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    Sorry, my account is not available for a SoR, thanks anyways

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krillionaire View Post
    are you on US or EU?
    who? /10char

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormwarrior View Post
    Looking to Recruit for EU ~ ASAP ! ! !


    Highly skilled and veteran of this game since last 6 years raiding at high level guilds/ leveling over a dozen characters to lvl 85/ 90 on old account x2.

    I Will be rolling different class Tanks, so am looking for a player whose interested to roll a healer or dps.

    Would like to start As Soon As Possible! Very Active Player.

    Providing all necessary Items to a comfortable RAF experience. Will pay additional 10k gold after 2 char to lvl 80.

    Expecting a good Player with the right attitude and wiling to buy his own Battlechest.

    I can buy you a expac providing you stick with me for ateast 3 chars to lvl 80.

    Can reply to this post or PM/ or Skype.

    Thanks and looking forward to having a Blast!

    Still Looking ~

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    Hi stormwarrior!
    I am currently looking for a RAF partner , I have done it with my irl friend 3 times so i'm more than capable of saying with it.
    I am from the UK and will be able to provide anything needed, but i am currently on a different realm so kinda useless.
    I will be able to buy the battle chest and will be more than happy to do more than 3 characters if you wanted!
    My battletag is BeatdownEU#2915
    give me a message on here or reply, am able to start immediately!

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    I'm looking to send a Scroll of Resurrection to someone who wants to resubscribe (EU).

    I can SoR you to any server, but if you move to my server, Outland (busiest server EU), I'll help you out with boosts and gold should you need it. Hell, I'll flat out give you a chunk of money if you sub so I can get my mount.

    Drop me a PM here with your email and I'll send you a scroll ASAP.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Still looking for someone to send a SoR to. Able to pay you if you are on The Maelstrom EU.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tofsen View Post
    Hey i just want someone to recruit as quicky as possible to get my characters leveled up as fast as possible
    i can level up as many as u want to. i can support with a booster and gold for starting + mount. I'll be playing warrior tank or hunter depends on what you pick


    you to buy GC=Gamecard
    For you to be 15+
    Able to Use skype
    Speak english
    To be available often on the day.

    willing to buy Battlechest
    10k on 2 lvl 80s

    contact me at skype > juster261
    still looking
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    Looking to be recruited on EU. Have a NA account looking for something new and exciting. I am wanting to level a lock first. Free this weekend for many hours of playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDavis View Post
    Looking to be recruited on EU. Have a NA account looking for something new and exciting. I am wanting to level a lock first. Free this weekend for many hours of playing.
    Add me on skype Chamar861 , done raf:ing before, glory of pandaria raider, 2,2k+ rating etc. Not a scrub nor a quitter. Playing EU

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    Hi there, I have a US SoR available for whomever needs one.

    Also, I am looking for someone to do RaF with.

    I have 3 Level 90s and 10 Level 85+ chars. Mostly play on weekends and a few hours some week nights. I live in New Zealand so GMT+12.

    Playing Horde on Tichondrius. Its a mostly pvp focused server and also a full server so there is occasional wait times for entering the server at peak US hours. Generally no longer than 5 mins.

    Please check your hours of availability to NZ time!

    If you are interested please PM me and i'll add you to skype. Or add me ohbleachy on skype

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    Quote Originally Posted by British Bulldowg View Post
    Hi everyone! I've played World of Warcraft a lot over the years but in the past 1-2 I've not played much at all. I have MoP and have levelled a Paladin to 88, everyone I used to play with have moved on a long time ago so I get bored playing alone.

    So basically what I'm looking for is someone to play casually with ( 1-2 hours a night in the week and more at weekends ). I don't mind starting fresh with new characters on a new server (eu) or if someone wants me to I can bring my paladin over to whatever server they want. I'm just looking for a buddy to play with :-). Someone that doesn't take this too seriously and just wants to have some fun. If that's you then send me a message and i'll get back to you as soon as I can.

    Thanks for reading! :-)

    Still looking for a levelling partner .

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    Ia am not looking for anything xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by British Bulldowg View Post
    Still looking for a levelling partner .
    Are you looking for a casual leveling partner, or do you want to RAF aswell? I am currently looking for a mate to recruit for some fast level 80+!

    Contact me on skype if intrested: ikriiiz

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    I can send you one but have you checked so you can take one?
    EU ONLY!

    1. Game inactive since before 4 March 2012 (not 2013!)

    2. Planning to re-sub?

    3. Never taken a scroll before?

    You can also check this on battlenet account - WoW -> Referals and rewards - click on scroll of ress and "recieved invitation". There you can see if it's available for you.

    To get your scroll invite sent immediatly add me on skype: Chamar861
    You can also pm me here on mmo-champ
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    Looking for RAF Partner to Level on Blackrock EU or Aegwynn EU.

    I want to recruit you to gamble together 1-3 characters to 80. If interested, get in touch with me

    P.S I have the Mount already only need a RAF Partner with Time

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    Have a US scroll if anyone is in need. Shoot me a pm and it will be on it's way.

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    LF someone for US SoR please

    update: Got one, thanks!
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    PM sent /10char

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    Hey guys
    I'm looking to either recruit or being recruited.
    If i am the one being recruited, i would provide my own battlechest, and RAF a few toons with you. You would have to pay for all mount training(up to 280%flying)

    Note: I'm only doing this because i want to start an allience character, and if you are the one being recruited,
    i wouldent mind paying for 280% flying and mount training, Server doesent matter to me, but i would prefer a balanced pvp server. I'm looking to create either a hunter or warrior depending what you chose to play.

    You can reach me here or on skype
    Skype: Thedud33

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    Post Recruiting

    Looking To Recruit.

    What I'm looking for and providing!...

    Battle Chest will be supplied, not game time.
    Oceanic Realms, Prefer Frostmourne. Horde or Alliance.
    Leveling 15-80 through dungeons. (Will que for BG's if you feel like one)
    I am available most day and would like for you to have a good amount of free time as well!
    Three+ characters to level to 80 over the course of our 3 month period. ( No DK's)
    Someone who is nice and somewhat experienced. Someone who isn't rude and doesn't complain, either.

    If you come over to Frostmourne, I can provide bags, and Gold for mounts.

    Living in Western Australia, ( GMT +8)
    Skype: Wiseyy94

    Ingame BT: Impulse#1452

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