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    Looking to be recruited US alliance! Prefer to be on stormrage because of the morning AM guilds and that works best with my schedule because I work night shifts!

    I can play all day and all night when I'm off work so hit me up with a PM!
    Stationed at McGuire, AFB.
    PC Specs: i5-3570K, GTX 690, Gigabyte UD5H, Corsair Vengeance 8GB, Corsair AX750, H100i, Phantom 630 case, Asus VH236H

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    Looking to recruit a friend.

    Us-Zul'jin Horde.

    I have 2 90s.
    looking to level up 3 toons.

    battle chest is only 5 dollars and i will not be able to pay for the game or game time for you. Pm or skype rehor22001
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    Looking for someone to recruit me.

    PREFER Ahn'Qiraj EU, but don't mind playing elsewhere as long as its EU and high pop.

    I've played wow since launch, took a break when mists launched, I have skype, I speak fluent English and am 19 years of age.

    Willing to level up as many toons as you wish, I enjoy leveling a lot. I require that you provide gold/L25guild/bags, etc. and the battlechest.

    SKYPE: Zighfread
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    Looking to resurrect one of you! I play on US servers an am willing to open a character on the server of your choice.

    PM me if you are interested in returning to WoW in style!

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    Looking to Recruit ON EU Ravencrest alliance i wanna level atleast 2 characters up to lvl 80 fast as possible i'm going monk tank on the first one mage on the second one i'll pay for your expenses ingame and you'll buy your game times and stuff pm me for

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    Quote Originally Posted by Araestira View Post
    Looking For Someone To Recruit Me. [US-Horde] (Any server, looking for a fresh start, preferably a low pop PvP server, but will go to any server really)

    I am looking for someone who can provide a friendly environmental for me.
    If you are looking for me to start on your server, I would appreciate it if you could potentially pay for my mount training, If what ever gold I get from leveling doesn't cover it.
    With starting on a new server, too, I wont have any heirlooms. So it would be a good idea if you didn't use any, to keep within range of the exp bonus

    I can provide a very positive playing time, and I can invest quite a lot of time to leveling as many characters as you would want.

    Please PM on here for my info, or for any questions or more info.
    Well I can't pm on site yet but I am interested in yur RAF could you please Skype me at jalen.strickland thanks

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    Tried this once, and it worked out great.

    Anyone looking to be recruited? Well then shoot me a PM or email @ [email protected] tell me about your self, how much you play, what your looking for, etc. I would rather people over the age of 18, but not needed.

    I don't provide gold (but can cover mounts and such), as I don't have a lot.
    I may be willing to pay for your battlechest. If you already have it, I'll buy you a month of game time.

    Mostly looking to level up 4-5 classes. I could also level up others if you'd like. though the mount would be nice. Currently play on Cenarion Circle and Arthas.

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    Looking to Recruit Someone.
    I can't buy your battlechest/game time, but can provide gold to cover all costs while leveling up (except 280%/310% flying).
    Looking to level up as many toons as possible on Alliance Aerie Peak - US.
    Send me a PM if interested.
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    Hey, been hoping to get back into wow as my account was stolen and banned looking to get recruited I'm available everyday and a experienced player.

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    hi kuruptzz or someone else i want someone to level 2-3 toon quickly like in 1 week inbox me

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    at purplesmoker1

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    my skype purplesmoker1

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    Hi i am searching for someone to resurrect me.

    Pleae PM me.

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    Got someone, thanks.
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    LOOKING for BEING raf-ed!

    I'm a very active player, since i played on the russian server, i wanna move to EU, so i need somebody that will raf me on EU servers.
    I just need someone that will provide for me the battlechest, i got a saved link from christmas for 5$ only, just add me on skype: twister20101.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tubesocks View Post
    Looking to Recruit ON EU Ravencrest alliance i wanna level atleast 2 characters up to lvl 80 fast as possible i'm going monk tank on the first one mage on the second one i'll pay for your expenses ingame and you'll buy your game times and stuff pm me for
    hey tubesocks, can u add me on skype so we can talk? i can't pm u here since i dont have 10 posts: twister20101 (my skypename)
    #sorry for doublepost
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    Still looking to RECRUIT(RAVENCREST-EU-Alliance)
    Me being the recruiter:
    Make sure you have gold for your needs
    I will invite you to a level 25 guild friendly guild
    I would also like you to have Teamspeak
    PREFERABLY English/Swedish
    You BUY the games for yourself

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    Looking for a scroll, please PM me!

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    I'm looking to be referred on an EU server.

    I've been playing wow off and on for a few years and have levelled a character upto level 86. I know the basics of the game well enough to level but I'm looking for someone to teach me pretty much everything about the game as I still have alot to learn. Looking for someone friendly and patient to level with me.

    I am able to buy battle chest and cataclysm but require you to buy mop right away as I'd like to be a pandaren.

    Send me a pm.

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    tubesocks can u freakin add me on skype? i can't even pm u , post some infos here where can i contact u. skype: twister20101

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    Nepean, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    I am LF Recruit A Friend person for US Dragonblight Alliance player

    What I am offering to the recruit;

    I can offer a large family oriented guild and personnely knowing the GM
    Enormus WOW knowledge base
    Leveling help
    Instances runs for Levels, Quest and Gear
    Play regualry at night for Eastern Standard time
    Riding in style as u head from one end of a zone to the other or from zone to zone if u find the Flight Paths to slow
    Willing to give 500 gold as starting cash
    Help obtaining profession mats via farming or through AH
    At mount training levels I will cover the mount training cost and the cost of purchasing one mount of that type (regular land, epic landm regular flying and epic flying mounts)
    All the vendor purcahse battle pets for alliance side that aren't rep based will work on the White Kitten for u just haven't been lucky yet.

    You as the recruit provide your games and gametime (60-Day GameCard preferable)

    PLEASE PLEASE PM me or Skype me at nicholas.viney

    Still looking have had 4 nipples but so far neither has bited into my request willing to use all my request to get as many bites in wow as I can.

    Well here is what I got for collectable wow stuff or what could be my WOW CV;


    177 mounts with 6 multi-player mounts, When I recruit u I add 1 mount to my count to have 178 and 7 multi-player mounts.

    Battle Pet;

    479 unique battle pets;
    3 battle pets currently at max level with 2 others raised to max level but due to making them rare they leveled down by 2
    128 Rare
    171 Uncommon
    75 Common
    105 Poor
    I never get duplicates and only get whatever rarity I can for the Battle Pet I can to add it to my collection to be fair to other players

    50+ Tabards with 2 sets of most of the Alliance Factional Tabards one set from Argent Crusade Tournment Grounds and the other set from the Factional Quartermaters that are champion tabards.

    One Level 90 Night Elf Hunter
    played a little bit on each of the other classes and most of the other races except for horde races mostly on Alliance side.

    11k Achievement points with over 50 different reputations at fully exalted. Can help u get achievements and factions to exalted as well as collect battle pets and mounts too. Tabards are the easiest thing to get once u start geting factions to exalted so not much help needed there except maybe gold help which I don't mind helping out.

    still looking got 18 request still unclaimed

    I missed the past 2 special*RAF*mounts blizzard has given out so this mount I don't want to miss PLEASE PLEASE CONTACT ME SOON via PMs here or skyping me at nicholas.viney
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    I'm looking to recruit someone on EU-Twisting Nether, I play horde. I've got experience with all chars so we can easily level.
    PM me or add me on skype: bladecris

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    [US-PVP server only] Looking to be recruited, I will provide for my own game and game time. I would prefer to be on a high pop server and alliance but thats not a big deal. I used to play quite a lot during BC, WOTLK and very little during CATA. I haven't tried MIST at all. I would like to start fresh so this would be my only account.

    Looking for:
    - someone that wants to level new characters, at least 1 (leveling is what I enjoyed the most back then), I am not looking for someone that only wants the mount.
    - someone that can provide enough gold to have a comfortable and fast leveling experience. the number of characters is all up to you, I don't really care.
    - I am 22 therefore I would prefer someone not too young.
    - Due to my school schedule I am currently available on (east coast) tuesday (afternoon), thursday (afternoon), friday and the weekends. (but that doesn't mean ill be playing all of those days all the time!)
    - someone that likes to chat and is friendly.

    email: [email protected]
    skype: can create one if you want?

    EDIT: found someone
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