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    Hello I'm looking to get a scroll of resurrection. I will subscribe a few days after I receive it, I just don't have the funds at the moment to subscribe. Why not send me one and you can get a spectral mount? I will play on an oceanic server most likely. US would be fine though. PM me if you're interested.

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    Hi Im looking for someone who wants to get recruited. I can also send Scroll of ressurection if you want one.
    Im from sweden and play from 15:00 servertime to 00:00 server time every day.

    you have to
    -buy subscription,battlechest and mop
    -Be friendly.
    -have an skype account

    What i provide with

    *Gold for mounts
    *Game experiance
    * Tips, hints
    *Enchanting , tailoring
    * quick time off leveling

    PM me or contact me at skype-jonathanhulthen

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    m looking to recruit a friend (not be recruited), and i play horde on Burning Blade (US). i would appreciate it if you would email me as soon as possible at msosnowski24(at)Gmail.com (wouldnt let me put in my full email because i needed to post more often.)

    What i can provide
    Gold For nearly anything we will need/want. (im pretty rich)
    A guild thats level 25 so we can get all the perks
    I have a level 90 so i have many friends that wouldnt mind running us through instances if needed
    Pretty Much i can provide EVERYTHING that what you will need.

    What im looking for
    All im looking for is a person who would buy their own expansion and membership and ill take care of everything else we will need (mounts + flying)
    Whoever you are that wants to link up, please be on frequently as i am on atleast 5/7 days of the week.
    Also be fun, dont be dull and not chat, were gonna be together for awhile.. might as well make the best of it!

    Thank you for reading all of that if you did so and please dont hesitate to email me for any questions.
    or you can skype me at hahaowned24 if you can, skype me. would make things much faster and easier

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    Recruit a Friend (US)

    Looking for someone to do recruit a friend with.(You are being recruited)
    Looking for someone who is nice, fun, and chill to play with.
    I have a lot of time, so I can play a lot.
    I am on Kel' Thuzad US- Alliance.
    I can provide little, I know, it sucks.
    But I can buy bags, repairs, Mounts, and training up to Cold Weather, maybe more in the future when I get more gold.
    If interesting add my skype. m.ochoa52

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    ===========US Realms ======= BIG BONUS INCLUDED =============
    Hello to all that are reading my post !

    I'm looking for RaF partner ( I recruit you ),

    What I will provide :
    - ALL the time in the WORLD ( this mean I can play anytime you want, I have no job/work and I can adjust to your playtimes )
    - 25LvL guild so we can level faster
    - I have a ton of exprience in WoW
    - I know the fastest way to reach 80 ( can do it in 2 days if you are dedicated )
    - I will play tanking class ( warr, druid, monk ) this means we get instant ques
    - We can level characters as much as you want, the minimum is 1
    - I'm very very friendly
    - BONUS: I will give you cataclysm key for free when we reach lvl 80
    - BONUS: I will give you Mists of Pandaria key for free once we reach lvl 80 with 2 characters

    What you need to have:
    - Preferably someone who has alot time to play ( but its not a must )
    - Preferably someone who has expirience ( but its not a must )
    - you must buy your own battlechest

    Servers & Faciton:
    Any server and faction you want. But I prefer Illidan for horde and Kel'thuzad for alliance. They are both high populated strong servers

    Contact info:
    Skype: lovetonyhawk

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    Edit: Sorry guys. I have been recruited. If I require it again in the future I will come back here. Thanks!



    I am looking to be recruited...

    * EU based server, preferably any PVE server.
    * I will purchase Battlechest once 2 characters are level 80 or when the free month expires I will get you your mount.
    * My game time (for long periods of levelling) is limited to Sunday and Monday (generally any time on these two days) due to my working week - I have limited time during the weekday evenings (10:30PM GMT+0 onwards till roughly 1 or 2AM GMT+0).
    * My timezone is GMT+0 (British and from Yorkshire) so as of this moment it is currently Sunday 27/01/2013 12:56PM.
    * I wish to create alliance hunter and rogue to start with. I may do some horde characters if there is time left if we both wish to.

    *** Only thing I require from you is gold for licenses and mounts up to 80 for both characters I intend on creating. As mentioned I will buy my own Battlechest and game time. I only wish for the fastest levelling possible to get my 2 chars up to 80 asap within my time limitations.

    I can be reached at ctrlaltdeny [a|t] gmail dot com if you are interested as I do not use skype and cannot PM here yet (not enough posts)
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    Quote Originally Posted by scatform View Post
    Hello I am looking to be recruited on a _US_ server, but only by someone who wants to play the game with me.

    I moved from EU to US, I have two chars on EU (scatform + rideit on kazzak EU)

    I'm looking for a new home a place to PVE and PVP (I have played since vanilla, rank 14 / gladiator on two chars) and server firsts.

    Nowadays I'm more relaxed and like to enjoy the game like in Vanilla, having fun is the main part of the game for me now.

    message me here for more details
    Hey have you already been recruited?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorgash View Post
    I'm sending out Scroll of Resurrections to anyone who meets the following criteria:

    -EU only!
    -willing to pay for one month of game time up until 5 Feb!

    If you are interested, send me a PM here, or send a mail to voyambi(at)gmail.com!

    If you require a Scroll, don't forget to include your e-mail address!
    Quote Originally Posted by Xiphan View Post
    How about Grom's spirit returns to strike the final blow but slips on a goblin oil slick and accidentally decapitates a passing Cenarius.

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    I am looking to get recruited by somebody. I buy the expansions as i go.
    Looking for somebody to make charactars with me on a high pop ally or horde server.
    -be able to play most days and look forward to leveling at least 3 charactars.
    - We can easily get into a level 25 guild quickly
    -play during the mid afternoon through late night
    - I will play a mix of healing and dps classes so if you want to tank that is fine.

    skype: bustydes

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    I am looking for someone who would like to be recruited. Anywhere of your choice, email me or real ID message me at joe729_rivera at att dot net.

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    No longer relevant!
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    WTS SoR mount EU

    LF some1 who will send me SoR and give 2 month prepaid (offers with MOP key also have higher priority ). EU servers only

    Please PM me with offers

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    Looking to recruit someone, email me or add
    Me real ID at joe729_rivera at att dot net. Or Skype me at joe dot rivera729

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    anyone looking to be recruited?

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    I'm an EU player looking to get recruited on any US realm. I've been playing since vanilla. I'm mainly a pvp player got about 2.7k arena experience and a hero of the horde title in RBGs. I'm looking for someone to level about 2 toons with and also a stable PvP/PvE guild, mainly just looking for a fun and laid back WoW experience. I can either PvP with you or join your raid team once I hit 90. Will play about 2 days a week due to my different timezone. Can play any class/spec, depends on what you need. I'll pay for everything but would like to get some bags when I start out. I would really like to broaden my WoW experience and play on a US realm.

    Skype: mastahsage
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    Looking to recruit someone for RAF. You have two choices either echo isles (horde us) or kel'thuzad (alliance us). Echo isles is a dead server and kel'thuzad is the #1 alliance server on US servers.

    Email me at (anntoeknee at hotmail dot com) if interested

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    No longer relevant!
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    Looking to recruit someone. Email or add me real ID at joe729_rivera at att dot net. My Skype is joe dot rivera729

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    WTT SoR mount EU

    LF some1 who will send me SoR and give 2 month prepaid. EU servers only

    Please PM me with offers

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