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    Looking for RaF Partner to get one or a few characters to 80 quickly

    I Recruit you! (You create the new account)

    Target Realm: Sargeras
    Faction: Alliance

    Send me a private message on here if interested!

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    Thanks for the private messages guys, 2 Dat House sent me one I think (havnt received it yet but I think it because of the batch processing that Blizzard is doing for these). Sorry I cant reply as yet to you guys directly as I have not hit the post limit to reply to private messages.

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    LF SoR on Wildhammer horde side. I'll most likely be subbing soo you'll get my love and other stuff

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    need your email

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    Who needs a us scroll of rez horde side tichondrias great sever for pvp and pve have one and would like someone who is subbing today for at least 30 days

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    LF RaF Partner. I recruit you, but you buy the Xpacs and such. I am very friendly and have leveled with 3 other recruits before. I am Horde on Mal'ganis and love meeting new people. Give me a PM if you are interested!

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    Need 2 scrolls

    I am reactivating two accounts and will pay for a month on each. Please send two scrolls to samples5095 AT gmail.com

    Thanks in advance

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    I am reactivating two accounts and will pay for a month on each. Please send two scrolls to samples5095 AT gmail.com

    Thanks in advance
    2 scrolls sent. Enjoy!

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    Proudmoore Horde SOR - Have scrolls to offer! Get a free 80!

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    Have 2 scrolls available for Horde Us Firetree

    email me

    necrofryer AT gmx.com

    need people who are subbing for at least 30 days for mount.

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    Mal'ganis Horde Side, have a scroll to give!

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    I am looking to use either RaF or SoR. i have scrolls to give.
    i am looking to be on US- Darkspear.
    i would like to recruit some newbies or people who are starting a second account also.
    im pretty much down for anything so just let me know.

    PM me and we will go from there

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    Looking to cast a SoR for anyone who needs one. my main is Octavia on ally side of Alterac Mountains so please pm me if your looking for one.

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    Have scrolls for EU available. PM me your email address and if you want, specific server and horde/alliance.

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    EU scrolls available, i'm on EU-KAZZAK & EU-TWILIGHT'S HAMMER

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    Got 2 scrolls for EU available. PM me if you're interested.

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    Got another scroll for Stormscale eu (pretty much the best pvp server for horde out there) Pm if interested!

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    Got SoRs available for US realms. I can create a character in any realm you deside. PM / reply me if you're interested.

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    Looking to recruit [EU]

    We'll start on a Runetotem Ally side, but if you prefer another server we can start there (however i'll not be able to provide us with gold).
    I'm a really good player, know the game very well. I want to level as many char we can, and we'll do it fast.
    I expect you to get your own cd key, and purchase game time.

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    Lookin' for a hordeside SoR on any EU realm you'd desire ([email protected])

    Thank you in advance.
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