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    Hello I am looking to recruit someone that wants to level fast and level several 80's or even 90's together. I am on A LOT! so it would be a plus if you were on a lot as well. We will mostly be be dungeon grinding because that's pretty much the fastest exp for Recruit a friend.

    I will provide:
    -Battle chest (comes with World of Warcraft up to WOTLK + 1 month game time)
    -A experienced player.

    So if you are interested please add my Skype (Vellasi) i'll be on probably for the rest of the night, so if you wanna message me i'll respond. Thanks so much!

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    Hey, My account has been inactive for over a year and I'm looking for a Scroll of Resurrection to US-Illidian. My email is a v i l a 7 2 4 AT g m a i l DOT c o m without the spaces. Thank you very much.
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    Im looking for someone to recruit me or someone to recruit for EU WoW.

    Add me on Skype at N0085T3RG0D and we will discuss everything from there.

    I am looking for someone who can level very fast with me from 1-90 in less than three days hopefully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjv08 View Post
    Hey, My account has been inactive for over a year and I'm looking for a Scroll of Resurrection to US-Illidian. My email is a v i l a 7 2 4 AT g m a i l DOT c o m without the spaces. Thank you very much.
    sent a SOR

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    Looking to send a Scroll of Resurrection, please PM me or send a message to aj_hix36 AT hot mail DOT com

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    looking to send out Scrolls of Resurrection, send a email to me at lordanubis6238atgmail.com.
    My main toons are on Aggramarr/alliance.
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    Need an EU Scroll please! Will be purchasing on Tuesday!

    [email protected]
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    Hey MMO Community!

    I am looking to get Recruited. I am looking to join the EU Servers, As I am dedicated more in Europe now.

    --What I have--

    I plan to play ALOT at nights. Night times mainly, We'll talk about it more on skype.
    Will need a way to buy the digital purchase, Unless you can give me the keys, Then it will negate some of the things i want.

    If you buy me the Digital Purchase, All the way up to Cataclysm, I will not require gold, I will not require flying, Paid professions, I will only want bags, Plus, you're getting a good deal out of all of it. I will definitely be there to level many toons with you, I do have experience as i have a US account, I just don't really play it anymore.

    If you don't buy me the Digital stuff, I will require gold, Flying, paid professions, as well as bags. Think carefully !

    I'm mainly a PvPer! I love to PvP! Would love if we joined a PvP Server, or if you had experience on your current server, that works as well! Thanks!

    Please, Quickly, or skype me narcotics1995.
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    I need one at [email protected] instead! sorry wrong account D:

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    Quote Originally Posted by killer1087 View Post
    I need one at rent2high instead! sorry wrong account D:
    sent from my account

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    Looking to Be Recruited on any EU realms! Prefer High pop realm

    I provide:
    12+ hours playtime a day.
    6 years experience of the game.
    A Serious and Friendly player.
    Gamecards for both of us.
    Mount + 1 month Gametime for you, right after I have been recruited.
    I Don't need anything ingame, I will get it by myself.
    Willing to Pay for 2-3 extra months for you.

    You Provide:
    Expansions for me

    If interested, send pm or add me on skype: Will-i-am12345

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    Looking for someone to recruit me, and provide battlechest + Cata&MoP on EU servers.
    What u get from me :
    - I am 22year old , 4years exp wow player , fast lvler etc etc
    - you chosing faction and realm
    - leveling as many chars as you want (all to lvl 90 ofc)
    - i also got many friends on horde and aliance side (so boosting in instances wont be problem)
    - i will continue to play on this acc and will pay for gametimes after first 30days ..
    So all i want is expansions and we gona rush ..

    skype : ddynnoo or pm me here ..

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    Looking to send someone a RaF invitation, if anyone is interested!
    I play on Wyrmrest accord and Moon Guard US side, two RP servers! I have tons of free time on my hands, so I'll be able to play as much as YOU! I can't provide the game or game time, unfortunately, but I CAN provide a fun person to play with while leveling up a few alts to 80 quickly and easily!

    If interested, e-mail me at forevererika22 at hotmail!

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    Looking for a SOR, you must provide a code for gametime or pandaria expansion if you want the mount, pm me!

    If you want the mount, this will be a 100% chance you'll get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragon-z View Post
    i'm looking to be recruited on english EU servers
    if you provide the expansions
    i have 60 days game time ready to add to my account
    i can help you with your professions by gathering mats
    if you want send me email on : [email protected]
    still looking

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    Hello guys

    Looking for RAF

    - Eng/Pol Speakers
    - few h/day
    - You will send me RAF
    - Horde
    - 2-3 80 lvl characters
    - any high pop eu English realm
    Contact me via setttlers at GMAIL/or here
    Can play tank/healer 3 years of exp but i need at last one dps character (mage:P)

    Am on EU servers and please contact me b4 send a inv cos we need to talk a bit
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    Quote Originally Posted by dragon-z View Post
    still looking
    No one in their right mind will provide the expansions along with the raf. That's basically having someone to buy you the entire game and give you the benefits of raf, which alone is more than enough.

    Also, if someone wants to be recruited on Sylvanas EU (Alliance ) contact me here or in PM. I feel like creating a worgen nowadays
    (providing gold, help, mats, etc )

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    Want to get Recruited? Need an EU Scroll of Resurrection?

    SoR can be requested for any EU realm and Faction, just include the details!

    I am mainly playing on The Maelstorm EU.
    Contact me at [email protected]

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    Looking for a person to be recruited by me.

    This message is not intended for use by gold sellers because no benefits will be provided other than those which are traditionally given by Blizzard. No additional IRL or in-game money should be expected.

    Contact email:
    alex_l1 ((at)) bezeqint ((dot)) net

    Thank you.

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    Already found what im looking for Sorry guys!

    Hi! Im looking to be recruited!

    Im a 24 year old guy from EU (Sweden). Im looking for a mature guy/girl who would want to recruit me and get back to wow (have not played Pandaria).
    I mostly have time to play during the evenings and weekends, so im probably what you call a "casual" player when it comes to time i can spend on the game. I have leveled some different classes in the past but i dont mind getting a few up to 80 if you are up for it aswell.

    I have already bought a copy of the battle chest but since im a student i wouldent mind if the person who recruits me could help me out with the first month or so (no requirement what so ever tho)

    Iv always played on PVP realms before (pretty high pop) so i pref if we go on some populated PVP server. Iv also played Alliance for 90% of my gametime so i prefer Alliance over Horde but im open for suggestions. I see this as an oppertunity to get to know someone aswell while we play and talk on skype or such, makes the game ten times more enjoyable imo.

    If anyone feels like this could be something for them, send me a pm ! (when i say mature im really hoping for someone in/around my age)
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