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    Hi chaps, long time reader first time registered user...

    I'm going to buy some game time for my unsubbed account. Been out of it for about 8 months, anyone fancy the free mount??

    To clarify, I'm looking for a SoR.
    I've sent you a PM!

    BUT only accounts inactive after March 2012 are eligible, so I think 8 months is too short.
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    Cheers, can't reply as I've less than 10 posts... Hmm, my last activity was Nov '12 so might be out of look, will look into it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matskiosauru View Post
    Cheers, can't reply as I've less than 10 posts... Hmm, my last activity was Nov '12 so might be out of look, will look into it.
    Go into account, go into WoW1/2/3, referrals and rewards, SoR, and received invitations. It'll tell you if you're eligible.

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    Edit: nevermind.
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    Looking to recruit someone or someone who I can use a Scroll of Resurrection on. I'm willing to roll a tank class for fast queues if necessary. I also have Skype and pretty flexible hours. I'm on Argent Dawn EU, horde side!

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    Looking to recruit someone on EUW or send a scroll just PM me.

    Played since Vanilla haven't been playing MoP much would like to play again have 33k gold on Draenor server horde side if interested playing there.

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    MoP Noob

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    I'm looking to recruit or be recruited

    If you want to recruit me please provide me with the following things
    -Battle Chest (If I see you are playing alot and we are leveling fast ill buy myself cata + mop)
    -If you want to level super fast please provide gold for bags (you don't HAVE to)
    -Some time to level up
    Skype : WordSpy


    If you want me to recruit you
    Just add me on skype: wordspy

    I want to level up many alts.

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    Looking for someone to invite as a RaF buddy.

    What I bring:
    - 13/13HM Current Raider as a MW Monk.
    - 2900 3's exp as Rogue.
    - 5 time Rank One title holder.
    - Available whenever you want to play.
    - I'd like to level 2-3 toons to 80.
    - Horde would be preferred on Tichondrious.
    - I'm able to carry or just do 2's/3's with you to help you cap your conquest points when we hit 90.

    What you bring:
    - Battlechest and CD keys for cata/mop.
    - Ability to play for hours on end without breaks, and to competently play the class that you roll.

    We'll both be starting fresh on a brand new server, so it will be a few days before I can provide either of us with flying, bags and things of the

    Message me here, or add me on Skype if you're interested.
    Skype; Midnight669.
    I will be checking back in tomorrow some time for messages, I will most likely not reply to anything in this forum post.

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    LF someone to REVIVE on EU servers - Throw me a PM and we'll chat!
    Be strong, Clarence! Be strong for mother!

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    Edit: Meh, not eligible... forget it :-(
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    Looking for someone to Scroll of Res me. US Servers.

    PM me asap for info.

    If your on a Illidan or Tich Horde, even better.
    Professor Necomi - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte.../Necomi/simple
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    Looking for someone to recruit on Outland EU Alliance!

    It will be quick and painless, and I have the necessary gold needed for everything!
    Most of all, it will be fun! - If you are up for it, PM me.

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    I'm levelling a new character on Aerie Peak and wondered if anybody would be interested in teaming up with RAF?

    Myself being the recruiter.

    You'll get an invite into a level 25 guild
    Please have experience with the game
    I'm looking for somebody who will play a few hours every day so we can reach top level asap.

    I'll play as a tank or a healer to get access to instant queues.

    Let me know here if you are interested.

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    Offering SoR on Outlands EU Alliance side:
    Be sure that your account has not been active after March 4th, 2012. Active includes both free gametime given through promotions and paid gametime.

    You may PM me with BNet email or the character it should affect and the realm.

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    Wanting to level a new character Alliance side (US). Looking to be recruited.
    What I need from you:
    To level with me? (this is raf afterall...)
    Possibly some gold for mount training cost
    The rest I will handle/pay for myself.
    Please pm if you're interested.
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    Do you play EU or US?
    I cant pm u as just made account.
    If u play eu then id be happy to recruit and play with u.
    I am active and can supply some gold/bags.
    Add me on skype if ur interested: brynrules29

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    Hey I'm looking to recruit someone on Sargeras-US. I play Alliance and would love to level with someone else. I just got my wisdom teeth removed so I'll be playing nonstop for the next week!

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    Need SoR. Will be paying tonight if I can get this done now.

    PM me for my email. This is for US Servers.

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    hey im intersted but i cant pm for some retarded reason
    my skype33dror

    i can suply you with what you need and im mostly looking for a partner to play wow with.

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