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    World first Hogger solo kill...

    ...while wearing nothing but a Lumberjack Axe (http://www.wowhead.com/item=768) and the Hand of A'dal title, and while reciting John Keats' Ode to Melancholy.

    Oh, also had MotW and an ArP elixir because I was having a hard time with my first few attempts.

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    Get that hair cut. It's an abomination.
    - Dreams. What are dreams? Dreams are nothing, my brother.
    - Dreams are nothing, sister? Without dreams, there could be no despair.

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    Boo. Get off the stage.

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    And not a shit was given.

    Sorry I've been waiting for a chance to use that phrase
    Quote Originally Posted by Chocolatinia View Post
    Deathwing begins to explode as he explodes

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    Fake, Hogger is unkillable and he is at 123 HP so you didnt kill him
    Ex-Ensidia & Clarity-Twisting Nether member.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alesthes View Post
    Oh, also had MotW and an ArP elixir because I was having a hard time with my first few attempts.
    did you read the guides? o.O noob.

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    Grats mate. I'm still trying.

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    You have arrows equipped! What a cheater. Didn't even think we'd notice.

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    great feat man, tell blizzard what you did and they will maybe give you free <insert name of expansion after catclysm even if it wont be announced for atleast 2 years> alpha key

    honor... no matter how dire the situation is, never forsake it!
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    Oh geesh, do it without buffs like I did and with your bare hands! LIKE A MAN!

    I died horribly...oh yes I did...he damn near raped me....yes my precious, I will never leave you again...my dear dear weapon
    *discovers that people are listening*

    OH...ahem....eh....I didn say nuthin!
    *runs of into the hills*

    Oh wait....this is....
    *Benitora has entered Hogger hill*

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    That UI...


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    It's great and all, but it's not soloing hogger while wearing a clown suit.
    Quote Originally Posted by Respen
    I was very disappointed in the screenshots. I usually base my entire gaming experience around ground textures and so far it seems like Cata will be totally unplayable.

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    Enjoy your ass aids prick

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    You should do this again, but this time, try facing the right way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taen View Post
    That UI...

    I know! It looks great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taen View Post
    That UI...

    I don't see anything wrong with the UI, it's clean, simple, and from what I can tell probably tells him everything he needs to know.

    then again this may just be another "Eye of the Beholder" case.

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