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    Looking to Recruit someone on any EU realms, but prefer some of mine, so I can provide with all below

    I provide:
    12+ hours playtime a day.
    6 years experience of the game.
    A Serious and Friendly player.
    Level 25 Guild.
    Gold for Professions.
    Gold for Mounts up to 280%, and anything else you need ingame!
    Bags for all your Characters.
    2 month gametime

    You Provide:
    Expansions for yourself.

    If interested, send pm or add me on skype: Will-i-am12345

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    looking to be recruited you must provide keys im free to play all day on christmas break so if your looking to level up fast hit me up
    skype: jus2cool4life

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    Looking to recruit on [H] Illidan (US)
    *Starting fresh on Illidan*
    I'm exhausted with leveling 1 - 90 w/o looms so I would like to get a couple of characters maxed through RAF. I just want to level through LFD and I don't mind queuing up for Tank or Heals. I am just interested in Endgame therefore I will be raiding quite often so I want a partner that is interested in the LFD process.


    I should be available everyday to play. Specific hours will vary each day but for the most part I will be on between the hours of 1 pm - 2 am (EST - from Michigan).

    Here are some things I will be bringing to the RAF partnership:
    -Gold for mounts, skills, etc
    -Knowledge of LFD process
    -Active player since TBC

    Here are some things I expect in return:
    -Reliable partner
    -I don't care if you don't have a mic, I do but i'm fine with typing
    -Buy your own xpacs please. (Please don't ask me to buy them for you)
    -Willing to level out 3-5 characters

    send me a pm on this site to get a hold of me

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    Looking to RaF someone or SoR! Horde or Alliance any Realm. You must provide YOUR cd keys and game time. US ONLY! You will be provided with gold, mounts and help with lvling professions. ( if on home realm, which is Horde, Thrall. You will also be provided with a group of my friends to raid and dungeon together and get an instant promotion in our guild. Great community.) Willing to lvl as many 79's as you want or if you just want to get started right away with a fresh 80 thats fine too! We both get a free lvls and we both get the RaF 2 person mount! Add me on skype if you are interested: PBKicker99 I am available 7 days a week. Weekdays from 8:30 am - 9:00 pm EST. And weekends im available ANYTIME! I have 2 90's and Maxed LW. If you chose a LW i can provide you with great gear and 90 PvP armor.
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    Want to get Recruited to an EU realm??
    Contact me at [email protected] or here (private message or a post)!

    Will level with you and even supply you gold for mounts and gifts!

    New: i get you Cataclysm if you get Battle Chest + 30 day of game time after accepting my RaF invitation

    About myself:
    I have been playing wow since 2.4.3 and have played raider and pvp player whole wotlk, since then i had had lost the account and started a new one.
    today I mainly playing on The Maelstorm EU and Chamber of the Aspects both alliance;
    If you want to get recruited to the horde or another realm i will level with you and get you gifts anyway!

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    Looking to recruit someone for RAF. (US-OCEANIC) PVP SERVER

    Hello, I'm looking to find someone that is dedicated and wants to level multiple toons to 80 2-3 (preferably) I usually play overnight from about 4pm to 6am at the most on my days off and only a few hours before the days I work on. I am currently off until after new years so if you want to play hmu i'm ready to go I have nothing to do xD

    Skype is raywagner621
    email is raywagner621 aol dot com

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    Giving US ONLY scroll of resurrections! My next available scroll will be at 12-28. If you scroll of res with me on my realm you get starting gold, help with professions and a invite to our guild with 1000+ members! If you prove yourself you can chose to join either our arena teams/RBG teams or one of our raiding teams! Don't hesitate if you want a free 80 and a bunch of EXTRA perks that come with scrolling me! Our Horde realm is Thrall and our Alliance realm is Uther. Thrall is Horde dominant and Uther is Alliance dominant and each have a "high" population! We have our own ventrillo server and much more. To get a scroll and help starting out add me on skype and I will hook you up: PBKicker99
    If this post is still up I still have an available spot for 12-28.
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    Hello, I'm looking to recruit someone on Outland EU, Alliance.
    After a long break I decided to play WoW again, as most of you know, WoW somehow manages you to get in-game.

    I can play 12+H a day since I don't have any school till Feb

    What I provide:
    - Gold
    - I'll pay for all of your expenses (Skills, mounts, gear, etc.)
    - My time and experience
    - Boosts, as most of my friends play on this realm.

    What you provide:
    - Game keys
    - Know the game
    - Can play long shifts
    - Want to level asap.

    My Skype: Ginopietermaai2

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    Looking to recruit someone on Horde Illidan. I will pay for battle chest, will provide some gold and will provide bags.

    I'm looking to spend 3-4 hours leveling per day for the next week or two (or until we hit 80/85) I will be playing a brewmaster monk and I intend to spam dungeons until at least 60 and potentially all the way to 80 or 85. I'll be a tank so we would have fast ques the whole way.

    If you are interested I am a member of a fresh raid guild on Illidan on my main. It's basically a guild made up of returning players, most of us started playing 3-4 weeks ago. We currently have almost a full 10 man core but we intend to move to 25 man so if you are looking to get into raiding we would probably be starting to move to 25 man by the time you're 90 and almost geared up. If you aren't interested thats cool too. Entirely up to you.

    If you're interested please add me on skype my username is jacksonak92
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    US CST will be on any server tho.

    I am looking to do RAF I will recruit if I do I will buy you battlechest and cata. We can be on any server you want I will play a tank for instant ques.


    I am looking to be RAF myself I will do any server horde or alliance requesting battlechest and cata bought. I will play a tank or heals unless you are playing one.

    I have played WoW since Vanilla. I will be on as much as possible and want to get as many chars to 80-85 as possible send me a message on here to get contact info.

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    whoever messaged me please add me on skype, my username is jacksonak92. I can't message you back here because I don't have 10 posts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pufftbaggins View Post
    US CST will be on any server tho.

    I am looking to do RAF I will recruit if I do I will buy you battlechest and cata. We can be on any server you want I will play a tank for instant ques.


    I am looking to be RAF myself I will do any server horde or alliance requesting battlechest and cata bought. I will play a tank or heals unless you are playing one.

    I have played WoW since Vanilla. I will be on as much as possible and want to get as many chars to 80-85 as possible send me a message on here to get contact info.
    you still looking?

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    Looking for RaF partner. I will recruit on my server and provide:
    !!!ATTENTION = Upon reaching 80lvl with me I will provide Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria or Game time.
    ALLIANCE, I will be using Healer shaman.
    1: Gold: Repais, Items, Mounts - Ground Normal + Epic, Flyer 150% and EPIC 280% upon reaching 80lvl.
    2: Glyphs, Pots, flasks etc
    3: Boosts from 90lvl friends
    4: Will help skill up proffs
    5: Will provide with raids/RBG on 90.

    YOU = All you need is full game which combines WoW, TBC and Wotlk. It cost around 5$ in blizzard store, if you are interested leave me the message or replay to this post.
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    LF a recruit! could be on any US server, preferably Aerie Peak but anywhere is fine.

    What I expect:
    You have your battle chest
    You have your own game time.

    What I will provide:
    A friendship :P
    Gold for necessities.
    Time to level multiple characters.
    A guild
    Will help with professions
    Glyphs (to an extent)

    Please PM me if you are serious about this.

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    If you need a US SOR PM me.

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    looking to be recruited willing to level horde or alliance as you provide keys hit me up
    skype: jus2cool4life

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    Looking for someone to recruit me on the European region, you will need to provide me with the EU battlechest. I'm playing as Horde on the Stormscale-EU Server, I have friends there and I'll be starting a fresh due to my main account having to many characters and I do not know where to begin playing so I decided to give it away to a friend of mine, need a fresh start. I'm a fast leveler (without heirlooms I level'd a hunter 1-85 in 3 days and 2 hours playtime) and I will roll anything, if you prefer to quest that is fine by me. I have the guide Zygors Guides if that means anything to anyone and if needed I can also give it to you . I am active a lot and I have a mic if you prefer talking to, I am a easy going guy and I'm also mature, just looking for someone to recruit me so we can both level fast to level 80, maybe do multiple characters if you want to since it will not take long. I will be buying my own month of gametime when I need to so you should get a free month of gametime for 5 euros. I have never cheated/botted/been banned so there should be no worries there if people are worried about that sorta thing.

    Skype: ayemi100
    or Pm me on here to get in contact

    English, I'm from the UK so my time zone is GMT. Do not care what language you are as long as you speak english.

    Would be a great help to me as I cannot afford a battle chest but I want to start a fresh as soon as I can.

    Do not mind giving you the gold I earn along the way to pay off for your expenses
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    Looking for someone to recruit me on EU.
    I currently play on US so I will be starting anew, I have no preference realm wise. It also can be Horde or Alliance I have and play both so it's not a big deal.

    I can provide:
    My own keys and game time
    A knowledgeable player
    As many toons as you choose to level in the 90 days

    I expect:
    Coverage of my expenses (skills, mounts, bags...etc)
    Gold for 280% flying at 70
    A guild with leveling perks

    The one problem is I would need someone who is able to play around my schedule which would allow play time M-F approx 7:30pm-12:30am Eastern time which is 1:30 AM-6:30am CET, weekends are mostly open time wise. My schedule is pretty well set in stone so I can easily provide the full details of when I am available for leveling at the get go.

    If interested or if you would like more information just PM me.

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    I can't pm yet but I'd love the chance to RAF with ou I can provide all you need as well as 90 gear I've been playing since vanilla so I do have alot of exp. if you would like to join me please Skype me at Jalen.strickland

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    Hey I'm looking for someone to scroll of resurrection to me, I'm willing to play with you on your server and join your guild, I was thinking of becoming a healer or tank but I will dps I you or the guild needs it for the instant lvl 80. Please feel free to send a scroll of resurrection to Dagdudehunt - Agammagan (US)

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