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    I have read all 3 of your posts. It's not clear what you want. Do you want to be recruited through the Recruit-a-Friend program or do you want to come back to WoW through the Scroll of Resurrection? Are you eligible? Are you on an US or EU account?[COLOR="red"]
    yes i'm eligible and i want come back to wow through the Scroll of Resurrection!!! my account is EU and my mail is:

    i hope to recieve invitation as soon as possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by erock114 View Post
    Looking for a SoR on US server edgar_a_1 (at) yahoo (dot) com
    Sent from Aerie Peak!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdandy View Post
    I think he wanted it sent FROM Thrall, so he could move there. Maybe he can come and confirm that.
    Ooops, does that matter? My SOR was sent from Daggerspine and I used my free transfer to go to Stormreaver

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    Ooops, does that matter? My SOR was sent from Daggerspine and I used my free transfer to go to Stormreaver
    Hmm, the FAQ says: "If the character that was level boosted is on a different realm or faction than the character who sent the invitation, you will be eligible for a free Character Transfer and/or a free Faction Change to bring you to your friend’s realm and faction."

    I've never done it myself, but I would think it mattered... Not sure, though. Anyway, I hope everything works out.

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    I'm looking to be recruited on a US server.

    I will purchase all game keys and timecards.

    I've done this many times and can level to 80 in as quickly as 9-10 hours. I can do this tonight.

    Please skype me with the following information and I'll follow up;

    SKYPE: carter.muro

    Desired leveling method
    Guild armory link
    Gold compensation (if so, how much?)
    Mount training (if so, how much?)

    Hopefully I can find an optimal buddy soon and get this started.

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    Looking for a Recruit a Friend partner. I am willing to pay for the Battle Chest plus give you 10,000 gold when we get our first 80. What I expect is that you're on for the next two to three days a lot. I want to try and get at least one level 80 by Monday if not two. I want you to have Skype, and be willing to talk to my friends who will most likely join Skype with us. Don't be shy we are great and funny guys, you will like us. I would love someone who is fluent in English and can be understood, not to be mean but I hate awkward Skype calls. Call me on Skype @ [email protected] or message me in-game Ner'zhul US (A) Tabitude. I want to INTERROGATE you before I pay. Awesome let's get shit done.

    Oh yea I'll give gold and stuff don't worry about that wouldn't leave you stranded.
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    Hi chaps,

    I'm on the Europe servers looking for a scroll of resurrection so I can play a bit of WoW again!

    My account address is aidanmcglennon(at)gmail(dot)com


    Edit: Thanks to Carnog! Invite received.
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    I am looking to recruit someone on Stormscale Horde or High populated alliance realm. EU

    What I will provide:

    • 20 Slot bags
    • All gold for training/mounts
    • 15,000 gold upon hitting level 80
    • Level 25 guild
    • Alot of time to level up
    • Knowledge of levelling (Have 1 90 and 6 85's)

    What you must provide:

    • The game & expansions
    • Gametime
    • A decent amount of time to level

    I don't mind how many we level, can be discussed more over PM.

    Add my skype if interested: ben_pilloverdose

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    LFM to recruit.

    Someone who wants to level a new char on EU side. I will recruit you and we level together fr for the exp bonus over lets say, a weekend or evenings. Im available to play most of the time.

    Servers I will be happy with are one of:

    Argent Dawn - Alliance
    Burning Legion - Alliance or Horde
    Draenor- Horde
    Frostmane - Alliance
    Grim Batol - Alliance
    Ragnaros - Alliance
    Ravencrest - Alliance
    Stormwind - Allaince
    Twisting Nether - Horde

    You can get me on Skype: m3dseven or email: starzwin66 at gmail dot com.
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    Looking for someone that'll let me send them a sor and someone that wants to raf

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    im on the us server staghelm

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    i'll send you one if you havent already recieved on pm me your info

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    Looking for RAF levelling partner in Outland EU.

    I play almost everyday 16:00-22:00 and mornings on weekend days.

    skype if interested: k-xero

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    Looking for somone to RaF, gonna be on alot for the next 2 weeks since im on vacation from work. Im looking to be the recruiter, and hopefully find somone the level alliance on Bleeding Hallow - PVP. You can skype me at ryannallan and we can discuss.

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    Hello there, I'm looking to be recruited.
    I'm about to switch from the EU realms to the US ones.
    I've been playing for over 4 years and have lots of experience with WoW.
    I will purchase the expansions and game time, but this is what i'm looking for:

    Region: US Realms
    Faction: I'd prefer Alliance, but Horde is fine as well
    Realm type: PVE (I don't like to pvp, and definitely will not be lvling on a pvp realm)
    I'm looking for a somewhat highly populated and highly ranked realm. However, it must not have queues.

    I can play on pretty much everyday from around 4:30 pm est until around 10:00 pm. Tuesdays and Thursdays, are more difficult for me to put a time on, though i'd say anywhere from 5:30 to 6:30 pm until 10:00 pm. (all times are eastern)

    I will be lvling a monk, main spec healer. We can lvl more than 1 char if you want, but probably not more than 2-3, as i'd like to focus on my monk to get it raid ready asap.

    You will need to provide:

    A lvl 25 (or close) guild would be nice, for all the perks. And one with the heirlooms (that you will need to pay for).
    20 slot bags, at the very least.
    Gold for riding skills, mounts and glyphs.
    Upon reaching lvl 80 I require some gold, mainly to lvl my professions and to be able to buy flasks/potions and maybe even boe's to start raiding.
    Ideally i'm looking for AT LEAST 15k. Now bear in mind you will be getting a free month of game time and a mount from this, so I really don't feel that's too much to ask for.

    Feel free to send me a pm if you're interested, and we can definitely negotiate some of the terms. I'd like to start all of this pretty soon. Within a week ideally.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Id like to level with you but 25k is a little too much for supplies. I would give you like 1k gold here and there for things you need but jesus I don't want to fully pay for your character lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Distinctness View Post
    Id like to level with you but 25k is a little too much for supplies. I would give you like 1k gold here and there for things you need but jesus I don't want to fully pay for your character lol.
    You're right. 25k is a lot. Perhaps I just kinda expected everyone to be as rich as I am on EU realms. I don't expect or want you to pay for my character, though you can't lvl 2 (crafting) professions very cheaply. Starting over is never fun, so i'm requesting as much help as possible, and it just so happens that in WoW, gold is what helps you out the most.
    I changed my original post to require 15k. Surely that's not too much for a mount and month of game time. Plus, you'll also be getting really fast lvl 80 char(s).

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    Looking for a RAF partner (recruit one) to level up.

    Any US servers or Brazillian servers

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    Looking for RAF partner on Outland EU, Horde. I'll buy you the guild heirlooms and whatever else you need. I'll be playing weekdays from around 20:00 to midnight.

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    Looking to send SoR or Raf :D

    Im a lvl 90 on Bonechewer. I play horde. I am looking to send a scroll or RaF. Its a good server on the horde side. I have a level 25 guild I am an officer in, and some gold to help you with bags and some BoA's from the guild to get started. I want to get a few characters up to lvl 90. I currently play at least 4 hours a day and 8+ hours when Im not working. The guild is laid back and has some 90's. Were all doing dailies and trying to get into raiding as soon as we have enough people ready. Let me know if you want to join me and get some hardcore leveling and fun WoWing in :P. Email me dwd9191(at)gmail(dot)com for a faster reply. Thanks!

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