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    Looking to recruit somebody so that means you pay for chest. You don't have to pay for time if you want so that is up to you. Been playing since classic. Leveling on H-Illidan(US).

    Will provide bags/10k gold to first person interested in leveling multiple chars.

    I can usually do stints of 1-2 hours so if you are looking or somebody to play 6 hours a night I am not your guy. Be mature and 20+ plz.

    PM me or add me on skype @ badlol5.

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    Looking to send someone a SOR US. PM me.

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    @Busah I sent a PM to request a SoR. Email is [email protected] Character on Kil'Jaeden Alliance. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Junnah View Post
    Looking to RECRUIT someone on US-Cenarius Server.

    Server: US Cenarius-Alliance. We can also level a horde toon afterwards if you prefer to play Horde.

    What I can provide:
    Starter gold - 500g per toon
    10,000g as soon as I get the free month
    LVL 25 Guild Perks / Bags / Mounts (will pay up to your epic land mount riding skill)
    50,000g for 2200 in 3s or RBGs (This is only for 2200+ capable pvp'ers)

    What I expect:
    Someone who can pay for their own game key/time
    Someone who wants to level 2-3 toons to 85 or 90

    Contact me through PM.
    Can't PM you cause I'm more of a lurker but I'm looking to be RaFed and that sounds nice. I got past experience and everything just looking to start fresh. Send me an email at (solodolo_man(at)hotmail(dot)com)

    Merry Christmas.

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    Want to SoR somebody who is going to pay 1 month gametime, so I can get the mount.(EU)

    PM me your info.
    Thanks to kieble for the sig

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    Looking to be Recruited on US servers.

    I will provide all wow cd keys and gametime.

    Looking to play on horde faction pvp server only!

    You must provide:
    Activity (6 hours a day for a few weeks)
    Gold for mounts, etc.
    Serious and friendly
    Willing to level up a few toons.

    Can discuss more through email or skype.
    Skype: Stpharm
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    I need to be resurrected! I am looking for someone to cast a scroll on me from Horde Tichondrius US. I want an 80 there.

    bulldogscg (at) gmail (dot) com

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    Says its an invalid email.

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    Looking to RAF someone and level on Tichondrius Horde side, will be lvling through dungeon spam to 80, you will provide your own expansions and such, I can provide some gold. I am a experience WoW player, have gotten glad and etc in arena, so I am looking for someone who can keep up a fast pace during dungeons. I am on winter break until college starts back up so I have plenty of time to play, msg me on skype for more info, Anthony.heppe is my sykpe

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    Hey, I'm looking to recruit someone, we'll preferably be on the US server: Illidan and on the Horde faction.
    I'll also be rolling a shaman so I can go heals for faster ques if needed.

    What I provide:
    - 5000 gold
    - I'll pay for all of your expenses (Skills, mounts, gear, etc.)
    - My time and experience

    What you provide:
    Just bring yourself and the game

    My Skype: Deadly_Srs

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    Want to get Recruited to an EU realm??
    Contact me at [email protected] or here (private message or a post)!

    Will level with you and even supply you gold for mounts and gifts!

    New: i get you Cataclysm if you get Battle Chest + 30 day of game time after accepting my RaF invitation

    About myself:
    I have been playing wow since 2.4.3 and have played raider and pvp player whole wotlk, since then i had had lost the account and started a new one.
    today I mainly playing on The Maelstorm EU and Chamber of the Aspects both alliance;
    If you want to get recruited to the horde or another realm i will level with you and get you gifts anyway!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctg44 View Post
    I need to be resurrected! I am looking for someone to cast a scroll on me from Horde Tichondrius US. I want an 80 there.

    bulldogscg (at) gmail (dot) com
    sent you a scroll on Tich horde.

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    Looking to be recruited

    I expect from you:
    - battlechest + expansions
    - 50k gold for each char at lvl 90
    - time to level quickly and asap 2-3 chars
    - guild with all leveling perks

    I can offer:
    - time to level 2-3 chars
    - gametime

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    LF for some to recruit or SOR .. EU OUTLAND A /STORMSCALE H
    i can provide some gold !

    pm or skype ilbeeback

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    I'm looking for some1 to send a SoR.

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    PM if you need a US SOR.

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    Looking to be Recruited (RaF) ! Any REALM
    I am quite experienced, and looking to have fun with a friend :]

    What I expect:

    battlechest (only $5)
    friendly/nice and time to play

    What I can offer:
    My friendship/trust :P
    Other expansions + my own gametime
    Skype + Mic
    Lvling with you and give your chars lvls

    ADD me so we can talk:
    thales_atl [a] hotmail.com
    skype: thales222
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    Looking to be Recruited

    I want to be Recruited.

    What You Need to Provide:

    - Attitude.
    - Motivation
    - WoW CD-Keys up to Cata + 1 month Game Time (Option 1)
    - WoW CD-Keys up to MoP (Option 2) : Xmas Offer WoW till MoP = $ 45

    What I'll Provide:

    - Motivation
    - Dedication
    - Attitude
    - Good will
    - Effort
    - 6 hrs / day to Play (Monday - Saturday)

    (+) It would be better if you're an spanish speaker or you wanna practice it. However if you speak english there is no problem. I can understand it.

    Additional Info:

    - I want to level up at least 3 chars
    - US Realm
    - You choose 2 toon' realms
    - I'd like to level up at least 1 toon in Ragnaros (Latin American Realm)

    Contact me :

    - Skype : inmortal-antihumano
    - Hotmail : dark_jadesk (a) hotmail.com (Mail - I'm not using Messenger anymore)
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    Looking for SoR: EU Chamber of Aspects, Alliance

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    Look for someone who send me a SoR for the US region!

    Please PM me your IM address or e-mail that I can contact you.

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