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    Want to get Recruited to an EU realm??
    Contact me at [email protected] or here (private message or a post)!

    Will level with you and even supply you gold for mounts and gifts!

    • if you prepay at least a month ahead.

    About myself:
    I have been playing wow since 2.4.3 and have played raider and pvp player whole wotlk, since then i had had lost the account and started a new one.
    today I mainly playing on The Maelstorm EU and Chamber of the Aspects both alliance;
    If you want to get recruited to the horde or another realm i will level with you and get you gifts anyway!
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    Hi there! I looking to recruit someone on the US-HORDE side.
    PLUS I have SoR, just contact me!

    What I have to offer:
    I'm on Stonemaul realm but you can be on my realm or any other realm of your choose. If you choose to be on my realm, I can offer:
    10,000 Gold up front. If and when we get to Lv80, I will offer another 10k PLUS $5 US dollars via PayPal just assuming you got your WoW copy from the holiday sales. Mounts/Bags are part of that gold that is offered. Of course, if you choose not to be on my realm, it's cool. You just won't be able to get the golds but I will still offer the $5.

    About Myself:
    I am a fast pace leveler and have experience with RAF. I am free for the most December and January, can't promise the other months. I'm in a semi-hardcore raiding guild with heroic experiences, raiding since WoTLK.

    Here's my armory of my main Shadow Priest: us.battle.net/wow/en/character/stonemaul/Miishelle/simple

    Feel free if you have any questions to contact me on B.net. djsquare1126 or leave a message here or my inbox. Thanks!

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    Hey Guys!
    I am looking to recruit someone to Sargaras US ( Good pvp and pve server! )
    I play an hour to 3 a day in the evening during the week and pretty much all day on weekends.
    What i offer -
    - I can pay for most of your mounts. ( 20, 40 and possibly cold weather flying, if needed )
    -If you are not familiar with your class and spec I can teach you as I have been playing for about 6 years. (Not too familiar with Warriors or Dks though)

    What I expect -
    -Have atleast the very first WoW, don't really need to upgrade, I don't care.
    -Pay for atleast one month of WoW (I'll make it worth your while)
    -Play fairly often, and have fun
    Id like to get atleast 3 of my toons to 80
    if interested contact me Shawn_Jackson09 AT hotmail.com or on Skype mrbishopton
    Thanks guys!

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    Hey, you still interested in being recruited? add me on skype mrbishopton or msg me Shawn_Jackson09 AT hotmail.com
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    Hey there everyone,
    I'm looking to recruit someone to US Horde side. Prefferably to my realm Kul' Tiras. I help run the largest guild on all of horde side on this server so i have a good amount of experience with helping people out and lvling toons.
    What i can provide: Gold for leveling and bags and any other needs. I can buy your flying and such. Im on more than most people so it wont be a time management issue.
    The only thing that i can ask of you is you have atleast the battle chest exspansion. Additional gametime is not necessary but i would be more then willing to offer 5k gold just for the mount from RaF. I will also offer 5k per 80 we get.
    You can message me through skype: wowgamer0506 at gmail dot com and my email: wowgamer0506 at gmaildot com or in game email is same as my gmail. (sorry for writing it out i dont have enough posts up)

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    Looking to send some one a RaF or SoR. Pst or reply to me.

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    Hey there i'm interested! If you got a toon in game my battletag is Rolex#1694 or I have a toon on tichondrius (hailfrbg) we could talk on. I am experienced and willing to do what's needed etc. I play quite a bit and have RaF xp looking forward to possibly leveling with ya

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    Quote Originally Posted by arisolo View Post
    I got your pm, but you want the wrong server for me. thanks anyway. For anyone else, I'm looking to be recruited to Tich horde.
    Hey there jw if you have found anyone yet? I am looking to recruit someone on horde tichondrius hit me up I'd be interested in leveling with ya asap Message me for skype / in game info

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    Hey, I am looking to get sent a SoR on a EU server. Will be buying subscription time within a day of the SoR reaching me. Please PM me or reply for an email adress.

    Best Regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by arisolo View Post
    Looking to be Recruited!
    I'm looking to be recruited to tich horde. I'm looking for a semi-hardcore levelling partner who is willing to pay for my flight training, abilities, bags, etc. and also willing to level multiple toons.

    About myself
    I've been playing wow since early TBC and have mained a rogue, dk, and later guardian druid in semi-hardcore raiding. I'm looking to reroll and try something new on a fresh sever.

    What I bring to the table
    I have 6 or 7 years of ingame experience along with a pretty open schedule of when I can play. In addition, I am more than willing to level multiple classes. I will, (obviously) buy all expansions and gametime so that you receive a free month and your obsidian nightwing. PM ME AND OR REPLY HERE to talk details
    I would like to recruit you if your still looking. I will play on any server.

    Email me at lookinforraf at gmail com

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    Hello there!

    I recently decided to get MoP and seen that i haven't played almost 1,5 years, it would be the best if i just use a SoP and let someone have the mounts =) You can send me a sop on any server (EU) and faction does not matter. I will be playing after work in weekdays and probably all sunday everyweek as long as i am free, but since my work schedule is quite busy i can not offer you a steady hardcore leveling-together. I will however, be delighted to level a toon with a partner as long as our play times match.

    GuneyErk#2850 here is my battle-tag. Also you can send your invites directly at guney.erkolukisa[at]gmail[dot]com

    Looking forward to hear from you!
    I participated in the legendary BACON thread.

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    Want to get Recruited to an EU realm??
    Contact me at [email protected] or here (private message or a post)!

    Will level with you and even supply you gold for mounts and gifts!

    • if you prepay at least a month ahead.

    About myself:
    I have been playing wow since 2.4.3 and have played raider and pvp player whole wotlk, since then i had had lost the account and started a new one.
    today I mainly playing on The Maelstorm EU and Chamber of the Aspects both alliance;
    If you want to get recruited to the horde or another realm i will level with you and get you gifts anyway!

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    Hello every1, having a nice day? i hope so; i'll go straight to the question, i'm an old time wow player, since 2005, having my main since and an achievement/mounts/companions hunter, right now in on the italian server Well of Eternity/Pozzo dell'Eternità, but i would transfer if needed,sadly i've no more hours of daily playing to play my pg, usually 3-4 hours from 21:00 to 24/1:00 Rome C.E.T, all i'm searching is a guild/few friends to share my achivement,mount,companion searching passion, included few raids or pvp ofc,if any1 is interested just pm me ty all.

    ''Death. Despite the sun warming my face, a numbing cold chills me to the core. My soul lives, but my desiccated body is a cruel mockery of the hero I once was. I know not love, nor peace; only hatred of those who did this to me. Stay out of my way, for my revenge knows not friend... just foe'' Ithien Frostwhisper

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    Hello all, I'm looking for a SoR to a US account. Toon/server is Taes @ Shu'halo. Thanks in advance!

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    need an email address to send it to you can PM me

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    Hello there im looking for someone that needs to be recruited and to level with i would prefer the server The Maelstrom, Stormscale or Outland. pm me for more info or anything else

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    Hi im looking to recruit someone to RaF with me you can choose server and weather allience or horde. I am free on mon-thur 3-whenever
    fri-sun all day EASTERN TIME. I need someone that will be on alot as i want to level fast. pst if interested at karndeep.15 at hotmail

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    I'm looking for a SoR, add me on skype : lechest1


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    Looking to recruit an English Speaking person to level an alt on US Server Illidan, one of the highest ranked servers in WoW, with AMAZING raid progression, and an amazing Horde sided pvp realm. Mostly looking to level a Warlock for PVE. PM me for more details or to get recruited.

    Must speak English.

    I can be on Monday-Friday from 3:30- 8:00 PM everyday (Pacific time) And most of the day on Weekends. Provide your own keys (battlechest is currently 5 dollars, Mists of Pandaria is currently 50% off.). Send me a PM to talk to me! Willing to go to the server YOU want if you buy 2 months. Will be on a lot, and we can level fast.

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    Looking to Recruit!
    Hello, I'm looking to recruit someone on Lightbringer-US Alliance!

    About Myself
    I've been playing WoW since Wrath of the Lich King and have changed characters a couple of times, I'm not the most experienced player but I know my way around Azeroth and know how to level rather quickly. I'm currently playing a Windwalker Monk and have a Restoration Shaman alt. I'm in a small guild as a social member as of now since I'm getting ready to deploy in February.

    What I will provide!
    - Battle Chest.
    - Cataclysm.
    - Mists of Pandaria
    - Cinder Kitten if all works out well!
    - Positive attitude.
    - Gold for Bags/Mounts.
    - Leveling from 1-90 across multiple classes.

    What I expect...
    - Someone who is dedicated and won't bail on me like my first attempt at RAF
    - Someone who is willing to level multiple classes.
    - I am Central Standard Time so I'd prefer someone in the same timezone OR in Pacific Standard Time.
    - Do not be childish, with me being in the military I can't be on 24/7 and am usually on from 5 PM to 11 PM CST every night!
    - Skype so we can communicate more efficiently and easier.

    Contact Information
    - Shoot me a PM and I'll respond with all the necessary details!

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    The Patient
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    LF Raf partner, will help you level, be in one of the top guilds and help you get geared if you want or just make multiple level 90s, post for more info if you would like to do this!
    email me at jonnyrollove @ gmail . com or add me on my battletag nikdog#1159

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    I'm looking for somebody who recruits me (EU). I'm going to buy the key myself.

    I'm 25 years old and I play WoW since TBC, I'm an experienced player. I'd want to level up several characters, but in a casual way since we got 3 months time for that. I don't play 24/7 - usually got time in the afternoon and during the weekend.

    Faction doesn't really matter, since I'm comfortable with both. Server should be high populated (PvP) pref. without queues. And YOU should be about my age.

    Interested? PM me, thanks!

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