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    Sending Scrolls of Resurection. PM me if you're interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZMC View Post
    Recruit me

    Im coming back to wow, willing to buy all games, i already know how to play the game so leveling will be simple

    you get fast exp, a new mount, and free month

    US only, pm with what you have to offer
    do you have an email i can contact you by? or ingame? id love to team up.

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    sending SoR's aswell. msg me

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    Quote Originally Posted by nsc019 View Post
    Looking for somebody to recruit me, I can only guarantee that I'll level to 70 though. I'd like to level ASAP and will purchase my own keys. You don't have to provide ANYTHING but the time to run dungeons straight to 70. I'll be running a resto druid through the queues. If you're willing to be a tank that'd be great. Email your contact information, your server, your faction, your class etc. to nsc019(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!
    sent you an email

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    Looking for someone who's planning to play to send SoR to. Have had several accepted but no time added! Can send from US servers mal'ganis (pvp) or hyjal (pve). Please send me a message with your info and I'll send it right away
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    Quote Originally Posted by valedo View Post
    Lf someone to recruit to outland eu alliance I provide everything ingame pm
    sent you a pm

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    sending SoR at EU . pm with your email , server and faction you want to play

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    If I could find someone that would RaF with me that'd be cool. I wanted to do it for my monk so I could insta get 80. But, I don't have the money right now to buy a new game.. So it'd have to be the other person that would pay for the game. (EST Timezone, US, server doesn't matter -- To be decided) if you'd be willing to do this, feel free to PM me. I'm an extremely active player so I can work with most times to level with the person.

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    I'm looking for someone US-horde to send me a Scroll of resurrection ASAP. I'm 3 months inactive. PM me for my email. TY

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    Looking for an RAF Partner, US-Velen server (The server is PST but I am EST)

    --What I can provide--
    -Level 25 guild (And vent if you aren't into Skype)
    -Gold for riding skill
    -Knowledge of game (If you are newish or returning after some time away)

    --What You Provide--
    -Game / Game Time
    -MoP (I'd like to level monks together, or you can level another Panda class if you aren't into Monks.)
    -A decent attitude

    I can play weeknights after classes from about 4pm EST till Midnight EST M-T
    Can't do Friday evenings
    Sat I can do 5pm EST till whenever
    Sun 5pm till Midnight

    If you are interested, PM for more details.

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    I'm looking to send a scroll to someone on EU servers.
    No strings attached, just the scroll thingy (I probably won't be doing any levling, got almost every class at 80+).
    PM me if anyone's interested.

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    giving my post a bump..

    Currently doing Recruit-a-Friend.

    Home Server: Bleeding Hollow / Alliance 85 Druid (Teradan)
    Alt Realm: Mug'thol / Horde 85 Paladin (Aleryia)

    I can recruit you on either of the characters, my email is [email protected], send an email to this email, or send me a message on this website and we can work something out. thanks!

    Edit: for some incentive, I can help start you out with a fair amount of gold, say 10,000? I can also help with nearly anything you need(group quest, general quest help etc etc) I've been around since January 2005.
    I also have a two person flying mount, any where you need to go I can take you, instantly!

    Updated: I'm also willing to roll a new character on any realm of your choosing, although I wont be able to provide the same benefits to you.
    I play frequently and am free for the next few weeks. As others have said, im compliant, friendly, hell of a fast leveler, and have pretty good hours to work around (EST) weekdays usually on/around from 4-10pm

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    Recruit me get your mount

    ill buy my own game codes

    have some really good options so far but im still looking for a raf partner

    need good experienced player for fast leveling. and also looking for a good progression guild

    would like to get leveling done before mop

    hit me up with server/guild/your details

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    Offering SoR on EU
    chose your server if you want a free character migration

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    sending SoR on EU pm with server/faction you want to play and your email

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    A veteran of 8+ years having extensive gameplay/ raiding experience with over 10 char Lvl 85s -

    Looking for a good RAF Partner to roll Horde on Barthilas-US (Oceanic) Or Alliance on Frostmourne-US (Oceanic) and make atleast 2 characters Immediately!

    Usual perks will be given - Gold 5,000 after each lvl 80, 20 slot Bags x 8 , Glyphs, spell training, Normal Mounts, 25 Lvl Guild with future raiding chances, etc..

    Additional 10,000 Gold after you Grant levels to my upcoming Monk on either of those servers.

    What I expect is your time with dedication.

    Please PM here or reply to this post, will be checking it quite often.

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    Still looking to recruit someone on Kazaak (Eu). Ill give you gold and bags after you buy a gametime

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    Offering a SoR US servers send me a message! I'm on The Forgotten Coast and will help you out if you need anything!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZMC View Post

    Recruit me get your mount

    ill buy my own game codes

    have some really good options so far but im still looking for a raf partner

    need good experienced player for fast leveling. and also looking for a good progression guild

    would like to get leveling done before mop

    hit me up with server/guild/your details
    i emailed you but no response...

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    Will be Leveling atleast 2-3 80s on Kazzak Horde side and Bronze Dragonflight Alliance side.

    Kazzak is one of the best Horde Populated realms and home to many top guilds.

    You Provide:

    All games up too Wrath.
    Time, i want to get them done in around 2 weeks.
    Some sort of previous game experience, i don't want to be teaching you the game as we are playing, please know what you are doing.

    What i Provide.

    Top Level Guild
    Boosts at 85 in Dragon Soul for gear.(Optional as MoP is coming out soon)
    Cataclysm, (Once we ding 2 80s i will purchase Cata for you, if you would like to continue too 85)
    Fast leveling, we can burn through dungeons or quests, whichever we decide.

    Please PM me on here if you are interested. I would prefer someone in the early 20's age range so we have some stuff to talk about in common (no offence old people), but doesn't really bother me.

    Thanks and have a nice day .

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