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    Hello I am looking to RaF someone on the EU servers!
    I am currently on horde side on the realm Sylvanas, but I would like to re-roll on Frostwhisper using RaF, skype is a must have along with a mic, and fluent English as well
    I would prefer to roll horde but I can make exceptions if you are dead set on alliance.

    Information about me:
    I am 16, my names Euan and I live in Scotland.
    I can be on when ever you want basically, bar college days where I will not be on from 9-5 (Wed,Thursday, Friday).
    I would prefer to RaF with someone close to my age but as long as you are mature it doesn't really matter

    Please inbox me if you are interested, I am only willing to level on the realm Frostwhisper (which is actually a good realm now, as of Free character migration), I look forward to any replies!

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    Looking to recruit a US player on the servers Alterac Mountains or Shattered hand. horde or alliance is fine.

    Ill provide gold, a lvl 25 guild and the battlechest (if its still a decent price).

    Message me on here or skype: craigery81

    must be willing to play at night from 5pm to 10pm...must be focused on leveling fast and must do at least 2 toons. Thanks!
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    Oh.. My.. God..
    This is petty beyond belief.

    Why dont we start complaining about how M&Ms should be color coded while we're at it?
    Or how it should be called a Burger with Cheese because Cheeseburger is misleading?

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    Looking to Recruit a US player on Alliance side Tichondrus Server. Willing to supply you with gold for everything from mounts to 1 or 2 BOE epics once you hit 90 etc. Up to 50k gold. You supply your own keys and game time. Starting tonight. Contact via aim sk8rdumbass69. and put in some way for me to contact you. Have lvl 25 guild, experienced top raiding guild player looking to do this quickly. I will be rolling healer for ques would prefer if you roll a class that can tank but not required.

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    Looking for a SOR, you must provide a code for gametime or pandaria expansion if you want the mount, pm me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rinnegan View Post
    need somebody to recruit me!
    i want to level 2 chars on level 80 and i need gold for professions ... you have to be on an EU-high-pop-PvP-Server (like outland, stormscale....) I provide bchest, xpansions and of course 2 months of playtime => 30 days free and mount for you!! PM me
    Hello, Rinnegan. Let's talk through email: alex_l1 (at) bezeqint (dot) net because I can't pm you here - not enough rights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rinnegan View Post
    looking for someone to recruit me on any high-pop english PvP EU Server! (stormscale,outland or similar)

    I want to level 2 chars to 80 and I need gold for professions

    i provide battlechest, expansion and two months of game-time

    pm me if interested
    I would like to recruit you, sent a PM
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    Looking to recruit someone interested in leveling a few alliance characters. I will be on twisting nether-us but you can level on whatever server you like since we will be doing mostly dungeons for fast leveling. I am completely rerolling to alliance because i am bored with my horde toons so i won't have any gold to start with but when i start accumulating some i will provide bags/mounts when i can. I have a few weeks free with no work coming up so i will have plenty of time to level. If interested shoot me a pm with skype name or email for faster contact.

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    Looking to RAF

    - Spanish Speaker
    - Latin American Realms
    - You Provide your Own Keys
    - I can play up to 6 hrs / day
    - Willing to lvl up at least 3 chars

    Contact me

    Skype : inmortal-antihumano

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    Quote Originally Posted by khromix View Post
    LF someone to recruit me, and give me battlechest (will take Cata and MoP if you want to lvl that far). Any server is fine, i need to be on us tho! I'm doing this because I want to get back into the game after a long break. I'm looking to lvl a few characters to 80. I will also keep playing and pay for my own gametime after the first 30 days

    Skype: Khromix

    or pm me.
    Still looking!!!

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    I'm looking to recruit someone to area 52 Horde. I'm looking to level a lot of characters quickly and efficiently. I've been playing WOW since release date and am a very experienced player and have knowledge of everything in the game. I am very helpful and i am willing to pay for mounts flying bags and whatever you need. I am on almost all the time everyday and am willing to play often and whenever. If you are someone who is interested please contact me through email at Joeromanobass at live dot com
    Skype: - HeyLyrics

    Looking forward to leveling with u!

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    Looking for RAF

    - EU Realms
    - Eng/Swe Speakers
    - 6h/day
    - You will send me RAF
    - Horde

    Contact me on skype for more info: niklashuru
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    Quote Originally Posted by degis View Post
    Looking for RAF

    - EU Realms
    - Eng/Swe Speakers
    - 6h/day
    - You will send me RAF
    - Horde

    Contact me on skype for more info: niklashuru
    Added you

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    Looking to send someone a Scroll of Resurrection if anyone is looking to receive one. Send me a pm or an email with the subject "sor" at my hotmail account, infernal_hero.

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    Looking for someone to send me a RaF on american servers, I would prefer to play on a pvp world and normally will play about 3-4 hours a day starting at around 5pm central.
    also, im trying to decide between druid, monk and pally, mainly for tank/dps, if you could make a suggestion as to which one you enjoy and why thatd be awesome, thanks

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    Looking to Be Recruited on any EU realms! Prefer High pop realm

    I provide:
    12+ hours playtime a day.
    6 years experience of the game.
    A Serious and Friendly player.
    Gamecards for both of us.
    Mount + 1 month Gametime for you, right after I have been recruited.
    I Don't need anything ingame, I will get it by myself.
    Willing to Pay for 2-3 extra months for you.

    You Provide:
    Expansions for me

    If interested, send pm or add me on skype: Will-i-am12345

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    Hello I am looking to recruit someone that wants to level fast and level several 80's or even 90's together. I am on A LOT! so it would be a plus if you were on a lot as well. We will mostly be be dungeon grinding because that's pretty much the fastest exp for Recruit a friend.

    I will provide:
    -Battle chest (comes with World of Warcraft up to WOTLK + 1 month game time)
    -A experienced player.

    So if you are interested please add my Skype (Vellasi) i'll be on probably for the rest of the night, so if you wanna message me i'll respond. Thanks so much!

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    Hey, My account has been inactive for over a year and I'm looking for a Scroll of Resurrection to US-Illidian. My email is a v i l a 7 2 4 AT g m a i l DOT c o m without the spaces. Thank you very much.
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    Im looking for someone to recruit me or someone to recruit for EU WoW.

    Add me on Skype at N0085T3RG0D and we will discuss everything from there.

    I am looking for someone who can level very fast with me from 1-90 in less than three days hopefully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjv08 View Post
    Hey, My account has been inactive for over a year and I'm looking for a Scroll of Resurrection to US-Illidian. My email is a v i l a 7 2 4 AT g m a i l DOT c o m without the spaces. Thank you very much.
    sent a SOR

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    Looking to send a Scroll of Resurrection, please PM me or send a message to aj_hix36 AT hot mail DOT com

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