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    I can be either recruited or I can recruit you.

    If I recruit you:
    I can get us to 80 in 2 days
    I will buy your battle chest for you.

    If you recruit me:
    I will buy my own battle chest but you must buy Cata and MoP for me
    I will get us to 80 in 2 days.
    You must provide gold for mounts, riding, bags, gems, enchants, etc.

    email at krishanarora99 (at)gmail.com

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    Hey, I am looking to be RECRUITED by someone as i have lost my main account and i have no 90. we will first level on your realm EU ONLY
    We will level at least 1 character on your realm and 1 character on my realm (magtheridon eu alliance.) but we will level more chars if you agree.
    On your realm you will provide gold for normal riding mount (ground) at least.
    You will provide gold for guild rewards heirlooms (2 heirlooms in total) and bags.
    If you can chat on skype it's great.
    Don't expect to play 8 hours a day or to level 11 chars on a realm in 1 week because that won't happen.
    If your guild is great and you want me to stay i might remain on your realm and level only there.
    I will buy my own battlechest and expansions and pay my own gametime.
    PM me if you are interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laumex View Post
    I can recruit you, whats your mail?

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    Im looking to recruit a friend (not be recruited), and i play horde on Area-52 (US). i would appreciate it if you would skype me as soon as possible at Exilednathan

    What i can provide
    Gold For riding, and usefull stuffs
    A guild thats level 25 so we can get all the perks
    I have 4 level 90 so i have many friends that wouldnt mind running us through instances if needed
    Pretty Much i can provide EVERYTHING that what you will need.
    What im looking for
    All im looking for is a person who would buy their own expansion and membership and ill take care of everything else we will need and want (mounts + flying)
    Whoever you are that wants to link up, please be on frequently as i am on atleast 7/7 days of the week.
    Also be fun, dont be dull and not chat, were gonna be together for awhile.. might as well make the best of it!
    Thank you for reading all of that if you did so skype me for any questions.
    would make things much faster and easier

    NOTE: I can also semi multibox if you can't be able to be on all the time and if you allow me of course.

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    Looking to be RECRUITED asap!

    I would play on any realm, it doesn't matter for me, atleast I do prefer more PVP. I can play any character you want, level as many characters as you want to.

    I do play alot, really alot, since i just finished my exams a week ago, In the week time i can play around 8-9 hours per day, in the weekends even more, I'm turning 18 in a couple of months.

    I just need you to provide me the battlechest + not much gold (indeed if you wish it), i will provide the expansions + the game time, if we will run everything smoothly.

    I do use TS3, Skype, Ventrilo, Raidcall + microphone, i do prefer more talking while leveling up, it's more fun! If you are interested about more information you can contact me on skype: twister20101

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    Looking to resurrect someone (EU). If you transfer to my server (Outland) and pay for a sub, I shall shower you with gifts of your choosing! You can, of course, transfer to any server you'd like.

    Drop me a PM!
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    Looking to recruit someone on any US server, Horde.

    I can provide the battlechest if you prefer, but you will have to buy the expansions and game time.

    I can also provide a lvl 25 guild, gold for mount training, and bags if we play on Sen'jin server.

    I'm just looking for someone to level up few toons to lvl 80 and have fun. I'm not looking for anything super hardcore as I have a life.

    Must be +18 yrs old and mature.
    Must have a way to communicate via ventrillo/skype/mumble.

    You can contact me on skype.
    Skype: zynion

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    Hey guys i'm looking to Recruit anyone who's welling to play World Of Warcraft!.

    I'm looking for any ally or horde toon Pvp or Pve, I can also gave you a good Pvp experience, whatever your are comfortable Its fine by me.!!

    I have a level 13 guild looking to expanded, Our guild is kinda dead but i'm sure we can make things work! !!

    You can reach me at my skype: Roloc11010

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    Hi guys can someone please send an EU Scroll of resurrection to hulk-smash2010 at hotmail.co.uk please? Thanks.
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    I am looking for someone that i can recruit we can play Alliance ( Auchindon EU ) or Horde (Tarren mill eu ) send me a DM and we can talk about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wow-Knutt View Post
    Hi guys can someone please send an EU Scroll of resurrection to hulk-smash2010 at hotmail.co.uk please? Thanks.
    I've sent you a scroll! Enjoy.

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    I unsubscribed in November, is it possible to get an SoR? I am considering rejoining.


    Nevermind, guess im not coming back. :c
    Quote Originally Posted by Thruggy View Post
    Would blizzard really want to make another horde leader end boss of an expansion? Sylvanas is the last person who i would put in as a leader of the horde.

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    Hey guys i'm back and i'm here to recruit anyone who is welling to have a good time on World Of Warcraft.!

    I'm still looking for any ally or horde toon Pvp or Pve.. Please get at me A.S.A.P!

    My skype is: Roloc11010
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    looking to recruit, add me on skype
    skype : Khromix

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    Need someone to rez my account please PM me. US SERVER MALGANIS berger118 at gmail dot com
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    I can't PM because unfortunately I do not post... If you still need a res though please let me know.

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    Looking to recruit a new US player.I have experience (been playing since vanila wow ) and will guide you along the way as we level very very fast and I fill you in on anything you need to know about wow.
    Send me a PM either on this board , OR through skype : kazzakstan.
    I would like to do it on illidan -Horde (very good and popular horde server) and I am also very understanding and social and willing to work with you to have fun.

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    Looking to Be Recruited on any EU realms! Prefer High pop realm

    I provide:
    12+ hours playtime a day.
    6 years experience of the game.
    A Serious and Friendly player.
    Mount + 1 month Gametime for you, right after I have been recruited.
    I Don't need anything ingame, I will get it by myself.

    You Provide:
    Expansions for me

    If interested, send pm or add me on skype: Will-i-am12345

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    Looking to recruit someone on Al'akir Horde (EU)

    About Myself:
    - Played wow since early Ulduar with dk as main char all the way pretty much, always been a PVE hero with countless world top10 kills with Ensidia and Apex.

    My Supplies:
    - Bags
    - Gold
    - Level 25 guild
    - Friendly
    - Pretty much anything you'll need, you name it.

    Like you to provide:
    - Speak English
    - Be mature (+18 at least)
    - Dedication
    - Own keys
    - Be very active!

    Looking to level at least 2 chars, depending on how the first goes.

    Please pm me with some general info about who you are, remember to include Skype/Battletag/RealID at least.

    Not in FatSharkYes anymore as I quit long ago - Stop asking lul
    MY DK - "Stand in the fire, DPS higher!"

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    hey still looking?

    ---------- Post added 2013-02-09 at 03:17 PM ----------

    Fnx are you still looking for a Raf partner?

    ---------- Post added 2013-02-09 at 03:26 PM ----------

    Anyone looking to recruit anyone?
    Heres my Skype roloc11010 i live in FL if that helps you or anything lol thanks

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