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    please RAF me, i can NOT provide with anything, next month or the one after i maby can buy game time.
    i know much about the game. im 25years old and broke. peace

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    Looking for a EU leveling partner.
    I've got an account already so it would be cool if i could send you a RaF, would play Alliance if that's possible.

    Kind regards,


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    PM Me for SoR EU or recruited on EU.

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    LF SoR EU, PM me or skype, tcarlsen86
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    Quote Originally Posted by immoralsoul View Post
    LF SoR EU, PM me
    hey i cant Pm skype me on lobba123456789

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    if someone is looking for someone to lvl with i am willing to do either or. take a RaF or be the RaF. im on quite a bit<usally from 9am till 11pm(or a bit later, est)>. raid 2 days a week<tues and sun>. for either or we can work out a deal with game time, <again depending on who is recruiting>. im very easy going and like to joke around and have fun, so no tight asses. i got vent mumble and skype. ive been playing since vanilla so i know my way around the game as well, so no hand holding on either side plz.i like to just get shit down and have no issue with chain running instances or pvp but DO NOT like questing. im on US alex<ally side> PM me on here or hit me up in game, toon is Ridamark.

    just to clear up small things, if i am to be the one you are recruiting, you setup the RaF account with the game and time, you keep all the toons and the granted lvls. does not matter to me if you play EU or US. just lemmie know.im 30 and like to just dive into it and go go go. =D

    also, no nubz. ty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warwulf View Post

    I'm looking for someone to hit me with a SoR US. I need a Kel'thuzad Alliance invite.
    Sent it! Pm me, email me at wowgamerzero1(at)gmail(dot)com, or skype me at alphawolfjmi!

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    Hey, I'm looking to recruit someone, we'll preferably be on the US server: Illidan and on the Horde faction.
    I'll also be rolling a shaman so I can go heals for faster ques if needed.

    What I provide:
    - 5000 gold
    - I'll pay for all of your expenses (Skills, mounts, gear, etc.)
    - My time and experience

    What you provide:

    Just bring yourself and the game

    Add my skype: deadly_srs
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    Looking for EU SoR! immoralsouleu at gmail !

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    Hello Dear

    Scrapping this. I no longer have enough time to warrant a RAF request.
    Thanks for the pm's I have received.


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    Quote Originally Posted by immoralsoul View Post
    Looking for EU SoR! immoralsouleu at gmail !
    Sent one to ya.
    Surrounded by idiots

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    hey guys can some1 make a char on Earthen Ring EU allie side add "Vew" to friends and send me a SoR

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    Quote Originally Posted by darrohellcry View Post
    hey guys can some1 make a char on Earthen Ring EU allie side add "Vew" to friends and send me a SoR
    I'm sure youl need to be logged in in order to accept the friends request? thus making you illeligible for SoR, best bet is to give someone your e-mail address so they can send you a SoR

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    Send your friend a Scroll of Resurrection by clicking below. You may also invite a friend via your World of Warcraft in-game friends list or guild roster. Your friend will receive an email containing the invitation.
    u dont need to accept the fr request u can add any1 to ur friends list

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    Looking for a RAF Partner who would like to level on KT Alli. I recruit you. I can more than likely get gold, I intend to level a Monk then switch to a DK at 55. No preference in race. Holyshock13 at gmail

    Please don't be 12.

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    Im looking to do RAF on US servers. I would Prefer Horde Kil'jaeden but im open to other servers and factionI would like 1 toon to be on Kil'Jaedon. If we level on Kil'jaeden I can provide gold and bags.

    I would prefer to recruit you.
    I dont care what faction we go to.
    I prefer PVP servers but Im willing to go PVE, also prefer medium-high pop servers.
    Can match almost anyone's play times.

    Pretty knowledgeable about the game. Looking for a new friend or group of friends in the gaming community. I dont have many friends that play wow any more.

    About me:
    played since vanilla
    Just coming back to the game.

    pm me here or email me at [email protected]
    (send me your skype info if you have it)

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    Looking to Recruit someone US Server Mal'ganis HORDE.
    Message me here.
    Taking serious inquiries only.

    ((Those who actually follow through will receive a great chunk of gold to start out!))

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    Willing to send a scroll of resurrection on EU. PM me.
    System Specs -
    CPU - i5 2500k @ 5ghz | CPU Cooler - RASA RX240 | Motherboard - Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z/Gen3| GPU - Nvidia GTX 590|
    SSD - Crucial M4 128GB | RAM - 8GB Corsair Vengeance | PSU - Corsair TX850M | Case - CoolerMaster HAF 922
    | Monitor - Crossover 27Q (2560x1440) | Sidewinder X4 Keyboard |

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    ok so i read that "You may also invite a friend via your World of Warcraft in-game friends list or guild roster." so can some1 send me a SoR by adding Vew on Earthen Ring EU allie side

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