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    Us giving out Scrolls of resurrection to players

    please either email your Battlenet email or your Character's name and server

    thank you speeder
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    Request SOR from Sylvannas EU Aliiance

    Im from croatia....my location is croatia as well hope this not affect ablity to resurect me...

    I stoped Wowing 27.03.2012.

    now I wish return to WoW to prepare myself for pandaria

    Also I wish to move to sylvannas(A) for that I need guy from sylvannas(A) to send me invitation right ? then I can transver 1x of my character there right?

    So basicly ....I need one honest guy from sylvnnas alliance ,so we arrange scroll of ressurection...then we booth gonna enjoy rewards....

    PM so we can exchange skype details and make this happen...

    Best regards Ivan

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    Looking to recruit someone. What I offer:

    -Level 25 guild.
    -Friendly atmosphere.
    -Mounts and Training.
    -Other things to be negotiated.

    You MUST be able to pay for your game keys and game time. Looking to level at least 2 characters to 80. We will be playing Horde-side on US-Arthas, leveling in the evenings EST.

    Message if interested.

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    Looking to be SoR'ed

    Hey there guys,

    -I'm James, from the UK and I'm looking to start playing WoW again. I was okay before and I was in a top 50 guild at one point during Wrath.

    -I leveled in Cata and stopped playing after that.

    I'm just looking for someone to cast a SoR on me so I can fire up my account again and I thought I'd offer someone the chance to get the mount! I'll be getting a Sub and everything after my account is up and running again, I don't think I'll use the boost or transfer as I'm actually interested in Leveling completely fresh to 85. So really, I'm just trying to do the right thing and get someone a Mount!

    Clearly I'm EU servers, I'll be playing on EU-Turalyon when I fire it up again so if you're already on that server, its a bonus, but not required of course! If you've got a guild on that server, that is nice too as I'll probably be pretty lonely when I get there!

    Message me if you're interested!

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    Looking for someone from Lightning's Blade US Horde to cast SoR on my account. I'm mainly using it as a way to transfer my priest over to where the rest of my toons are. I already have a game card purchased and ready to add, but figured I'd get someone a mount and also transfer my character over at the same time. I don't need anything and you have no obligation to help me in any other way.

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    Edit: misread your server, sorry about that.
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    Offering EU-SoR and looking for a RaF on Arthas-EU (german server) - Alliance side. Would help with bags, 20k gold and potions and invitation in a lvl25-guild for best convinience.

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    I am looking for a EU Scroll of Resurrection please. Please inbox me for e-mail adress.

    Thank you

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    Can SOR anyone if they need it (EU) (Stormscale, Ravencrest, Lightbringer, Outland, Al Akir are my main realms)

    Also want to RAF someone too, plan to get 1-2 70s+ within the next month - plan to boost a monk to 80.

    I have a spare game time card that I got for free (its legit and still wrapped in its packaging)

    so all you need to do is pay for the battle chest (9.99 upto level 70) and any other expansions you want. I might be willing to help on certain exps (depends how the levelling goes and if I like you)

    I will and can provide bags/mounts/skills for all and any characters we make.

    PM me if you fancy either SOR or RAF
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    Please may you send me a SOR for the EU servers. PM me for e-mail.

    Thank you
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    Thank you!!!
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    Contacted you for the info needed to send invite.

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    Sending out SoR to anyone in EU. PM me with your email or char name + server.
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    Sending out a SoR on any EU realm +30k gold when u pay the monthly fee

    Also LF someone who want to get a RAF invitation. I'd lvl up 2-3 character atleast. I'll give 15k gold for each of your characters what you lvl up with me. Be an active player cause I dont want to spend months with lvling. I can play anytime!!!

    What you provide:
    -You buy the game for yourself and you pay your monthly fee
    -be an active player
    -you bring the xp bonus

    What I provide:
    -lots of gold
    -experience in lvling (I got 14 lvl85)

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    Hey, I'm looking to recruit someone, on any server, preferably US and Horde. I'll pay for all your ingame expenses e.g. Flying mounts, normal mounts, gems, repairs, etc.
    I'm looking to make as many 80's as you want, I play around 6-12 hours per day, so time zones shouldn't be that much of an issue.
    If you're interested either PM or add my msn: [email protected] or my skype: Deadly_Srs

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    SoR received. Thanks!
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    Looking for Raf invite from a mature, funny and chill person, with whom i can lvl and have some fun in Wow, maybe even have some fun in arena once mop comes live (ofc i also plan on playing pve).
    Some informatiom about myself. I first started playing wow back in 2008 and have played since then till about 3-4 months after Cata launch. A few days back a huge urge to play wow came over me but as i tryed to activate my account i discovered i got baned for buying some gametime with gold back when i was still playing the game, so i decided to start my epic search for a good raf partner (not an easy task).
    I have tons of arena experience with all classes except dk and rogue,and got as high as 2400s in 2v2 and 2300s in 3v3.(and 2.2k on almost all classes that i have played).My pve xp is not bad either, having cleared all Wotlk raids within the first or second month after their release.
    As for myself irl, i am a Romanian 20 year old dude who lives in Germany ( studying Biology at the University there).Currently i am in vacation in Romania and will be here till 28 August but i will still be able to play wow 4-5ish hours a day (only if you insist ofc, since i still need to have some irl fun in vacation). After that i will be playing alot more.
    I plan on playing alliance on EU Outland (can be negotiated) and would like to start lvling a rogue (at first), or what firts best in a arena combo if you would like to kick some ass in pvp.
    Hope i fit your expectations for a good raf partner and you mine.
    Looking forward on hearing from you. ( On skype or vent while we are playing, i like to chat)
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    Vanilla player 22 year old (girl) looking to add 3 new characters (Shadow Priest, Protection Paladin, Moonkin) to her arsenal for Mists of Pandaria expansion.

    I can either recruit you or you can recruit me, doesn't matter (just make sure you got time).

    Either way you will need to provide all keys ( if you want to recruit me and aiming for the mount, u will have to add card too, as i am xfering the 3 chars right after we are done, so that account will remain inactive, meaning no point for me to add gametime on it)

    Hit me up on skype: allcostcheck for further talk / questions.

    Thank you and have a nice day!

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    looking to give out SoR, pm me. US server

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