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    I'm going to reroll monk for MoP, and i wanna get to 90 as quick as possible, so i'm looking for someone, who also wanna power level a monk at release, using RaF. i live in denmark, so i cannot recruit, i will get recruitet, i'm on a EU server - PM me if you are interrested

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    Looking to recruit for RaF, 2 accounts.
    Will level with you up to 80 and provide help with gold and mats. Im on Stormrage US PVE, very good server and will invite you to guild. Pm me with email address and other questions.

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    I would very much like to recruit some one on EU Outland alliance, to level up 1 or 2 more characters before MoP hits, I can provide gold for spells and mounts and such, and if you also already have a toon here, I have heirlooms available (: Pm me if interested
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    Looking for someone to recruit me. Pref. on Kazzak Horde, but it doesn't matter really.

    - EU server
    - Planning to level 1 or 2 characters to 70+
    - You provide mounts/gold for glyphs, spells etc./bags
    - I provide my own battlechest (possibly wotlk as well).
    - I play between 22.00-~02.00 CET (GMT+1)

    If you're interested and play the times i specified, feel free to PM

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    Was wondering if they are still doing the free lvl 80 for SOR? If so could someone please send me a invite. my email is rollinshots at Gmail.com (no spaces of course)

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    Contacted with information. For anyone else concerned or having questions, the FAQ can be found at us dot battle dot net slash support slash en slash article slash scroll-of-resurrection-faq

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    Have SoR's to give out...pm me with your battle.net email addy............... US servers

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    I would love a scroll and plan on subbing again
    US server
    coy-boy at comcast dot net

    new member so you need to type above accordingly
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    Hey, I'm looking to recruit someone, on any server, preferably US and Horde. I'll pay for all your ingame expenses e.g. Flying mounts, normal mounts, gems, repairs, etc.
    I'm looking to make as many 80's as you want, I play around 6-12 hours per day, so I'm very flexible.
    If you're interested either PM or add my msn: [email protected] or my skype: Deadly_Srs

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    could somebody send me a scroll? Rizzo_martinez at hotmail.com i will be paying so you will recieve your mount

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    Quote Originally Posted by dastur View Post
    could somebody send me a scroll? Rizzo_martinez at hotmail.com i will be paying so you will recieve your mount
    I've sent you the scroll

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    Hello there! Looking to recruit someone on Zuljin Horde side. Want to level 2 - 3 characters more would be cool. I'll also level toons on a server of your choice if thats what you want to do. I usually play 8 - 12 hours a day. If you want i'll make toons on your choice of server after we are done on mine and and level there with you.

    I will Provide:
    -Level 25 Guild
    -6 Years Of experience
    -Bags, 5000 Gold.
    -Skype, or Vent I have both.

    You Provide:
    -Game Keys
    -Time to play
    -Game time

    Contact me on here with pm. Skype: aaron.m.pulice Or e-mail [email protected]

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    Vanilla player 22 year old (girl) looking to add 3 new characters (Shadow Priest, Protection Paladin, Moonkin) to her arsenal for Mists of Pandaria expansion.

    I can either recruit you or you can recruit me, doesn't matter (just make sure you got time).

    Either way you will need to provide all keys ( if you want to recruit me and aiming for the mount, u will have to add card too, as i am xfering the 3 chars right after we are done, so that account will remain inactive, meaning no point for me to add gametime on it)

    Hit me up on skype: allcostcheck for further talk / questions.

    Thank you and have a nice day!

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    16 year old dude looking to recruit ANYONE through RAF on EUservers!

    What I will provide you:

    I will pay for ALL your in-game expenses, yes literally ALL. Anything from flying mounts to AH costs, the gold will always be there when you need it.

    I will provide you an enjoyable leveling experience and hopefully a pleasant stay at World of Warcraft.

    We will do EVERYTHING on YOUR terms. It's all up to you, it's YOU who decide.

    We will play entirely when YOU want it. You're the one who's recruited and is supposed to enjoy the game, I'm the recruiter who's responsible for it.
    I will provide you with knowledge about all aspects of the game = your class of choice, PvE, PvP etc. Just ask me.

    You want it = you get it.

    What I expect from you:

    I expect you to pay for all the games. If any additional costs are required I will pay it.

    I expect you to be mature and respectful, and I will give all of this back to you.

    Don't miss this offer out - add me on Skype, my name is "sam-kamali", or just send me a Private Message!
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    any 1 want a scroll of Resurrection ? i can email u now

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    Um id like someone to RAF, i recruit you, you pay for you game time, ive got an extra battlechest code lying around so you would just have to pay for the 1 month ( which is a split cost i think fair) and idgaf we can lvl together i got a rogue i want to lvl. Im on Bleeding Hollow US .
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    Offering EU-SoR any server.

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    Offering US-SoR any server i really want that mount so if u want a SoR in the US hit me up via Pm me here and ill send you one tyvm.

    i send u SoR you pay time i get the mount anything u want to know just ask.
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