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    Offering help with RaF-ing EU/US realms

    to be very precise, you want fast lvl80 char than I can help you.
    You will buy me battlechest and we play together, I dont care about fraction and realm( low, high, locked, recomended).

    Step by step:

    step 1: you need fast level 80 char
    step 2: accept me on skype:vladimir.baralic92
    step 3: send me battlechest key
    step 4: send me wow inv
    step 5: making RaF-ing chars
    step 6: playing and dinging your desire class char
    step 7: the end
    step 8: if you need more we can arange further playing but lets first start playing

    - skype: vladimir.baralic92
    - aim: baralic11

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    Looking for a SOR.


    Pm me for my email.


    Raf would be sweet as well

    But you pay for ( chest ) all and when @ 90 ill buy the 2 months gametime.

    15 yr olds plz do not reply. ty

    Played for 8 years, a lot! Know my way around. Leveling can be fast as ***
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    fuck this shit man I'm going to sleep

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    Yo guys EU (UK) Active, friendly player here looking to be recruited.

    Have played since vanilla know the ins and outs of the game, played about every race and class and had rank one gladiator, sold my account a couple months back and looking to get back into the game,
    I would need battle chest bought for me it's easy to send via gift and is about £10...
    In return you'll get free month gametime + mount + a bunch of chars leveled up super quick,

    skype is taylor.hagg

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    Looking to recruit (me send you inv)

    Recently came back to the game, looking to recruit someone to SAURFANG Oceanic Server (US client) on Alliance (we can do a Hordie too, prefer a diff realm tho)
    I can get you bags and everything.
    I'm friendly, and shy, and I won't force you to play 24/7.
    I am very active though, unless I get called in to work (every other day or so)
    Hit me up:
    Skype: lolimadog666

    I won't force you to go into a Skype call with me if your not comfortable

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    Looking to be recruited on US servers. I don't mind what server we play on and I'm available most of the time so leveling won't be difficult. All I expect is for you to pay for the battlechest. I've been ripped off the last couple times I've RAFed and had someone just stop leveling with me. I don't mind leveling multiple characters. My skype's shika201111

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    Hey looking for a SOR, coming back to wow since uni has finally finished, last time i played was when firelands was out. PM if you want to drop a SOR invite will be subbing.

    morphx3me(@)gmail (.) com

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    LF a RAF on Durotan-US horde side, looking to level alts and want to make it quicker. Pm me if anyone is interested. Can provide a little bit of gold and materials for professions.

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    Looking to RaF with somoene. I have played since launch and i know my way around the world and i can help you find fast ways to level. I can also send SoR to anyone who needs it. send me a PM if interested in RaF and if you want me to send you a SoR.

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    Looking for someone to RaF with. I'm gonna buy the game so i'll just need someone to level with. Would be cool if you would provide with bags and stuff though.

    Can play on any EU server, doesn't really matter which one. Just add me on skype and we'll talk more there about how we're gonna do it!
    I'm 21 years old and from sweden.

    doctorfeelgood90 - Skype

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    Windows 2008 Server :
    CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K 3.40GHz
    RAM: 8GB 1333MHZ DDR3 Non-Ecc Cl9 DIMM KIT2 B (x2)
    HDD: WD Caviar Black 500GB Sata3 7200RPM 32MB (x2)
    Mainboard: Asus S1155 P67 DDR3 USB3 SATA6 FW MATX
    Only one rule - u come under our domain.
    90% of donations to you and your team. Full desktop acess to server and you can choose what u want add (version,server type,any custom things utc.)

    More info skype - cuemur

    We can deal with your domain only it's not hosted on this pc anymore (still free)

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    Hi chaps, long time reader first time registered user...

    I'm going to buy some game time for my unsubbed account. Been out of it for about 8 months, anyone fancy the free mount??

    To clarify, I'm looking for a SoR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matskiosauru View Post
    Hi chaps, long time reader first time registered user...

    I'm going to buy some game time for my unsubbed account. Been out of it for about 8 months, anyone fancy the free mount??

    To clarify, I'm looking for a SoR.
    I've sent you a PM!

    BUT only accounts inactive after March 2012 are eligible, so I think 8 months is too short.
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    Cheers, can't reply as I've less than 10 posts... Hmm, my last activity was Nov '12 so might be out of look, will look into it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matskiosauru View Post
    Cheers, can't reply as I've less than 10 posts... Hmm, my last activity was Nov '12 so might be out of look, will look into it.
    Go into account, go into WoW1/2/3, referrals and rewards, SoR, and received invitations. It'll tell you if you're eligible.

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    Edit: nevermind.
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    Looking to recruit someone on US Horde! Can provide some gold and will roll a healer or tank for fast queues, fast leveling!

    [email protected]

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    Looking to recruit someone or someone who I can use a Scroll of Resurrection on. I'm willing to roll a tank class for fast queues if necessary. I also have Skype and pretty flexible hours. I'm on Argent Dawn EU, horde side!

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    Looking to recruit someone on EUW or send a scroll just PM me.

    Played since Vanilla haven't been playing MoP much would like to play again have 33k gold on Draenor server horde side if interested playing there.

    *old signature is old*
    MoP Noob

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    I'm looking to recruit or be recruited

    If you want to recruit me please provide me with the following things
    -Battle Chest (If I see you are playing alot and we are leveling fast ill buy myself cata + mop)
    -If you want to level super fast please provide gold for bags (you don't HAVE to)
    -Some time to level up
    Skype : WordSpy


    If you want me to recruit you
    Just add me on skype: wordspy

    I want to level up many alts.

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    Looking for someone to invite as a RaF buddy.

    What I bring:
    - 13/13HM Current Raider as a MW Monk.
    - 2900 3's exp as Rogue.
    - 5 time Rank One title holder.
    - Available whenever you want to play.
    - I'd like to level 2-3 toons to 80.
    - Horde would be preferred on Tichondrious.
    - I'm able to carry or just do 2's/3's with you to help you cap your conquest points when we hit 90.

    What you bring:
    - Battlechest and CD keys for cata/mop.
    - Ability to play for hours on end without breaks, and to competently play the class that you roll.

    We'll both be starting fresh on a brand new server, so it will be a few days before I can provide either of us with flying, bags and things of the

    Message me here, or add me on Skype if you're interested.
    Skype; Midnight669.
    I will be checking back in tomorrow some time for messages, I will most likely not reply to anything in this forum post.

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