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    Looking for someone to give SoR on any EU realm - Send me a PM and we'll talk. :3
    Be strong, Clarence! Be strong for mother!

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    Looking for a Raf person to level with any realm! but if you chose aggramar-us ill start you off with 500g free i have skype! (fejj.gaming)

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    Looking for a Raf person to level with any realm! but if you chose aggramar-us ill start you off with 500g free i have skype! (fejj.gaming)

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    Looking for a RAF i will request you need someone who plays alot... i will play anything... just send me a invite on skype or emal (skype: fejj.gaming) jacobsmith0899 (a) gmail

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    Looking to be recruited on EU Outland PvP server. I will buy battle chest and game time. Just message me here!

    I am playing a lot as I want to get my Human Hunter to 80+ ASAP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bayroadbubba71 View Post
    Looking for SoR please. Already have the 2 month card in my hand

    Ally side please
    Reply me with ur email and if I get the Spectral Gryphon I would pay u even if ur not my realm I have pets in the same worth as the gold. Thanks in advance.

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    Looking to recruit some who can be super active and smash toons to 80. You pay for all of your own account stuff, i can help with bags and gold etc. Looking for Darkspear US (Alliance) If anyone is interested we can go hard and get ALOT of characters level up. Skype: MysticalDzn

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    Still looking to get recruited gonna buy all exp

    Alliance pvp server EU

    What u need to have is gold for riding skills - 310
    Gold for 2 profs i wanna lvl - whatever profs i wanna lvl
    and some gold

    I'm a player playing since vanilla so i have the exp i have time and not a noob add me on skype for more info

    Don't bother adding if u don't got the gold for the riding skills + profs etc

    Skype Qinoac

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    looking for a SoR for Outland EU Alliance, please PM me

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaunlet View Post
    looking for a SoR for Outland EU Alliance, please PM me
    Can send you one, but cannot PM yet, just need b.net e-mail if you're willing to post it.

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    Able to grant SoR on Outland-EU alliance side. PM me for info.

    Also looking to be recruited Horde-side EU (prefer a high/locked realm) to level up at least 4 toons (or more) before September. I have plenty of time, full game experience, as well as general class experience. Starting playing before the Burning Crusade. Want to experience the horde side of things as well. You will provide everything needed to get started (gametime/keys) but gold/items/bags aren't a necessity. You can reroll to a new account/server if you want to.

    It's import that you want to powerlevel right now, because as of September my time will be limited during school.

    PM for more info. ^^

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    Looking to Be Recruited on any EU realms!
    I can also play on US if needed!

    I provide:
    12+ hours playtime a day.
    6 years experience of the game.
    A Serious and Friendly player.
    Mount + 1 month Gametime for you.
    I Don't need anything ingame, I will get it by myself.
    I will/can always take a tank/healer for fast dungeon queues

    You Provide:
    Expansions for me.

    If interested, send pm or add me on skype: Will-i-am12345

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    Looking someone to recruit on EU Horde, i provide many hours of playtime per day, 5years experience of the game . PM me if ur interested

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    Offering help with RaF-ing EU/US realms

    to be very precise, you want fast lvl80 char than I can help you.
    You will buy me battlechest and we play together, I dont care about fraction and realm( low, high, locked, recomended).

    Step by step:

    step 1: you need fast level 80 char
    step 2: accept me on skype:vladimir.baralic92
    step 3: send me battlechest key
    step 4: send me wow inv
    step 5: making RaF-ing chars
    step 6: playing and dinging your desire class char
    step 7: the end
    step 8: if you need more we can arange further playing but lets first start playing

    - skype: vladimir.baralic92
    - aim: baralic11

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    Looking for a SOR.


    Pm me for my email.


    Raf would be sweet as well

    But you pay for ( chest ) all and when @ 90 ill buy the 2 months gametime.

    15 yr olds plz do not reply. ty

    Played for 8 years, a lot! Know my way around. Leveling can be fast as ***
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    fuck this shit man I'm going to sleep

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    Yo guys EU (UK) Active, friendly player here looking to be recruited.

    Have played since vanilla know the ins and outs of the game, played about every race and class and had rank one gladiator, sold my account a couple months back and looking to get back into the game,
    I would need battle chest bought for me it's easy to send via gift and is about £10...
    In return you'll get free month gametime + mount + a bunch of chars leveled up super quick,

    skype is taylor.hagg

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    Looking to recruit (me send you inv)

    Recently came back to the game, looking to recruit someone to SAURFANG Oceanic Server (US client) on Alliance (we can do a Hordie too, prefer a diff realm tho)
    I can get you bags and everything.
    I'm friendly, and shy, and I won't force you to play 24/7.
    I am very active though, unless I get called in to work (every other day or so)
    Hit me up:
    Skype: lolimadog666

    I won't force you to go into a Skype call with me if your not comfortable

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    Looking to be recruited on US servers. I don't mind what server we play on and I'm available most of the time so leveling won't be difficult. All I expect is for you to pay for the battlechest. I've been ripped off the last couple times I've RAFed and had someone just stop leveling with me. I don't mind leveling multiple characters. My skype's shika201111

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    Hey looking for a SOR, coming back to wow since uni has finally finished, last time i played was when firelands was out. PM if you want to drop a SOR invite will be subbing.

    morphx3me(@)gmail (.) com

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    LF a RAF on Durotan-US horde side, looking to level alts and want to make it quicker. Pm me if anyone is interested. Can provide a little bit of gold and materials for professions.

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    Looking to RaF with somoene. I have played since launch and i know my way around the world and i can help you find fast ways to level. I can also send SoR to anyone who needs it. send me a PM if interested in RaF and if you want me to send you a SoR.

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    Looking for someone to RaF with. I'm gonna buy the game so i'll just need someone to level with. Would be cool if you would provide with bags and stuff though.

    Can play on any EU server, doesn't really matter which one. Just add me on skype and we'll talk more there about how we're gonna do it!
    I'm 21 years old and from sweden.

    doctorfeelgood90 - Skype

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