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    Would someone kindly send me a scroll of ressurection emai BTW: i live in the us my email is edwardaldon at gmail.com
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkrune769 View Post
    Would someone kindly send me a scroll of ressurection emai BTW: i live in the us
    Whats your E-Mail, ill send you one from Area 52

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    Sent one from Area 52! and Welcome back!

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    edwardaldon at gmail.com

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    I am available for providing usual perks for RAF, got loads of free time, if you interested I am at Grim Batol (one of most populated EU realms, english as well). PM if you want a RAF code sent. Also I will hand SoR invites for EU players, got 2 accounts so pm me for it.

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    Check your Battle.net account, should have one!

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    Sending SOR´s on EU. pm me

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    Looking to use RAF or send SoR to someone, Eonar-EU Alliance.

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    Want to send SoR to people!!! Will pay you 10,000 gold if your character is on Korgath once you pay for your time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkrune769 View Post
    u send it ?
    I will send the invites yeah.. (Raf) for new players & (SoR) for players who have been away and want to come back. PM for more info. EU only.

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    I am looking for someone to level with on US Blackrock Horde side. I'm doing this because my server is a wasteland for pugs, openraid heroics are inaccessible to me because I can't get my ilvl to 395+, and I do not have the cash to dish out $150 for realm transfers. I'm looking for someone willing to dedicate some time to leveling without BoA gear, quickly and efficiently. I am willing to level via dungeons as any of the 3 roles, though I lack healing experience. I would prefer Blackrock or Mal'Ganis Horde, but the server is open to discussion.

    I'll level with a new player or a veteran. Unfortunately I no longer have a microphone so vent/mumble/skype is out, but I have been playing the game for 5 years and I know what I'm doing. I'm just looking for a fresh start. Send me a PM here, realID me at: [email protected], or just e-mail me. I'm available most of the time. Thanks for your consideration.
    A typical raid leader command would be something like "Yo Scrub, why don't you YOLO 1337 yards to the left because the boss's Swag is about to hit us in 3 seconds".
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    Oh my god, a company tries to put some lore flavor into the game mechanics, all is lost, whatever shall we do without a whole 1% of crit or haste.
    Quick, call Ukraine and Russia, let them know to put their conflict on standby because Touch of Elune is BULLSHIT!

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    im looking for someone to send me the scroll of ressurection please, i will pay so you'll get the mount aswell. Email: Boysirmix[at]aol.com

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    Will send scroll of res to anyone on any us realm send me a private message

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    Quote Originally Posted by Everlynrose View Post
    im looking for someone to send me the scroll of ressurection please, i will pay so you'll get the mount aswell. Email: Boysirmix[at]aol.com
    Sent on to you!

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    Looking for someone to give me a SOF, please send me a message.

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    Hiya, saw you used it

    Congrats and enjoy your new char hehe

    Quote Originally Posted by ghull View Post
    Looking for someone to cast a SoR on on me. (EU)

    Character name Mukluc on the realm Xavius EU

    Can't seem to pm people on these forums before I've made at least 10 posts -_-

    Edit: thanks all! used the first one i got.

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    Sending out SoR for US.
    PM me, and I'll send it right away.
    Please only PM me if you're looking to pay for the month (Serious mount collector, and would love to have it).
    If you're on (or x-fer to) Cenarion Circle, I'd gladly pay you 5k to get you started.

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    looking to be recruited- I've never played the game but I have played SWG (for the 7 years it was here, RIP), Guild Wars (7yrs top 10 GvG r9 champ r10 hero r12 glad), and SWTOR (6 lvl 50's all from doing battlegrounds, valor 70+ on all).

    Looking to get into this game as mainly PvP-side and wanting to get good at a dps class and priest. I'm available every night from 2200-0200 PST (GMT -8) and can use vent/ts. I can only do US servers/Alliance

    Will buy all expansions +about 4months of game time, please PM me on here or email me at gwvalkyrie AT gmail DOTcom, thanks!
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    Looking for someone to send me SOR, please send me a message if you have problem with info

    Jûggernaût - EU Sylvanas

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    Looking for someone to send me an SOR.

    Iceeyes - Shadowsong EU

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