'll have just another warrior clone. Class designer, kill yourself.
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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    These changes sounds cool enough.
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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    in before waves of QQ;

    I'm an experienced Death Knight both Tank and DPS, played a DK as main consecutively since basically the Alpha, and here's my honest opinion; I'm fine with this.
    I've been a blood tank for a while now, and I think it's the one that works for the best imo, with the selfhealing and easy executable rotations, I was blood dps for over half a year and it was ok, it was fun but in a way pretty boring and singular, so I'm pretty happy with this, was expecting something like this to happen imo ever since the announced passive bonuses for each tree, since I figured that'd get rough with three tanking trees..
    It was a nice niche at first, and let us always remember frost and unholy tanking in our hearts

    Tank/Dual Wield DPS/2h+Pet DPS

    at least DK's are a bit dumbed down for the newbies now, less DK nubs in pugs! yay!
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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    frankly i like this change ive seen so many debates on which is bettter tank for dks and im glad it can be put to rest ohwell guess im gonna have to get use to another tree for my dk but ohwell ;D

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    I'm... wary of this. I have spent a good while now waffling between blood and frost tanking (and 2H vs. DW tanking within Frost) before finally settling in on the damage-reduction approach of Frost 2H and the AOE threat potential.

    I guess when they say "cool tanking abilities" from Frost they are talking about more than UA and Frigid Dreadplate. Blood needs something that can replace the lost AOE threat burst of Howling Blast.

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    I'll be pretty upset if they don't change up the trees so I can pick up Howling Blast to tank with. And I'll be a little upset if they don't make it so I can still dual-wield tank (not that I do now, because of my available weapons, but I wanted to be able to once I got some better 1handers).

    If both are off the table I'll be very upset.
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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    they will change presence (frost is tank, blood is dps)??
    they move: Icy talons, unbreakable armor, frigid dreadpalte and howling blast to blood???

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    I think its a good change. This will make balancing so much easier.

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    I understand all of this actually. I understand the need for a solid tanking tree, and I understand that the tri-spec thing was just an experiment really, and I'm glad they understand that people will be disappointed because of the ability to tank or DPS in any spec.

    I admit that I am disappointed, for the first time in this game, actually. Which is hilarious because people rage delete/quit all the time over minor changes, and something this big just made me a bit sad. But anyways, I've LOVED Blood DPS. I did Blood DPS and was proud of the DPS I pulled in the raids I went to. I don't mind frost, although I never DPSed as it yet, and unholy just didn't suit me, but Blood...oh god, I loved Blood. And yes, I know that I still will be able to tank as Blood in Cataclysm, which I will, and it'll probably play similarly too. Which is great.

    But I'm a DPSer at heart to be honest. I do have classes for the other roles, but I love to DPS if I can. The whole thing is needed and I'm overall okay with the change, sure.


    What pisses me off is their comment. Maybe it's true, maybe it's not. Maybe I am the minority, but it was absolutely unnecessary and THAT is what pissed me off in the entire post.

    "We understand it will be met with some disappointment from... or those few of you who really liked Blood DPS."

    Maybe I'm overreacting, but...those FEW of you? Was that really needed? Like, at all? I know that blood wasn't that popular of a DPS tree, but I liked it and I kept up easily. So why must they rub the shit in my face by saying "YES IT WILL DISAPPOINT PEOPLE WHO LIKE VERSATILITY AND THE TRI SPECS, OH AND DID WE MENTION THAT THOSE SMALL AMOUNT OF YOU THAT LIKE TO BLOOD DPS TOO, YEAH YOU WILL BE DISSAPOINTED."?

    No crap. Like, seriously, that's so blatantly obvious that people who Blood DPS would be disappointed that it doesn't even need to be stated. It was literally, to me, just a "HAHA SUCKS TO BE YOU B**CH", which is just oh so amazingly professional of them to say.

    I don't know, maybe it's because I actually am raging, in a different way, over the first change I disliked, but the comment just...really got me steamed. So obvious, SO unnecessary, and really just a laugh at the expense of those who did Blood DPS.

    *Sighs* Guess I better learn how to DPS as frost. No way I'm going Unholy.

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    I liked THE tri tank. Unholy reallly worked well for AoE tanking. You saw a lot of unholy tanks for sarth3d in 3.0 because of their CD's. It's kind of funny you never saw a lot of frost tanks. But the class was a great tank overall.

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    Before u read, this is a Q.Q!

    I've never wined about a nerf or tweak or anything from Blizz since the game exists.
    I love playing blood how it is at the momeny, I hate unholy and frost! I love the idea of keeping myself alive with offensive abilities! I was completely happy :O Now my class/spec is gone =\ I can't go unholy/frost cause I hate em, so I have to go and play my 80 druid.. Wich means all my hard achievements etc are gone! even my what a long strange trip its been =( Make achie account wide(with the name of the first character to earn it underneath it, and otherwise the char ur on, if that one has it) or please let blood be able to dps >.< I love dpsing as blood! Thats my WoW! Sad

    Ty for reading my QQ

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    Personally, I think this will be a good change for DK's. Mostly for the new player coming in and wanting to play a DK and tank, yet not understanding how they currently work. My DK was the last toon I leveled out of 8 total level 80s. I never had any desire to level one until I got bored and basically leveled him here and there when all my dailies were done and I didn't have anything else to do on my 3-4 "mains". I found that leveling a DK is super fun since you never die and can just pull everything. You add their super OPness at the lower levels with the BoA items (weapon, chest, shoulders) and it's just a darn killing machine. Anyway, I noticed people getting DK's and thinking they could take with them just because they had 1.5k more health than others around their level bracket and the reality was, they couldn't tank and most of the people playing DK's, pretty much grinded to 55 just so they could play the DK class. I know this isn't the case all the time, but it is atleast 50% of the time.

    I'm not good at playing my DK and I have some decent gear now. I don't fully understand the runes and I always feel like I'm idle and w/o runic power. It's probably because I haven't taken the time to ask questions or research the class. I love tanking on both my warrior and my paladin (sometimes my druid, but rarely.. I'd rather HoT the 5man and afk while on follow ) and it's really easymode with those guys and they have so many utilities to aide in the damage they take and threat. I built up a tanking set for my DK and I just can't seem to get enough threat generated because it's like fishing in a sea of DPS talents in order to find what works for tanking. I understand that was sort of the point and I think it's a fun idea. They're unique and it has worked. I know several very good DK tanks but they tend to be mana sponges or at least that's what it feels like when I'm healing one. Having their own dedicated tanking spec will give them utilities like paladins and warriors. Maybe not the same exact things but tanking specific defenses and cooldowns. I play Blood and I'll miss playing that when I'm bored and nothing else to do. I've tried out Unholy lately and it's not terribly bad... I've always had a fascination with the thought of spreading disease and plague across the land to render my foe helpless (which is why I play a Warlock as my main). I've heard Frost is alot of fun so I'll just wait for the changes they have in mind for those 2 dps specs. I'm sure it'll be awesome, lets just wait for official news to break before we freak.

    I know it's hard to, trust me. I'll probably freak out when something happens to my Warlock that I don't want to, but I trust Blizzard and even if I don't agree with them all the time, I know they're doing it for the good of the game and it could all be changed in the future. Lets welcome their ideas with open arms and see where they take it thru Beta. Lets utilize positive attitudes and talk to the Dev team like they're human so they listen to them. Disrespecting them in the forums and screaming curse words does nothing and they don't respond well to those types of attitudes. Lets use the suggestion forums for what they're there for.

    Sorry, I'm pretty hyper tonight and I'm sure they is WAAAY too long for anyone to find any interest in reading. I'm pretty talkative in real life too... and in vent, I never shut up. <3

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    Re: Death Knights will tank as Blood in Cataclysm

    Ok, I'm over it! I'll be unholy

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