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    Looking to receive a Scroll of Resurrection. US realms. Buying 30 days immediately.
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    EU/US? and whats your email?

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    Looking to RAF with someone on Arygos (EST server, low population, pretty laid back). Am bored out of my mind and want to do something between now and MoP. For someone willing to pay for the 30 days so I get the mount I will:

    Play at least 5 days a week and level you as far as we get before the launch of MoP.
    Run you through all pre Cata dungeons on my 85s so you can get geared.
    I will pay for your mount training up to and including flying (310 and beyond is up to you).

    Looking for a mature player, don't want to limit it to an age, but want someone that will understand that I have a day job, so my play time will usually be from around 7pm till 11pm on weekdays. Weekends could be benders here and there, but I do go out from time to time. I'd say I can definitely guarantee about 5 hours a day for 5 days a week and go up from there.

    To be clear: if you aren't planning on paying for the 30 days immediately, no go on the other stipulations.

    Send me a private message so we can discuss details if you are interested.

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    Looking to refer a friend, server winterhoof, have 3 high level toons and have 3 multiple people ground mounts and 2 multiple people flying mount.

    Edit: Can also send a scroll of resurrection.

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    For those I pmed. I will be willing to buy the 30 days immediately. This goes for anyone else as no one has responded yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maggma View Post
    pktdb1t: Are you from EU or US? I can send you an invitation from EU straight away.
    I'm US. Meant to clarify.
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    Heya, I could use a SoR on my EU account: robvzundert [at] hotmail [dot] com
    I will subscribe for sure, so mount is guarenteed!

    thanks in advance!

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    Sending scrolls of resurection. Any server or faction. I'll be online today all day so I will be sending the scrolls right away. PM me

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    Hello. Can somebody send me a Scroll of Resurrection please ? I used to play on the European Realms, so I'll probably need a European player to send me the scroll. Any takers? I'm going to pay for my subscription as soon as possible. PM me, and I'll answer with an email address.
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    Hello, I'd also like to receive a SoR to play my sorry characters once again. Since the email address I used for WoW is quite embarrassing, I'd like to keep it private, save for the eyes of my savior. Thank you in advance.

    EDIT: Forgot to add this in my earlier post. I played on the EU realms, so I need a European player to send me the SoR.
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    Recruit me

    Im coming back to wow, willing to buy all games, i already know how to play the game so leveling will be simple

    you get fast exp, a new mount, and free month

    US only, pm with what you have to offer

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    Anyone in Australia look for RAF or SOR pm me will be online all day.

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    Anyone looking for a RAF/SOR partner feel free to send me a tell in game at anytime. I'm in Oceanic guild on US-Horde-Doomhammer top 3 on horde 14th on server. Over 800 members and one of the most active guilds on server.

    Battle Tag: Alex#13322
    email: irishsoldier1989atyahoodotcom
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    looking for someone to recruit me

    give me details on your server, and what you will be provideing in return for the mount/free game time/level grants i will be giving you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rathh View Post
    Looking to RaF for my future monk Alt as Horde on RPPvP Emerald Dream - US Server

    I am looking to level alts for farming and to insta-level my future monk to 80

    For RaF I will help you by providing:

    Level 80 on 2+ toons
    High level help to power grind through instances
    I will provide full 22-slot bags / mount+training / bank space / Glyphs / Starting gold & a level 25 guild for perks.
    Once I have received the levels for my monk and Mount from RaF service 10k additional gold will be given
    (anything else you can think of I will discuss with you)

    You will need to provide:

    Up to and including WotLK game keys (to hit lvl 80)
    Two months of game time
    A few hours a week to level (Commitment time is up to you but we should fly through this with the help I have)
    good sense of humor and a sarcastic wit (or boobs.. I mean really those trump everything)

    Since I will be playing with you and getting to know you while we level, if you are a returning player starting a new account or someone from another MMO getting into WoW this could be a good chance to start from the ground up with a dedicated raiding guild.

    Message me ASAP so we can get started
    If you want to contact me faster add me on Skype: jeffyetman

    PS Also have a SoR available to anyone in need and has not played since March 4th.
    Still looking for a good RaF partner with less then 3 weeks before MoP. Skype me for any information

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    looking for somebody to scroll rez me, pm me for email
    looking for somebody with an ally, pref tich, kt, darkspear, burning blade.

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    nvm, disregard my last message

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZMC View Post
    looking for someone to recruit me

    give me details on your server, and what you will be provideing in return for the mount/free game time/level grants i will be giving you
    i cant private message you yet shoot me an email that i posted above and i will give you any info you want to know. But while i'm here ill lvl you up from 80-85 and 90, meaning help you. Give you some useful addons that otherwise would be $40 that are really useful for leveling and you will get all the perks of a lvl 25 guild. If you would like to shoot me an email i can send you the vent info and we can chat for min.

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    am looking for a guy to give him SoR , am on pvp darkspear pm me and i'll send it to u asap , am ally
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    sending SoR at EU . pm with your email , server and faction you want to play

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadbees View Post
    Looking to Recruit a RaF Partner to Us-Mannoroth Alliance!

    What I'll Provide:
    -Level 25 guild
    -Anything else you could possible need in game

    What You'll Have To Get:
    -The game
    -Game Time
    -MoP for Monk RaFing

    I'm currently 7 85s and 1 81. I have 2 left to get Priest and Warlock. Looking to get them and then Monk when it is available. I play nearly everyday and have been playing since Beta. I know all the shortcuts, tricks and ways to get things done the fastest.

    If you are looking for quick leveling and 2 80 toons, I am your man!

    Pm me here.
    Still looking for a RaF Partner! 3 weeks left!

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