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    Hello all i need is a RaF partner don't care which realm u want to play don't care which Faction u want just tell me
    u must be willing to buy the game if u do and want more information contact me on msn Jeffreydelaet hotmailcom or PM me for my skype
    don't add me without a reason plz
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    Hey, my battletag is XLiquidFireX#1469, I am a girl, currently in HighSchool, looking to level a toon. Add my real ID if you have a new acct that you want to link with mine and level with me, while becoming friends along the way. ;D
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    [EU] Looking for a RAF partner. I'm willing to provide a battlechest. Usually play from 18-> CET
    You should be Friendly and casual, but with some experience atleast. Send me a PM here, or add me on skype: Bustehue96

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    can i "Save" grant level and give all of them to new char? *lvl1* and how many lvls would i get?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tallon View Post
    can i "Save" grant level and give all of them to new char? *lvl1* and how many lvls would i get?
    You can save up grant lvls, but you can't grant your own character though.

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    Wink RaF

    Hey I am looking to recruit (you must pay for your own battlechest) or be recruited (I'll buy my own battlechest) I want to have a fun but serious experience meaning we can enjoy ourselves by talking and stuff but you have to know what you're doing I am willing to play on any US server with any faction I would also prefer someone from either Australia or NZ or someone who doesnt mind time zone difference i play quite a bit if you are interested skype me costathemosta

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    Hi all, im looking for Scroll of resurrection to outlands eu or sylvanas Eu ill buy the prepaid so youll get mount. Expecting some starting gold and other stuff. Thanks write me pm here, skype saltukas3 or email : [email protected]
    Defias brotherhood alliance

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    LF RAF ( Looking to be recruited ) I'm looking to be recruited on a ( US ) server, I Want to be on a PVE server and must be horde.

    You provide Battlechest and I'll go ahead and fully upgrade
    ( for the gametime, I'll be adding that in late feb since I don't have the cash for it right now )

    if interested add me on skype: teerwik
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    Looking to recruit someone on a EU server. I won't get you battlechest, but I'll give you a 50% discount on it so you can buy it for only 5 euros. The gold and mats are at my expense.
    PM or cr15ti_1503 (skype) for more details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dethox View Post
    Looking to recruit someone on a EU server. I won't get you battlechest, but I'll give you a 50% discount on it so you can buy it for only 5 euros. The gold and mats are at my expense.
    PM or cr15ti_1503 (skype) for more details.
    added u

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    Looking to be recruited. I would prefer to play on Proudmoore(US)-H, and if you are willing to recruit me there, I will happily pay for all of my own expacs and game time. If you are looking to play on a different US-H server, I would appreciate if you would be willing to pay for at least the Battle Chest to help defer costs of eventual server transfers(I will plan to xfer any level 81 toons to Proudmoore).

    About me: I played the game from shortly after launch until the last days of Ulduar, so I am plenty familiar with the game/mechanics/etc. I don't need anyone to show me the ropes . I am on EST, and while I wouldn't be able to pay until late in the evenings on Tues/Thurs/Sun, I am pretty much free the rest of the week and am looking to dedicate quite a bit of time to get some toons leveled. At the very least I want to get one toon to level 90 before 5.2 drops.

    If you questions or are interested in, please send me a message/email to ibeforewe at gmail dot com.

    - Mike

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    Looking to become active again and I'm willing to accept an SOR . As long as the person lives in the US. My main realm is Gilneas. Email: mgtdendi at aim . com

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    Looking to recruit someone on Tichondrius Alliance. Will supply gold for flying/bags/training and I can play nearly every day. I've been playing since vanilla and we can level as many 80's as you want as long as you supply the battle chest (I will supply a 60 day game card) battletag: Twistedd#1396

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    Hello. Looking to recruit someone. Add me on skype nomnomponies. I am avaliable pretty much all weekend EST. Weekdays from 2:40pm - around 9:30 to 10pm. Im looking to level a couple of 80's. Must be alliance. Maybe one horde. You can provide your own Battlechest or use one of my accounts that I raf'd(Which you may not keep). Add me if intrested. PvP - Vashj

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    I'm looking to be recruited (or recruit potentially). I'll be making a new (US) account. As for the expansions and battle chest, I'll be paying myself. In the short term I'll be available at any time, though if you'd like to know, I'm on the west coast. At the moment I'm only interested in leveling one character to 80, though I may level more if there's a gold incentive. I'm willing to play on any realm if you're willing to provide gold compensation. I most likely will later transfer. I've RAF'd quite a few times and have made it to 80 in under 10 hours played on a fresh account. It may not go as quickly this time around but if you are looking for an experienced and laid back recruit, look no further.

    As an added bonus I can quickly boost us through levels 70-80 via LFD if we create Alliance characters; I have a level 80 that can queue for and solo all LFD dungeons in that level range.

    My skype is nsc1119 (n - s - c - one - one - one - nine), please message me with your information and I'll reply as soon as possible.

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    Saturday with not much going on. Therefor I am looking to recruit someone on EU. To play a little today or maybe even much ? I can play all day and night.

    I have been playing for 5 years know the game in and out, can provide with:

    *gold for epic flying (280 % ) and mounts,
    * and whatever you may need in-game.

    You pay for your own battlechest, but I stand for all costs in-game. Mostly looking for a fun social person to skype with while playing!

    Skype: Jocke.bk1

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    Looking for scroll of res in EU servers! Thank you very much!!

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    Looking for Scroll of Res in US Servers. I'll pay so you get mount. <3

    Made by the fabulous i4ni <3

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    Looking to recruit US Alliance or Horde, pref Emerald Dream server (guild perks) I have been playing 6 years, have quite a bit of spare time and am looking to lvl a few characters. I am mainly just looking for a leveling partner, I will not provide game time or keys, but I will actually be around to lvl and get thing done..so if you have the game and time hit me up...if you choose to lvl on ED alli or horde I can provide in game gold and guild perks add my tag Malisce#1191 or skype amber-churchill pls be mature 20+ and have skype or vent
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