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    do you want to be recruted or are you recruting?

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    RAF with me and we can hit 50 by tonight! i will buy battle chest and everything

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    check your email
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    I am looking for a SoR.


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    Looking for someone on a EU PvP realm to scroll me, since I'll be re-subbing for MoP.

    I will transfer my main to your realm, since my current one isn't that nice.
    I'd also like a some gold as well when I transfer since I didn't have any left when I quit a while back.

    Please PM me, I don't check this thread often. About to head to sleep, but I'll be awake in 8 hours and I'll check then.

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    I want to be Recruited

    You Provide Me with the Keys (at least BChest+Cata) or Make Your Offer

    I can play 6 hrs/day.

    Wanna lvl up at least a couple of chars.

    It would be better if you're an spanish speaker or you wanna practice it. If you speak english there is no problem.

    Looking for PoP Realm/ US Realm / Horde

    PM Me

    Skype : inmortal-antihumano
    MSN : fierro.catre.botella [a] hotmail . com

    Want to start ASAP
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    Sent you a PM Eros

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    pm me your name and battle net email ill send SoR

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    Long time mmochamp lurker here - finally registered to make a post here!

    I'm looking to RECRUIT someone for RAF

    Server: Kil'Jaeden - US
    Faction: Horde

    I'm a 22 year old student who has played WoW on and off since vanilla. I'm an easy going guy who's interested in leveling up a new character (or two) for the expansion.
    I'll glady provide gold, mounts and bags and a level 25 guild to whomever would like to partner up with me!

    Shoot me a message if you're interested!

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    If anyone is still in need of a RAF or a SOR please feel free to send me a PM or contact me by Email ethanfrost13(AT)gmail(DOT)com Leave your Server and Your Character Name or your Email Address and I can send it out to you right away.

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    If anyone needs a SoR, send me a PM

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    How does RAF and SOR work?

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    I'm looking for an EU SoR if possible.

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    Hello there! My name is Muchti or ingame I am Rizuna on the Server Argent Dawn (RP)!
    Anyhow, I am looking to recruit someone on either Argent Dawn or Defias Brotherhood. These Servers are BOTH RP servers, but of course you dont have to RP.
    In the End I just try to get as many chars up to max level as possible.

    What I can provide you:
    -Gold for bags, mount and so on
    -Knowledge which can help us to level faster
    -More than enough time to play WoW
    -(only if you want) RP lessons ;D

    What I expect of you:
    -You sadly have to buy the game, I am a poor student
    -You also have to buy gametime (If everything works well, I might buy one gamecard for you <3)
    -Enough time to play
    -Be kind please, I dont want to level with someone who is grumpy

    I guess everything has be said! Contact me here on MMO-Champion by sending me a personal Message or contact me ingame! Rizuna - Argent Dawn EU (Horde)

    See you

    Skypename = dertobsen123

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    Is the limited time offer still on? With the free level 80 and stuff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by venomania View Post
    I'm looking for an EU SoR if possible.
    Hi there. I can send you one. PM me with your Battle.net ID or your battle.net email
    (If you can't send a PM here, like I do, add me on WoW: leonidasmark#2359 or email me: leonidasmark AT gmail DOT com)
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