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    PM me if u want to be recruited or need a scroll of resseruction EU server

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    Looking To Send Recruit a Freind
    Will be able to Provide Boosts + a leveling buddy Everyday Exept Saturday
    Pref Alliance on EU
    PM me with intrest
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    Looking to send SoR to someone on EU.

    PM if intrested

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    Looking to send SoR to someone, got a horde on sylvanas if you wanna transfer some char there, a horde on bloodscalp and allys on emerald dream EU.
    PM me! (can provide you 1k gold if needed)
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    If someone needs a leveling buddy I am willing to give all my time. I have characters both Horde and Alliance on Draenor-EU, though I would prefer to help someone level on Alliance side as I am leveling some new alts there.

    If you want me to send a RoF or a SoR send me a PM and I will get back to you promptly.

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    United Kingdom
    Willing to Send a Recruit a Freind
    I Have a lot of Time, Mondays To Fridays Busy on Saturdays and Sundays are fine,
    Willing to Consistently Help as a friendly Player to New comers Ill Kick you off with
    500 Gold and a Large Supply Of Knowledge of the Game,
    PM Me If you are interested in a Recruit a Friend

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    looking to send out SoR PM me, US server

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    Hello, join my incredible awesumme server today! Silvermoon EU (PVE) RAF and SOR
    PM me now to get started! all you need is a valid email address and you will be playing for free today! with incredible benefits such as free transport/3x faster levling/gold/info/help/boosting

    I play lot so you will have company and the ability to join a lvl 25 guild.

    " A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities "

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    I'm looking to be recruited(EU) and i prefer playing horde. I don't wonna level hardcore so i'm looking for som1 that doesn't mind that i'm not always available.
    I will buy all game content en game-time myself the only thing is that you need to recruit me. I played the game for several years but i quited 2 years aggo so i really wonna play again! it would be nice if we level some 80's

    contact me here on on skype ;segers.stef
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    looking to SoR someone, US server. Also can send out RaF as well. dont play as often as I used to, due to having a baby, but will help as much as i can when I can. PM me and ill get on it ASAP

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    Im looking for someone to do the RAF with. I currently have Five 85's on the same server. I would like to get more toons on the same server if you dont mind. Stormreaver (US) H. If we get on that server i have plenty of toons that we can use if needed. Also I might be willing to go to a diff server if there is some benefit to it. I have a lot of experiance and can level with or without Raf Fast. I have played this game since it came out in the vanilla stages. Please Pm me with detail of what you wanna do and what time is good for you. Currently I play about 4 or 5 days a week after 5:00 pm GMT. If you are interested me PM me for my email or messenger to talk easier. THanks! P.S i want someone who will at least play for 2 to 3 hours 2 or more days a week. Thanks! Im looking forward to getting all classes to at least 80 asap. =D One Love
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    Looking for a SoR to the game, I play on Stormreaver EU but wouldn't mind starting a new toon on a new server.
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    Ok i have a problem...

    I was sent SoR like already from 3 different people...
    Yet my account says ''This account is not eligible to use a Scroll of Resurrection.''
    Why is that?..
    My account has been Frozen like for 6 months... Account is already upgraded to Cataclysm.
    Is there some maintence problem at blizz or what's up?.. Anyone has similar problem?

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    never heard of that, I would contact blizzard and see what they have to say. Hope they figure it out and get you back up. good luck

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    Hi, i am looking to Recruit someone to level multiple characters
    The realm i am playing on is Sylvanas, EU - Allaince
    Once your account has been linked with mine & you have expansions
    i WILL pay for your first months subscription
    I will provide; Gold, Bags, mounts and all the other usual stuff
    along with Zygors in game leveling guide.
    I think i have coverd everything,
    Thanks for reading - Drop me an email if your intrested

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    Looking for SOR to Emerald Dream. PM me for email.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EZjumper View Post
    Looking for SOR to Emerald Dream. PM me for email.
    I cant pm so email me at forrest8585(AT)msn(dot)com and i will send ya one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuffaloBill View Post
    never heard of that, I would contact blizzard and see what they have to say. Hope they figure it out and get you back up. good luck
    I can send you one Email me at forrest8585(AT)msn(Dot)com ![COLOR="red"]

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    I have plenty SOR'S For people on a us server if you want one let me know email me at. forrest8585(AT)msn(Dot)com Thanks!
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    looking to send scrolls today, if your interested in receiving one email me at aquabeaner(AT)hotmail(DOT)com

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maereax View Post
    Still looking, PM me or reply to the post, if I haven't replied I missed you and feel free to resend (Sorry!), was under the impression I found someone and it turned out I hadn't
    Hey, I'd be glad to recruit you. You can send me a PM here, email me at chronocarbon[at]gmail[dot]com, or send me a skype message at chrono.carbon for more info. I dont want to spam a long conversation on the forum.

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    Looking to recruit someone for US Moon Guard, Alliance. If someone can pay for BC and Vanilla, I'll pay for WotLK. I generally don't like buying Vanilla/BC due to people half-assing it and not leveling all the way. Though I may make an exception. Skype is kookykrisp or IGN is Aaron (Alliance on Moon Guard, no accents.) Or just send me a PM.

    I can pay for all in-game items, training, and do a couple run throughs via some friends. I'm also willing to pay for epic-flying for one character, if requested. I work ~35 hours per week, but am usually free during the afternoons.

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