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    @Busah I sent a PM to request a SoR. Email is [email protected] Character on Kil'Jaeden Alliance. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Junnah View Post
    Looking to RECRUIT someone on US-Cenarius Server.

    Server: US Cenarius-Alliance. We can also level a horde toon afterwards if you prefer to play Horde.

    What I can provide:
    Starter gold - 500g per toon
    10,000g as soon as I get the free month
    LVL 25 Guild Perks / Bags / Mounts (will pay up to your epic land mount riding skill)
    50,000g for 2200 in 3s or RBGs (This is only for 2200+ capable pvp'ers)

    What I expect:
    Someone who can pay for their own game key/time
    Someone who wants to level 2-3 toons to 85 or 90

    Contact me through PM.
    Can't PM you cause I'm more of a lurker but I'm looking to be RaFed and that sounds nice. I got past experience and everything just looking to start fresh. Send me an email at (solodolo_man(at)hotmail(dot)com)

    Merry Christmas.

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    Want to SoR somebody who is going to pay 1 month gametime, so I can get the mount.(EU)

    PM me your info.
    Thanks to kieble for the sig

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    Looking to be Recruited on US servers.

    I will provide all wow cd keys and gametime.

    Looking to play on horde faction pvp server only!

    You must provide:
    Activity (6 hours a day for a few weeks)
    Gold for mounts, etc.
    Serious and friendly
    Willing to level up a few toons.

    Can discuss more through email or skype.
    Skype: Stpharm
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    I need to be resurrected! I am looking for someone to cast a scroll on me from Horde Tichondrius US. I want an 80 there.

    bulldogscg (at) gmail (dot) com

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    Says its an invalid email.

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    Looking to RAF someone and level on Tichondrius Horde side, will be lvling through dungeon spam to 80, you will provide your own expansions and such, I can provide some gold. I am a experience WoW player, have gotten glad and etc in arena, so I am looking for someone who can keep up a fast pace during dungeons. I am on winter break until college starts back up so I have plenty of time to play, msg me on skype for more info, Anthony.heppe is my sykpe

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    Hey, I'm looking to recruit someone, we'll preferably be on the US server: Illidan and on the Horde faction.
    I'll also be rolling a shaman so I can go heals for faster ques if needed.

    What I provide:
    - 5000 gold
    - I'll pay for all of your expenses (Skills, mounts, gear, etc.)
    - My time and experience

    What you provide:
    Just bring yourself and the game

    My Skype: Deadly_Srs

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    Want to get Recruited to an EU realm??
    Contact me at [email protected] or here (private message or a post)!

    Will level with you and even supply you gold for mounts and gifts!

    New: i get you Cataclysm if you get Battle Chest + 30 day of game time after accepting my RaF invitation

    About myself:
    I have been playing wow since 2.4.3 and have played raider and pvp player whole wotlk, since then i had had lost the account and started a new one.
    today I mainly playing on The Maelstorm EU and Chamber of the Aspects both alliance;
    If you want to get recruited to the horde or another realm i will level with you and get you gifts anyway!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctg44 View Post
    I need to be resurrected! I am looking for someone to cast a scroll on me from Horde Tichondrius US. I want an 80 there.

    bulldogscg (at) gmail (dot) com
    sent you a scroll on Tich horde.

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    Looking to be recruited

    I expect from you:
    - battlechest + expansions
    - 50k gold for each char at lvl 90
    - time to level quickly and asap 2-3 chars
    - guild with all leveling perks

    I can offer:
    - time to level 2-3 chars
    - gametime

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    LF for some to recruit or SOR .. EU OUTLAND A /STORMSCALE H
    i can provide some gold !

    pm or skype ilbeeback

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    I'm looking for some1 to send a SoR.

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    PM if you need a US SOR.

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    Looking to be Recruited (RaF) ! Any REALM
    I am quite experienced, and looking to have fun with a friend :]

    What I expect:

    battlechest (only $5)
    friendly/nice and time to play

    What I can offer:
    My friendship/trust :P
    Other expansions + my own gametime
    Skype + Mic
    Lvling with you and give your chars lvls

    ADD me so we can talk:
    thales_atl [a] hotmail.com
    skype: thales222
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    Looking to be Recruited

    I want to be Recruited.

    What You Need to Provide:

    - Attitude.
    - Motivation
    - WoW CD-Keys up to Cata + 1 month Game Time (Option 1)
    - WoW CD-Keys up to MoP (Option 2) : Xmas Offer WoW till MoP = $ 45

    What I'll Provide:

    - Motivation
    - Dedication
    - Attitude
    - Good will
    - Effort
    - 6 hrs / day to Play (Monday - Saturday)

    (+) It would be better if you're an spanish speaker or you wanna practice it. However if you speak english there is no problem. I can understand it.

    Additional Info:

    - I want to level up at least 3 chars
    - US Realm
    - You choose 2 toon' realms
    - I'd like to level up at least 1 toon in Ragnaros (Latin American Realm)

    Contact me :

    - Skype : inmortal-antihumano
    - Hotmail : dark_jadesk (a) hotmail.com (Mail - I'm not using Messenger anymore)
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    Looking for SoR: EU Chamber of Aspects, Alliance

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    Look for someone who send me a SoR for the US region!

    Please PM me your IM address or e-mail that I can contact you.

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    Looking to Recruit someone on any EU realms, but prefer some of mine, so I can provide with all below

    I provide:
    12+ hours playtime a day.
    6 years experience of the game.
    A Serious and Friendly player.
    Level 25 Guild.
    Gold for Professions.
    Gold for Mounts up to 280%, and anything else you need ingame!
    Bags for all your Characters.
    2 month gametime

    You Provide:
    Expansions for yourself.

    If interested, send pm or add me on skype: Will-i-am12345

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    looking to be recruited you must provide keys im free to play all day on christmas break so if your looking to level up fast hit me up
    skype: jus2cool4life

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